How to Defeat Nipulon in High on Life

Want to know how you can beat Nipulon in High On Life?

There are a good variety of bosses and enemies that you’ll face in High On Life. These enemies are mostly associated with the G3 Cartel, which is looking to colonize other planets and sell its citizens as drugs. 

One of the bosses you’ll face in the game is Nipulon. This encounter takes place before you take on the final boss in the game. 

If you think this fight is a giveaway, you’re wrong. 

Like other encounters in High On Life, the fight with Nipulon is quite tricky and consists of several phases taking place inside and outside of his office. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Nipulon in High On Life. 

Let’s get started!

Finding Nipulon

Nipulon isn’t an ordinary villain, but a high-level criminal overlord of the G3 Cartel at Port Terrene. The mission that gives you access to this boss fight is the Bounty: Port, which becomes available after completing Dr. Giblets and Skrendel Bros’ bounties. 

Nipulon's Office

To start the boss fight, you’ll have to find a way into Nipulon’s office. To do this, escape G3 Cartel’s invasion at Blim City. Now, accept the Nipulon contract from Gene. 

After that, you’ll have to heal the Goop Monster to obtain a disguise for entering Nipulon’s office. Defeat all the guards in the area and get to the very top. Finally, wait for Nipulon to receive you in his office and this fight should start. 

Defeating Nipulon in High On Life

Main Attacks

  • Burst Fire: Nipulon shoots bursts of fire using his weapon. 
  • Hallucination Gas: This toxic gas fills his office, which knocks you out.
  • Clone Illusions: Nipulon will clone himself in different colors. 
  • Rotating Clones: Generates even more rotating clones
  • Corridor: Nipulon shoots clones of himself to block the corridor. 

Phase 1

As soon as you enter Nipulon’s office, start shooting him immediately with your weapon to deal damage. He’ll use Burst Fire and Hallucination gas during this phase, so you must take cover behind furniture and shoot whenever you see an opening. 

Office Encounter

This part of the encounter should be straightforward and you should not have issues surviving it. 

Phase 2

The second phase will start once Nipulon starts cloning himself with different colors at the bottom of the pit, outside his office. Luckily, all the clones only have 1HP and the one you’ll need to shoot is always the orange one. 

defeat nipulon in high on life

During this phase, we recommend using a weapon with a high fire rate, like Sweezy, to get rid of the orange clones quickly. 

Remember to prioritize the orange clones and disregard the others

Phase 3

This next phase is quite complicated since Nipulon’s clones will start moving left to right and from bottom to top. You should also watch out for those clones that shoot at you and shoot them first using the same weapon as before. 

defeat nipulon in high on life

If you see half of the clones moving in the opposite direction, look to the other half and shoot them first. 

Phase 4

The last phase of Nipulon’s encounter starts when all the clones appear inside the corridor. This prevents you from entering Nipulon’s office again. The quickest way to finish this is to start shooting in the middle and run through the clear area in the corridor. 

defeat nipulon in high on life

Once you’re inside his office, shoot at Nipulon covered in a purple energy shield. After a few hits, the fight should end. 

After taking care of Nipulon, you should be able to pick up his DNA sample and receive your bounty reward of 5,000 Pesos. 

That ends our guide on how to defeat Nipulon in High On Life. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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