How to Defeat the Assistant Manager in Grounded

Can’t figure out how to defeat the Assistant Manager in Grounded?

The Assistant Manager in Grounded isn’t the toughest boss you’ll face, but it is still a tricky opponent to fight and a crucial part of the game’s story. A few of the game’s key crafting recipes can only be purchased if you have the Black Anthill BURG.L Chip. 

Unfortunately, the only way to get this chip is through the Assistant Manager. This boss is located deep inside the Black Anthill Lab and drops the Asst. Manager keycard, which opens the room where the BURG.L Chip is located. 

This means that if you are eyeing the Sturdy Whetstone or Quesadillantlion, you will need to get through the Assistant Manager. 

To help out, we’ve decided to make a guide on how to defeat the Assistant Manager in Grounded. 

Let’s begin!

Adventure Overview

The first thing players should know about reaching the Assistant Manager is locating the Black Anthill Lab. Obviously, the lab will be inside the Black Anthill in the southwestern part of the Backyard, next to the Trash Heap entrance. 

defeat the assistant manager in grounded

Players can enter this area through the Sandbox biome, but it is further away from the Lab. 

Once inside Black Anthill, players will need to face some Black Soldiers until they reach the intersection with electric wires. Going left will take you to Section A of Anthill Lab, which must be completed to unlock Section B. 

Black Anthill Lab

After looting the lab and you’ve unlocked Section B, you will need to go to the deepest part of Black Anthill. 

Press the button in the corner to open the door and use a bomb to break the glass. Once you interact with the console inside, the Assistant Manager will show up. 

Defeating the Assistant Manager

While the Assistant Manager isn’t as tough as the real first boss, the manager is no joke, and players should be prepared before fighting. The boss fight has three phases, getting harder as they progress. 

During the first phase, the Assistant Manager and 2 TAYZ.Ts will spawn into the room and attack. Focus on the TAYZ.Ts first, then deal with the boss later on. 

defeat the assistant manager in grounded

Now, phase 2 will start when the Assistant Manager’s health is at 75%. An ARC.R and two more TAYZ.Ts will appear, and the boss will use a ground attack to activate the spinning laser pillar at the center of the room. 

The final phase of the boss fight will start when the boss’ health reaches 50%. Another ARC.R and two TAYZ.Ts will spawn, and the manager will use another ground attack to activate the shock pillars in the room’s corners. 

defeat the assistant manager in grounded

The best way to tackle this fight is to unlock and equip Grounded’s Chopper Mutation; a successful stagger from an axe blow should cancel the manager’s ground attack. 

This will keep the laser and shock towers inactive longer in the fight, which reduces the mechanics you’ll have to deal with. The Assistant Manager itself only has two attacks, a long-ranged charge attack and a quick attack similar to the ARC.R’s attack. 

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to defeat the Assistant Manager in Grounded. If you have questions, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to help. 

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