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How to Get Crown of Madness in Roblox

Have you tried to get the Crown of Madness yet?

One of the most popular items in recent years, the Crown of Madness, is fairly difficult to obtain. First released as part of the Crown Series, you will have to play a specific game and challenge to get it. It has now been available for over a year, but only around 160,000 players have it so far.

The Crown Series has been one of the most exciting item collections in Roblox, and the Crown of Madness is its most popular item in the last few years. The Ready Player Two event pays homage to the famous novel and its universe.

If you want this rare item, check out our guide on how to get the Crown of Madness in Roblox.


An image of Roblox.

Roblox is the biggest and most popular online game creation platform in the world. It was first released in 2006 by David Bazscuki and Erik Cassel under the Roblox Corporation. Although the game is 15 years old, it did not become popular until themid-2010ss. Roblox reached peak popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Streamers and content creators began playing together a lot more and created fun games for a lot of people.

Anyone can make games and upload them into Roblox using the programming language Lua. The Roblox Corporation also released their own software called Roblox Studio. You can use it for free to make any game you want. There are more than 40 million unique games published on Roblox, so you need to make yours stand out. Children are the majority of Roblox users, with over half of its 164 million players being under 16.

Roblox Studio allows users to create the environment of their game using meshes, BaseParts, and other elements. Developers can also produce purchasable content that players can buy using Robux. The game developer and the Roblox Corporation split the profits from these. Roblox takes 70% of the profits while the developer receives the remaining 30%.

While Roblox is free-to-use, you can also opt to get a Premium Membership. Being a member gives you a lot of exclusive features like being able to trade items and getting free Robux every month. You will also get access to a lot of exclusive clothes, accessories, items, and create a private server using Robux.

Crown of Madness

An image of the Crown of Madness in Roblox.

The Crown of Madness was released in November 2020 as a part of the Ready Player Two event. It is part of the popular Crown Series, which is a collection of rare crown items that players have been trying to get. Although the event has been phased out, there is still a way to obtain the Crown of Madness.

The only way to get the Crown of Madness right now is by playing the Piggy game in Roblox. Piggy is a survival horror game that was created in January 2020. Its developers were MiniToon, IK3As, and Optikk.

The game is played on 12 different maps that players have to vote on. After that, players will again vote on which of the 6 game modes they want to play. Piggy is often regarded as the original character-themed survival horror game in Roblox. Because of its popularity, Roblox special item releases and events are often hosted in Piggy.

How to Get the Crown of Madness


An image of the game Piggy where you can get the Crown of Madness in Roblox.

The first step is to play the main game of Piggy. Head on to Book Two – Chapter One, The Alleys. Next, choose the Traitor game type. Play the game normally until you get to the stage, where you unlock the red lock and mop up the puddle. Once you are there, stay still at the same spot until there are five minutes left.

When the timer hits five minutes, go to the middle door. This should be the nearest one to the puddle’s location. Next, knock on that door once. There will be a reply, so count how many knocks they do. After that, head to the diner and get on the bench close to the far-side wall.

Knock once on the same door again. Take note of how many knocks you get as a reply. After that, go to the laundry area. You should see a green die in the corner. Move the die until the number matches how many knocks you heard after the second time. Next, knock on the door again for the last time. Record how many knocks you get as a reply.

Go back to the laundromat. Check out the corner right next to the safe. You should see a blue die there. Move the blue die until the number matches how many knocks you heard during the last time you knocked. Next, go back to the door and click on it. It should now be open.

The Dungeon

An image of the Dungeon in Piggy.

Go through a door, and you should find yourself in a dungeon. Check out the corner where there are levers. Flip each one until all of them are leaning towards the wall. That should open a door to your left. Follow that pathway and enter the room with pillars and torches. Try to put them all out by climbing on and clicking on the torches.

Next, go back to the room with the levers and flip them to face away from the wall. The door should close, so hurry and enter that room again. Another door should open on the left. Walk inside it and check out the symbols on the wall. Be careful because touching them in the wrong order will ruin your mission.

There are lines on each symbol. Count the lines and press the ones that are the same as the number of knocks you heard earlier. Remember the order of the knocks and press the lines accordingly. For example, if you heard three knocks on the first door, click on the symbol with three lines.

If you solve this puzzle correctly, a door should open. Go through it and retrieve the Crown of Madness.

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