How to Complete Diallos Quest in Elden Ring

Do you want to complete Diallos quest in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring offers players a handful of quests that can be done in any order they want. However, not all quests in Elden Ring are available right from the get go. There are some that are ready right from the start, while others appear at the mid or late game. 

The Elden Ring Diallos quest is one that is available fairly early on in The Lands Between. You will encounter this NPC when you venture to the Roundtable Hold, but his questline won’t start until you reach Liurnia of the Lakes. 

Diallo’s story ties into Jar-Bairn’s storyline as well as Volcano Manor in Mt. Gelmir. There are surprising number of Elden RIng quests to complete, and many can be easily missed. 

Fortunately, an Elden Ring update introduced new icons that can help players track NPCs they have met in the game, but you still might get stuck wondering what to do next in The Lands Between. 

In this guide, we will show you how to complete Diallos quest in Elden Ring. 

Let’s get right into it!

Finding Diallos in Elden Ring

Once you’ve met Diallos in the Roundtable Hold, you will run into him again once you reach the Liurnai of the Lakes region. Fast travel to the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace to the southeast of the Raya Lucaria Academy. 

You should find Diallos directly north, standing on one of the rooftops. We’ve marked his location on the map below. 

diallos quest in elden ring

Talk to Diallos and exhaust his dialogue. After that, head back to the Roundtable Hold to find him in his original location. Talk to him again, and he will mention getting an invitation, as well as the location of the manor. 

Volcano Manor

Once you are in Volcano Manor, you should continue exploring the area until you reach Mt. Gelmir. From there, you will need to join the Recusants to access the room where Diallo resides. 

Once Tannith hands you over the Drawing Room Key, use it to access the room down the corridor on your left. 

diallos quest in elden ring

It is the same room where you find the Volcano Manor letters on the table, and where Bernah is sitting close by. Diallos can be found leaning against a wall. Speak to him and go through his entire dialogue. 

To continue the quest, you should progress through the Volcano Manor questline. Head back to Diallos and talk to him whenever you have completed a contract, and he’ll eventually leave. 


The last step to Diallos’ quest requires you to travel to Jarburg in Liurnia of the Lakes. You can get to this location by fast traveling to the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace, then head east to the cliff south of the Carian Study Hall. 

Now, speak to Jar-Bairn to progress their quest. You will be asked if you are the new Potentate, so respond that you are. 

Go through his entire dialogue, then refresh the area by fast traveling away or resting at a Site of Grace. Talk to Jar-Bairn again, and they will mention that Diallos has arrived. Look for Diallos inside one of the huts and speak to him once more. 

diallos quest in elden ring

Refresh the area again and speak to Jar-Bairn and Diallos until they say something new.

After that, let the time pass by resting at a Site of Grace. You can now find Diallos in the center of Jarburg. Choose the “Defend Them” option when prompted, and talk to Jar-Bairn again. Refresh the area once more. 

Now, speak to Jar-Bairn for the last time and reload. Once done, you can now loot Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Diallo’s Mask, and Numen’s Rune. 

That sums up our guide on how to complete Diallos questline in Elden Ring. If you have questions or other concerns, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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