Best Death Prophet Counters in Dota 2

Death Prophet is a strong Intelligence type hero who relies on her spells to deal damage. Using her nuke abilities, she can instantly kill the squishier heroes while proving to be a credible threat to tanks, as well. This article will help you pick the right draft against her as you explore the Best Death Prophet Counters in Dota 2.

Most of Death Prophet’s abilities are AOE type, using which she can essentially cut down creep waves and push towers by herself. This is why it’s often hard laning against her, as you’re pushed back to your tower, taking damage from creeps as you have none of your own. 

Her high movement speed allows her to chase enemy heroes while siphoning off their HP. Therefore, positioning becomes very important when playing against Death Prophet. 

Death Prophet

Krobelus, also known as the Death Prophet, is a ranged intelligence hero. She has large mana reserves that allow her to cast multiple spells in a succession of each other. These spells are potentially what makes her dangerous towards her enemies. 

Her first ability is the Crypt Swarm. These allow her to release swarmed beasts that deal damage in an area in front of Death Prophet. It can deal up to 300 damage which helps clear creeps and push towers.

Her second ability, Silence, allows her to launch a projectile that hits a certain area, silencing all within the radius. The silence can last up to 6 seconds which can be very deadly for some heroes as it cuts off their escape—leaving them to rely solely on their items while silenced.

Spirit Siphon allows her to drain HP from her enemy heroes while increasing her own. And lastly, her ultimate ability, Exorcism, unleashes evil spirits around her that damage both heroes and buildings while healing Death Prophet at the end of its duration.


While Death Prophet may seem frightening at first, she is not. Her abilities do look overpowered, considering her nukes, DPS, and silencing spells. Regardless, just like any other hero in the game, there are Death Prophet Counters in Dota 2. 

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend is a ranged agility-type hero. He has high damage, which allows him to deny XP and Gold to enemy heroes. Since Death Prophet is played in the Mid lane, she may have a tough time against him.

His ability Shadow Raze has high damage potential in the early stages of the game. If you manage to land all three of the Shadow Razes, then Death Prophet can easily be killed. Similarly, team fights starting with Requiem of Souls can deal huge amounts of damage which can kill Death Prophet in a matter of seconds.

Since Death Prophet relies on HP steals, she is better against slow-moving targets. Heroes like Shadow Fiend have high movement speed. They can easily break the chain-link siphoning HP. Then come back to deal massive amounts of damage to kill Death Prophet.

Anti Mage

Anti mage is a position 1 core hero who can counter Death Prophet with little to no items. This means that even during the early game, Anti Mage is a threat. His attacks deprive Death Prophet of mana that she would otherwise use to cast spells.

Death Prophet relies heavily on casting spells to take down her opponents. Using his Counterspell on time can allow Anti-Mage to siphon HP from Death Prophet. If that isn’t enough, he can deal damage to her with right clicks. It’s hard to escape Anti mage since Blink can be used to continue attacking Death Prophet.

Lastly, Anti Mage can use Mana Void on her, should Death Prophet’s Mana pool drain down. This can be fatal and may even kill Death Prophet, depending on how much mana she’s missing. 

This makes Anti mage one of the best Death Prophet counters in Dota 2.


Doom is a tanky hero. He relies on his silence ability to shut down enemy heroes. This makes them vulnerable against him. Additionally, the DPS kills squishier heroes like Death Prophet. Making Doom one of the strongest Death Prophet Counters in Dota 2.

With his ability, Doom can instantly silence Death Prophet for a long duration of time. Since Death Prophet relies solely on her spells to damage and siphon HP, she is vulnerable without it. The constant damage received by this ability brings Death Prophet’s HP down to critical levels.

If Death Prophet is not careful, then a combination of moves such as Doom and Scorched Earth is enough to kill her. By slowing down her movement, she is unable to escape and will eventually be killed. The only way to defend against this is if Death Prophet activates Exorcism before the fight.

Legion Commander

Legion Commander is a melee strength hero. She has high damage, which makes it easy for her to kill the low HP intelligence type heroes. Additionally, she has high movement speed and often builds Phase boots to allow her to chase Death Prophet effectively.

Duel is a great ability since it silences the enemy hero. Using it on Death Prophet is a great initiation. Since she will not be able to use her spells, the high damage attacks will allow Legion Commander to always win the Duel and kill her.

Another great way for Legion Commander to counter Death Prophet is by using her Blade Mail.  Should Death Prophet try to kill her using Exorcism, Legion Commander can reflect the damage back to her.


Omniknight is one of the few support heroes who counter Death Prophet. Since he is a tanky hero, he can take a couple of hits and not die easily. Making him effective in team fights against Death Prophet.

Death Prophet’s movement speed makes it hard to attack her. By using Degen, Aura Omniknight can reduce her movement speed and allow his allies to attack her. This can help your core earn a few easy kills against her during team fights. 

Guardian Angel is another great ability as it protects Omniknight and his allies against the physical damage dealt by Exorcism. This makes it impossible for Death Prophet to kill them on her own, making her ultimate ability useless.

Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition is the second support hero on this list that counters Death Prophet. His wide range of abilities gives way for him and his allies to easily kill Death Prophet. However, since he may not be laning against her, it’s important to rotate lanes early on. This can allow your Mid laner to get ahead in terms of XP and Gold.

Firstly, his ability, Cold Feet, activates a debuff that remains active against Death Prophet even while she is affected by Eul’s Scepter of Divinity. Additionally, he can use Ice Vortex in the laning stage to lower her kiting potential and magic resistance. This makes her highly vulnerable to magic damage-type attacks. 

Lastly, Ice Blast is an amazing ability because it stops Death Prophet from gaining HP. This means that she cannot heal herself by using spells such as Spirit Siphon and Exorcism. This can leave her HP pool lower than she wants, making her an easy target for heroes to kill.

This concludes our guide of Best Death Prophet Counters in Dota 2. Hopefully, this list will allow you and your team to curb Death Prophet’s win. While securing you more and more Match Making Ratings.

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