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How to Craft Crystal Walls in Valheim

Have you reinforced your camp with crystal walls in Valheim?

Although not particularly durable, crystal walls are some of the most stylish structures you can build in Valheim. Building them is fairly simple, as you will only need to make them in your crafty workbench. The only real hard part is obtaining enough amounts of Crystal to build enough walls for a house or room.

Crystal is only found inside Frost Caves or dropped by dying Stone Golems in the Mountains. Crystal Walls are basically see-through, which is perfect since Valheim does not let you add windows to your walls. Instead, you can improve your home’s lighting by adding these beautiful walls.

If you would like to splurge on building your home a little, check out our detailed guide on how to craft crystal walls in Valheim.


An image of Valheim.

Developed by Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Publishing, Valheim is a new survival and sandbox video game. It is set in a fictional universe where Norse mythology controls the world and Vikings are king. It was first released in February 2021 for Linux and Microsoft Windows, and is available for both single player and multiplayer.

In Valheim, you will play a Viking who has to defeat the evil forces in each world to gain honor and prove themselves worthy of Valhalla. You will have to craft your own tools, shelter, and fight monsters using different weapons. A popular feature of Valheim is the ability to cooperate with up to ten players while toggling PvP.

In this game, you will forage, hunt, mine, and farm for resources in order to improve your armor and weapons. The game has the standard health and stamina bars that you should monitor to survive in the different dangerous biomes in Valheim. Eat food to recover after battles or mining and hunting trips.

There are five main bosses you will have to defeat in Valheim. Go to each altar and offer the specific item required to summon each boss. Fight it alone or with a group and defeat it to progress to the next one. After killing a boss, they will drop a trophy that will give you a special power-up later.

How to Craft Crystal Walls in Valheim

An image of crystal walls in Valheim.

Crystal walls are popular in Valheim mainly for aesthetic purposes. These structures are not durable at all but are often used as window substitutes because they are see-through. If you are the type to focus on aesthetics, these creative walls give you a lot more leeway when designing your home or base.

There are several steps you need to do before being able to build a house of crystal walls. First, you need to learn where to find Crystal Shards, as this is the only resource needed for crystal walls. You can only find Crystal Shards from the Mountain biome, which may or may not be very far away from your spawn location, depending on your map seed.

Once you get to the Mountains, look for Stone Golems. These are powerful creatures that drop Crystal Shards once you slay them. It is best to go with a group so you can farm as many Stone Golems as you can before heading back home. Stone Golems are weak against piercing damage, so you may want to try piercing arrows or pickaxes. Each Stone Golem will drop a random amount of Crystal Shards that ranges from 3 to 8.

After you collect enough Crystal Shards, head back to your home base and go to your workbench. Next, craft the Crystal Shards into Crystal Blocks. After this, you should now be able to craft them into other things, including crystal walls. Take note that these walls function differently from others. They are more like glass, so you cannot just stack crystal walls on top of each other without a support beam to keep them stable.

Crafting Crystal Walls

An image of crafting crystal walls in Valheim.

You only need two Crystal Shards for each crystal wall, so each Stone Golem may drop enough for a couple of walls. This means that you should be able to build an entire floor or even house after just one trip to the Mountain biome. If you are playing with a group, you can make even more from a single trip.

Because there’s not many other things to craft or build using Crystal Shards, you can spend all of them on crystal walls. Some players prefer to spend most of their time in Valheim building beautiful bases, so this is perfect for them.

Classic wood or stone bases can get very dark and gloomy, especially due to Valheim’s general environment. Having crystal walls in your home can change the mood drastically, as natural light can now enter your home. If you find a place with a great view, crystal walls can be the top choice for your house.

Crystal walls are very weak to pickaxes, so make sure not to accidentally hit your walls with it. They are, however, resistant to fire and frost, as well as completely immune to poison and spirit. You can freely teleport while carrying Crystal Shards, making gathering trips much more convenient.

What Else to Craft With Crystals

An image of the battleaxe.

Another very popular item that is crafted with Crystal Shards is the Crystal Battleaxe. It is arguably the third best axe in Valheim, next only to the Blackmetal Atgeir and the Battleaxe. Fortunately, you only need 10 Crystal Shards for this powerful weapon. That only amounts to two to three Stone Golem kills.

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