How to Defeat Garmantuous in High on Life

Looking for a way to defeat Garmantuous in High On Life?

Any game has a final boss to defeat, which should wrap things up and fulfill your character’s ultimate goal. However, the final battle is also the hardest and will test everything you’ve learned in the game. 

In High On Life, Garmantuous is one of the final bosses you’ll need to defeat to takedown the G3 Cartel. 

Garmantuous is among the most notorious leaders of the mob and slaying him is not an easy task. He is the one responsible for the genocide and enslavement of countless species. For this feat, you’ll have to unlock the Nipulon’s Bounty Contract and the reward is 10,000 Pesos. 

By the time you face this boss, you should have all the weapons available in the game including Lezduit, Sweezy, and Creature. 

Nonetheless, you still need to be extra careful in this encounter. 

To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve decided to make a guide on how to defeat Garmantuous in High On Life. 

Let’s get right into it!

Locating Garmantuous

For this encounter, Gene will provide you with a bomb and Lezduit to help you kill Garmantuous. After that, you’ll be warped back to Earth to confront the G3 Cartel. Once you are on Earth, you need to fight your way through the ruins of your neighborhood. 

defeat garmantuous in high on life

Kill every G3 soldier you come across using everyone weapon you have. 

While heading to Garmantuous’ location, listen to the Suit-O’s Goodbye Message to unlock the Series Wrap on Suit-O achievement. 

Beating Garmantuous

Once you’ve reached the makeshift fight arena, you’ll fight Garmantuous in a flying hovercraft. This boss fight has two phases but he’s easily beatable if you know what you’re doing and you use a different weapon to trigger the bomb. 

defeat garmantuous in high on life

During the first round, use your Jetpack to evade the energy balls Garmantuous unleashes. Now, you’ll need to use Sweezy’s Trick Hole to freeze this boss. 

In addition, don’t forget to use Lezduit to deal heavy damage to Garmantuous without worrying about accuracy. During the second phase, try your best to avoid sludge puddles, and waves using your jetpack. 

Bonus Tips

At the beginning of the fight, you’ll see Garmantuous riding the hovercraft. He’ll start launching balls of energy in various directions, which can be difficult to dodge. However, do your best to avoid these energy balls to avoid damage. 

You can also use Sweezy’s Trick Hole ability to slow Garmantuous down and get some of your attacks in. 

defeat garmantuous in high on life

Players are also advised to use Lezduit since it has long range and high damage. He is also the best option you have to deal the most damage to Garmantuous. After depleting his full HP, Garmantuous will fall down and you’ll have to shove the bomb inside him. 

However, when you try detonating the bomb using the remote, it won’t work and Garmantuous will wake up. 

Second Phase

The second phase of the encounter will begin and the mechanics are quite similar to the Skrendel Bros encounter. Garmantuous will smash his body on the ground, creating circular poison around the area. 

He will also shoot multiple electric balls which will cover almost the entire area around him. 

For this phase, simply try to use Creature’s children’s ability to deal the most damage possible. When he is stunned, use Lezduit to deal even more damage. 

That ends our guide on how to defeat Garmantuous in High On Life. If you have clarifications, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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