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How to Play Dead of Night in Red Dead Online

Have you tried out Dead of Night in Red Dead Online?

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online have some of the most complex storylines that take almost 50 hours to complete on their own. Beyond that, these games also have so many side missions and just interactions with NPCs that you can spend hundreds of hours in the game without running out of things to do.

At some point, however, the experience of exploring the Wild West everyday can get stale. As a Halloween tribute, Red Dead Online released a new horror game mode. Dead of Night introduces a whole new dynamic to the game and lets you compete with other players in a survival zombie mode.

If you want to try out this zombie special event, check out our guide on how to play Dead of Night in Red Dead Online.

Red Dead Online

An image of Red Dead Online.

The online component of Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online provides players with a whole new experience in the American frontier. It introduces many new characters, storylines, career paths, and regular updates. You will no longer play as Arthur Morgan or John Marston, instead taking on the role of a new unnamed protagonist with their own storyline.

Red Dead Online releases big new updates every few months or so that change the dynamics of the game. The Frontier Pursuits update lets players take on specialist careers paths like being a Trader, Collector, or Bounty Hunter. On the other hand, the Blood Money update introduced crime contracts, so you can now become a career criminal and immerse yourself in the underground criminal organization of a familiar character.

Dead of Night breaks the mold of classic Wild West jobs and experiences by introducing an all new zombie mode. Two new legendary animals, the Nightwalker Panther and Ghost Panther, also come with it. This game mode lets you experience what it would be like if a zombie apocalypse happened in the late 19th century.

Dead of Night

An image of Dead of Night in Red Dead Online.

Dead of Night in Red Dead Online is a new zombie survivor mode that was introduced in 2020. In this mode, players will be divided into four different teams that are fighting against several zombie hordes. Each player has to cooperate with and protect each other to survive the night. You will have melee and ranged weapons, but cannot use your Dead Eye ability.

In addition to that, all four teams are also in competition with each other. You must kill zombies and enemy players alike while making sure your whole team survives. An important thing to note is that the zombies in Red Dead Online are not like in other games. In Dead of Night, the zombies are armed and can even shoot at you from far away.

There is also a special item called the Night Stalker Mask in this mode. Obtaining this item drastically increases your chance of survival and winning the match. However, wearing this mask also makes you stand out from the rest and therefore are likely to get shot at by everyone first.

You will get more points for killing players but they are much more durable than zombies. However, you cannot simply ignore zombies because they will also be aggressive towards you regardless.

How to Play Dead of Night in Red Dead Online

An image of how to play Dead of Night in Red Dead Online.

Dead of Night is like a deathmatch mode with a zombie twist. You will start off with four different teams that have to kill each other. At the same time, you must all take out the armed zombies that are trying to kill you as well. To play Dead of Night, open your online menu and look for the Quick Join option. After that, select Featured Series and you should find this game mode there.

For each zombie kill you get, you earn a specific number of points. Killing players will give you more points, but they are also much harder to kill, so choose wisely. You will earn triple rewards in terms of EXP and cash for playing Dead of Night.

The Night Stalker Mask is a special item in this game mode. This item appears surrounded by a bunch of zombies, so you may have to fight your way through to obtain it. Once you get the Night Stalker Mask, you will get supernatural abilities and special weapons like tomahawks and a machete. As the Night Stalker, kills will give you double points as well.

Non-Night Stalkers will spawn with a standard set of equipment that they chose beforehand. This includes a repeater, a revolver, a double-barrel shotgun, hunting knife, and a fire bottle. The standard Dead Eye and ability cards are not available in this mode.

Halloween Pass and New Legendary Animals

An image of the Halloween Pass.

If you opt to buy the Halloween Pass, you will earn rewards as you keep playing. There are 20 reward tiers and will give you items like the Zavala machete, painted ram horse masks, and a bunch of mythical variants of classic weapons. If you get to Tier 20, you can customize your moonshine bar with gothic decor.

The Dead of Night update comes with two new legendary animals. You can now find, study, sample, hunt, and skin the Ghost Panther and Nightwalker Panther to complete your Animal Field Guide.

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