Diorama Location Unlocks Guide in The Devil in Me

Are you looking for all diorama locations in The Devil In Me? You will be able to collect all of them after reading this post.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me is a new horror game released in late 2022. You can play this game with friends or alone. 

The story begins when a set of crew members are invited to the Murder Castle to film a documentary about a serial killer, not knowing the main antagonist, Mr. Du’Met, will accommodate them. 

This game relies on the players’ decisions, resulting in a different story outcome. You will decide the story’s ending and the path based on your selected options since bad outcomes will lead to a character’s death. 

The main topic of this article is all about diorama locations, one feature of the game that you can collect while completing the story mode. 

But before we talk about the diorama locations and how to unlock them, let’s first have a brief discussion about obols which is similar to the diorama.

Obols and Diorama


In the game The Devil In Me, there are collectibles that you can obtain throughout the map. One of these is the obol, a silver coin with various values. It acts as the in-game currency, and there are five different types of obols; the higher the value, the more difficult it is to find.

All obols are hidden; you can always collect as many as possible through the game. Additionally, obols are used to buy dioramas which you can access in the special menu. 

Diorama Locations: Connie the dog

On the other hand, dioramas are also collectibles in the game, which look like miniature figures portraying different characters and scenarios as you progress throughout the game.

These collectible items are just add-ons in the game and will not add value to the story. However, if you aim to get all achievements and trophies, some of them are required for you to collect.

Now you’ve learned everything about the diorama. It is time for you to know how to find and unlock without using obols.

Diorama Locations and How to Unlock

Diorama Locations: Kate, Charlie, and Mark.

The first on our list is the Diorama of Kate, Mark, Charlie, and Jamie. You can unlock them as you finish the interlude, and they will be automatically unlocked in the “Opportunity” chapter.

Diorama Locations: Honeymooners

Next is the Holmes and Honeymooners diorama. You can unlock these after watching the prologue. Since you just need to watch the story’s introduction, it is the easiest one to find.

Diorama Locations: Intimate

You can unlock the “Intimate” diorama when Jamie kissed Erin in the “Guests” Chapter. You must follow these dialogues series when you play as Jamie: Playful > Familiar > Concerned > Flirtatious. 

Diorama Locations: Barman, Quartet, Dinner, Murdered

The Barman diorama can be unlocked when you play as Charlie and interact with the barman mannequin that he will encounter in the Bar area in the “Cigarettes” chapter.

Additionally, you can unlock the Quartet diorama when playing as Jamie and repair the fusebox in the “Staff Only” chapter. 

Moreover, the Dinner diorama will automatically be unlocked after you look over the mannequins in the Dinner Table in the “Mannequins” chapter.

You can acquire the Murdered diorama after Charlie and Jamie encounter a victim asking for help in the “Blood Trail” chapter.

Frenemies, Du'Met, Connie the Dog, Mother

Frenemies diorama unlocks when Jamie and Kate survive the glass trap in the “Director’s Suite” chapter. You must press the button to move the glass wall toward whoever has the screwdriver.

Du’Met diorama unlocks when you successfully go through the secret passage in the “Maze” chapter. In the last part of the chapter, you will encounter several mannequins, one of which is the real Du’Met.

Connie the Dog diorama unlocks when Jamie and Kate decide not to kill her when the killer chases them.

The Mother diorama unlocks when Kate finds the corpse of Du’Met’s mother in the “Reunion” chapter. Take note that Kate must stay alive throughout the game for you to do this.

Other Diorama Locations: Lake Finale Chapter

Forced, Chopped, Broken, Anchored

The Forced Diorama unlocks when the crew finds the dead bodies of Morellos and his daughter after them being killed by Du’Met.

Chopped unlocks after the crew finds out that Du’Met killed the cop. You will encounter this scene when Du’Met slices off the cop’s arms, which makes time for the team to escape. It will be available in the shop, and the only way to obtain it is by purchasing it.

You can unlock the Broken diorama after you defeat the killer in the boat scene. Take note that you must execute all Quick Time Events to succeed. 

The Anchored diorama unlocked when you failed the Quick Time Events when playing as either Mark, Erin, or Kate. In the same scene, Du’Met throws his axe and misses. The cut scene will show that the anchor will puncture through Mark’s body.

That would be the end of this article. Hopefully, you’ve learned much information about Diorama locations and how to unlock every one of them.

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