How to Defeat Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring

Want to know how you can defeat Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring?

There are a handful of bosses for players to fight in Elden Ring, with some of them providing serious challenges, regardless of their level. Among these bosses are dragons. These are some of the toughest opponents you’ll face in The Lands Between due to their massive size, barrage of attacks, and devastating power. 

During your journey, you will have to fight a handful of dragons, including some secret bosses that reward you with powerful spells and weapons. 

One good example of this is the Glintstone Dragon Adula, an imposing creature that you will encounter twice during their quests through the Lands Between. She is a rather tough opponent and can instantly kill you if unprepared. 

However, the reward for taking her down is well worth it. 

In this guide, we will show you how you can defeat the Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring. 

Let’s get started!

Finding the Glintstone Dragon Adula

The initial step in dealing with the Dragon Adula is to start her encounter. As players make their way through Liurnia of the Lakes, they will come across a Legacy Dungeon in the northwest portion of the map called Caria Manor. 

Once players make their way through this location and defeat the boss at the end, they will gain access to the Three Sisters, a small sub-area that contains several towers, including Ranni’s Rise. 

defeat Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring

Once you’ve reached Ranni’s Rise, you’ll encounter the Glintstone Dragon Adula for the first time. 

However, once you’ve dealt enough damage, she will flee the area and disappear. 

After that, you can find Adula waiting in front of the Cathedral of Manus Celes. Unfortunately, this area can only be accessed by going through Ranni’s extensive questline. This should lead you to the Moonlight Altar and grant you access to the area high above the Village of Albinaurics. 

Upon reaching the village, you’ll be able to access the second encounter with Glintstone Dragon Adula.

Beating Glintstone Dragon Adula

It is quite difficult to make it through Ranni’s questline but defeating the Dragon Adula is incredibly hard as well. While she is not as strong as other dragons in the game, she is still capable of one-shotting players and has quite a bit of HP to chip through. ]

When it comes to the actual encounter, Glintstone Dragon Adula operates very similarly to other dragons in Elden Ring. She uses swipe attacks, tail sweeps and can hover in the air and slam  down on opponents from the sky. 

defeat Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring

Players that have encountered other dragons in the game shouldn’t have much issue dodging her attacks. 

However, what you need to look out for are her Moonblade and Glintstone projectile attacks. 

Occasionally, Adula will conjure a large greatsword in her maw and sweep down at players, slashing towards them in a horizontal direction. This attack also sends out shards as it completes the sequence. 

Both these attacks can deal Frostbite buildup, which can cripple your character if unprepared. 

Adula’s second attack sees the dragon build up her breath and unleash a barrage of projectiles that seek out and track your character. Dodging this attack is crucial for players with less vigor since they can deal lots of damage. 


Once you have defeated the Glintstone Dragon Adula, she will drop the Adula’s Moonblade sorcery, which allows you to conjure your own greatsword, as well as the frosty projectiles that come with it. 

This attack can also build up solid Frost, which can come in handy during the later stages of the game. 

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to defeat the Glintstone Dragon Adula in Elden Ring. If you have questions, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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