How to Cook in Dinkum

Want to know how you can cook in Dinkum?

In Dinkum, food is one of the most crucial things to have. Not only does it keeps your character alive, but it can also cure near-fatal injuries and replenish your stamina. If you’ve been hit too many times by a gribbly or have wandered around for too long, an apple will sort you right out. 

Besides eating fruits and vegetables from the get-go, you can also combine them with meat to create even better food. 

Much like in the real world, cooking food in Dinkum will give you more benefits than eating them raw. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can cook in Dinkum. 

Let’s get right into it!

Cooking Overview

cook in dinkum

Cooking in Dinkum is simply the process of heating something up. Sometimes you will heat something with other things to make new things, but in general, heat is required. Cooking nearly always enhances the healing and regeneration effects of food. 

How to Cook in Dinkum

To cook in Dinkum players will need two things, a cooking station, and at least one ingredient. Cooking stations come in several forms and can be something as simple as a Camp Fire, or as advanced as a Cooking Table. 

Ingredients similarly can be something as easily found as a banana or a refined good like flour. Here’s a list of cooking stations you can use in the game:

  • Camp Fire
  • Cooking Table
  • BBQ

Cooking Recipes

There are a handful of recipes in Dinkum and different recipes will require a different type of cooking station. There may be three in Dinkum but you can lump Camp Fires and BBQs into the same category for recipes. 

BBQs are simply an upgrade from a Camp Fire when it comes to cooking food. 

Food NameStationIngredientsEffects
Cooked AppleCF/BBQx1 Apple+10 Health
Cooked BananaCF/BBQx1 Banana+10 Stamina
Cooked Bush LimeCF/BBQx1 Bush Lime+4 Health+6 Stamina
Cooked Cactus FigsCF/BBQx1 Cactus Figs+5 Stamina
Cooked Croco MeatCF/BBQx1 Croco Meat+25 Health+10 Stamina
Cooked FlakeCF/BBQx1 Flake+20 Health+20 Stamina
CookedCF/BBQx1 Drumstick+5 Health+10 Stamina
Cooked Giant DrumstickCF/BBQx1 Giant Drumstick+5 Health+10 Stamina
Cooked QuandongCF/BBQx1 Quangdong+8 Health+8 Stamina
BreadCTx3 Flour+35 Health+25 StaminaDefence Up (3 minutes)
Dagwood DogCTx1 Cornx1 Meatx1 Mangrove Stick+15 Health+25 staminaAttack Up (3 minutes)Defence Up (3 Minutes)
DamperCTx1 Flourx1 Milk+25 Health+15 Stamina
Fairy BreadCTx1 Breadx2 Sugar+10 StaminaMovement Up (2 minutes)
Fish and ChipsCTx1 Flakex2 Potatox1 Bush Lime+ 10 Health+30 StaminaFishing Up (20 minutes)
Fruit SaladCTx2 Bush Limex2 Applex2 Bananax2 Quandong+10 Health+20 StaminaDefence Up (5 minutes)Woodcutting Up (5 minutes)
Garden SaladCTx1 Cabbagex1 Tomatox1 Onion+20 Health+20 StaminaDefence Up (2 minutes)Heal Over Time (2 minutes)
Hearty StewCTx1 Meatx1 Potatox1 Onionx1 Carrot+45 Health+10 StaminaAttack Up (3 minutes)Defence Up (3 minutes)
LamingtonCTx1 Flourx1 Sugarx1 Coconutx1 Chicken Eggx1 Milk+30 StaminaDefence Up (4 minutes)Movement Up (60 seconds)Mining Up (4 minutes)Woodcutting Up (4 minutes)
Meat On A StickCTx3 Meatx1 Mangrove+35 Health+15 StaminaDefence Up (3 minutes)
Meat PieCTx1 Flourx1 Meatx1 Raw Drumstick+25 Health+5 StaminaAttack Up (3 minutes)
PastieCTx1 Flourx1 Cabbagex1 Carrotx1 Potato+30 Health+30 StaminaMining Up (3 minutes)Woodcutting Up (3 minutes)
PavlovaCTx4 Big Chicken Eggsx2 Sugarx1 Fruit Salad+40 Health+45 StaminaMovement Up (3 minutes)
Prime RoastCTx1 Raw Prime Meatx3 Potatox2 Carrotx1 Kalex3 Green Beanx1 Pumpkin+50 Health+50 StaminaAttack Up (5 minutes)Defence Up (5 minutes)
QuicheCTx1 Flourx1 Chicken Eggx1 Cheese+20 Health+30 StaminaMovement Up (5 minutes)Mining Up (5 minutes)Woodcutting Up (5 minutes)
Sausage RollCTx1 Flourx1 Chicken Eggx1 Meatx1 Onion+30 Health+30 StaminaAttack Up (5 minutes)Defence Up (5 minutes)Movement Up (5 minutes)

That ends our guide on how to cook food in Dinkum. If you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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