An image of the Deep Dark biome in Minecraft.

Best Deep Dark Seeds for Bedrock and Java in Minecraft 1.19

Have you tried out any of the best Deep Dark Seeds for exploring the new cave biome?

Minecraft is known for having almost unlimited possibilities. You can spend hundreds of hours doing activities like hunting, fighting, building, or gathering resources. Another thing that may take just as much time is exploring the virtually unlimited world of Minecraft. You can pretty much run in a straight line for hours without reaching the end.

That being said, there are also several different biomes in the game, with new ones being introduced repeatedly. The Deep Dark Cave biome was introduced in the 1.19 update. Considering the sheer size of Minecraft’s world, it may be too difficult to find it manually. Thankfully, Minecraft has spawn seeds that you can use to spawn into the biome that you want from the beginning.

If you are looking to explore this brand-new biome, check out our quick guide on the best Deep Dark Seeds for Bedrock and Java in Minecraft 1.19.

Deep Dark Cave Biome

An image of one of the best Deep Dark seeds in Minecraft.

The Deep Dark is a brand new cave biome introduced during Minecraft update 1.19. It can be found really deep down in the underground part of the Overworld. The Overworld is where most players spawn in and is the most frequented dimension, so it makes sense to have the Deep Dark in this area. As its name suggests, this biome is very dimly lit, so bring a lot of torches if you can. All you need to make a torch is a Stick and Coal or Charcoal.

The Deep Dark cave biome is classified as Rare, which means it is much harder to find than most of the other biomes. Being underground, the blocks you will find in this biome are Sculk, Sculk Vein, Sculk Sensor, Sculk Catalyst, and Sculk Shrieker. Lava and Sculk Catalysts are the only light sources in this biome, so make sure to bring some of your own.

Sculk is a renewable, stackable block that is quite abundant in the Deep Dark. Used typically for decoration, this block is best mined with a Hoe. Sculk Veins are glowing blocks that can be placed on the sides of a block to give it a glow effect. Sculk Sensor is a special block that detects vibration and emits a redstone signal. A unique block in the Deep Dark is the Sculk Catalyst which converts blocks around it into Sculk-type blocks when a mob dies near it. Finally, the Sculk Shrieker emits a shrieking noise when someone steps on it, summoning a Warden in the process.

There are no mobs that spawn in the Deep Dark except in dungeons. You can, however, spawn the Warden by triggering a Sculk Shrieker several times. It can also be quite dangerous if you accidentally fall into the lava. The most important feature of the Deep Dark biome is its potential to generate an Ancient City. Players are constantly looking for these structures because they have chests that contain exclusive items.

Best Deep Dark Seeds

Getting a good seed is extremely important if you have specific biomes you want to find in Minecraft. Fortunately, players have found great seeds for those looking to find Ancient Cities in the Deep Dark biome. With these, you can start off a new game very close to Ancient Cities and no longer have to search mindlessly for hours in the dangerous world of Minecraft.

Here are the best Deep Dark seeds for Bedrock and Java in Minecraft 1.19.

Right Above 8 Ancient Cities

An image of one of the best Deep Dark seeds in Minecraft.

Seed: -1522717388036019981

This is easily one of the best seeds for the Deep Dark biome. With this seed, you will spawn in a jungle directly above a Deep Dark cave biome. There are also a whopping eight Ancient Cities nearby, so you will have a great time just gathering all the best and rarest loot.

Minecraft players will know that digging straight down is a recipe for disaster because of the risk of digging and falling right into lava. However, there is a confirmed safe area to dig down in this seed. Just head on over to X: 103, Z:205, and you will be digging straight down to an Ancient City.

Here are the exact coordinates for all eight Ancient Cities near this seed:

  • X: 103, Y: -51, Z: 205
  • X: -216, Y: -51, Z: 56
  • X: -232, Y: -51, Z: 568
  • X: 104, Y: -51, Z: 856
  • X: -264, Y: -51, Z: 888
  • X: -648, Y: -51, Z: 872
  • X: -920, Y: -51, Z: 520
  • X: -1016, Y: -51, Z: 120

13 Ancient Cities Below Spawn

An image of an Ancient City in Minecraft.

Seed: -1942833282418150206

If you thought having eight nearby Ancient Cities was good, you might just be overwhelmed by this next seed. There are a total of 13 Ancient Cities in the vicinity of this seed, which means you can spend hours gathering loot and not run out of it.

You will walk a few minutes to find the first Ancient City, but the rest will also be near that one. Here are the exact coordinates of all 13 Ancient Cities:

  • X: 616, Y: -51, Z: 504
  • X: 456, Y: -51, Z: 104
  • X: 584, Y: -51, Z: -184
  • X: 872, Y: -51, Z: -248
  • X: 888, Y: -51, Z: 168
  • X: 1224, Y: -51, Z: 584
  • X: 1672, Y: -51, Z: 200
  • X: 1208, Y: -51, Z: 104
  • X: 1304, Y: -51, Z: -248
  • X: 1368, Y: -51, Z: -648
  • X: 1688, Y: -51, Z: -644
  • X: 2024, Y: -51, Z: -600
  • X: 2072, Y: -51, Z: -360

13 Villages, 20 Ancient Cities, and One Stronghold

Seed: 8323045963406788135

Finally, we have the best Deep Dark seed we have found so far. Whether you are looking for Ancient Cities, Strongholds, or Villages, you will find many of those near this seed spawn point.

20 Ancient Cities is already an amazing prospect on its own. Add 13 Villages and even a Stronghold to that makes this easily the best Deep Dark seed on our list. Here are the coordinates to each of these important areas for this seed:

Ancient Cities:

  • X: -2152, Y: -51, Z: 1304
  • X: -2184, Y: -51, Z: 840
  • X: -2584, Y: -51, Z: 888
  • X: -2616, Y: -51, Z: 552
  • X: -3048, Y: -51, Z: 88
  • X: -3240, Y: -51, Z: -168
  • X: -2504, Y: -51, Z: -1064
  • X: -1832, Y: -51, Z: -1144
  • X: -2136, Y: -51, Z: -1528
  • X: -2200, Y: -51, Z: -1864
  • X: -2216, Y: -51, Z: -2168
  • X: -1752, Y: -51, Z: -1816
  • X: -1800, Y: -51, Z: -2216
  • X: -1880, Y: -51, Z: -2616
  • X: -2536, Y: -51, Z: -3320
  • X: -1880, Y: -51, Z: -3672
  • X: -1864, Y: -51, Z: -4536
  • X: -1768, Y: -51, Z: -5224
  • X: -2456, Y: -51, Z: -5944
  • X: -1864, Y: -51, Z: -6472


  • X: -3544, Z: 1288 (Plains Village)
  • X: -3080, Z: 1224 (Plains Village)
  • X: -3080, Z: 760 (Plains Village)
  • X: -2904, Z: 232 (Plains Village)
  • X: -2504, Z: 264 (Plains Village)
  • X: -1464, Z: -728 (Savanna Village)
  • X: -1464, Z: -1368 (Savanna Village)
  • X: -1352, Z: -2040 (Savanna Village)
  • X: -1608, Z: -2648 (Savanna Village)
  • X: -1832, Z: -2680 (Savanna Village)
  • X: -2552, Z: -3080 (Savanna Village)
  • X: -2968, Z: -3032 (Savanna Village)
  • X: -1976, Z: -5384 (Plains Village)


  • X: -2156, Y: 53, Z: -908

How to Use a Spawn Seed in Minecraft

Once you have chosen the spawn seed you want, you will want to try it out in a new game. There are just a few simple steps that you need to follow for this.

First, open up Minecraft and click on the Create New World option. In the next menu, look for the More World Options button and click on that as well. You can enter a number, so input the seed of your choice. Hit the Create New World button again to start a new game in the seed you have chosen.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What is the Deep Dark?

The Deep Dark is a new cave biome introduced during Minecraft update 1.19. Located in the Overworld, it is home to Ancient Cities and some nearby Villages and Strongholds.

What is the best seed for Bedrock and Java in Minecraft 1.19?

The current best seed that has been found for the Deep Dark biome in Minecraft 1.19 is 8323045963406788135.

What can I find in Ancient Cities?

Ancient Cities can be found below -51 in the Deep Dark cave biome. You will recognize them as massive palaces with long corridors accented with blue rugs and carpet floors. They contain some rare loot and treasures that cannot be found anywhere else. You can find Soul Lanterns, Candles, Deepslate blocks, Sculk blocks, and other uncommon blocks in these areas.

In terms of loot, you can get some very rare loot like Enchanted Golden Apples, Music Discs, Compasses, and even a Diamond Horse Armor or Enchanted Diamond Leggings. You can also find some Enchanted Books, Bottle o’ Enchanting, Amethyst Shards, and Glow Berries from loot chests. Echo Shards are only exclusively found in Ancient Cities, so gather some whenever you can.

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