How to Defeat Krubis in High On Life

Want to know how you can defeat Krubis in High On Life?

There are different bosses and enemies in High On Life, which you’ll all have to face to take down the G3 Cartel. Krubis is the second major enemy you’ll face in the game if you opt not to take down Douglas first. 

Before reaching Krubis, you must fight your way through challenging puzzles. He has a range of tricks and attacks up his sleeves, making him a more powerful opponent than 9-Torg. 

This boss is also required to progress the main story. Role-playing as a bounty hunter, you’ll need to deliver Krubis’ head before you can face other monsters in the game. 

With your 3 to 4 hours of experience playing, you should pull everything you have to defeat Krubis. 

To help you out, we’ve decided to make a guide on how to defeat Krubis in High On Life. 

Let’s get right into it!

Facing Krubis in High On Life

Blaster Shots

This boss fight starts with Krubis shooting your character with his blaster weapon. You can avoid this attack by hitting the dash trigger on your controller. Keep in mind that this ability can be unlocked once you obtain the Dodge Unit. 

defeat krubis in high on life

It is best to keep moving as Krubis drills into the floor after blasting you with his weapon and tries to reappear directly beneath you. 

The most effective way to defeat Krubis and lower his HP is by using Glob Shots of Kenny to knock Krubis to the ground and stab him with Knife while he’s down. It is also best to use this attack when Krubis is shooting at you or using his throwing saw. 

He’ll also sometimes go up to the balcony area, but there’s no need to follow him there. 

Throwing Saw

defeat krubis in high on life

After shooting, Krubis throws a huge saw toward your character, which starts as a single saw and progresses to a duo attack as the battle continues. Fans can easily avoid this attack by keeping their distance, using the rocky pillars as cover, and moving left or right. 

Krubis’ Goons

defeat krubis in high on life

During your fight, this boss will also send in a round of goons to do the dirty work for him. Ironically, this is helpful since it gives you the opportunity to replenish your shield damage. Shoot or stab the goons and collect the canisters they drop to recharge your suit’s protective shield. 

Laser Attacks

The most deadly attack of Krubis is the series of alternating red lasers that appear around the fight area. You can use Knifey’s tethering ability to tether onto the hook bugs around the room and keep moving in a circular motion to survive the lasers. 

The thing that you should avoid doing at all costs is standing still or attacking Krubis during this sequence. As a general rule, it is best to keep moving and survive this attack than to deal damage or stop Krubis. 

Boss Encounter Rewards

Once players defeat Krubis and collect his DNA, they will discover and unlock the option to switch to Gus. This is another talking weapon in the game. He’s a frog-shaped gun with some handy abilities, including the one that drags enemies from a close distance before blasting them with the gun’s shotgun action. 

After escaping the mines, players should go back to their house and turn in Krubis’ bounty to get 1500 Pesos in reward. Fans will also unlock the Cold-Blooded achievement for slaying Krubis and the Satisfied Gus-tomer achievement for getting Gus. 

That ends our guide on how to defeat Krubis in High On Life. If you have other concerns, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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