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Best Console Commands and Cheats in Minecraft

What are your most-used console commands and cheats in Minecraft?

The top sandbox game in the world for the last decade never seems to run out of things to do. Whether you prefer building massive castles and cities or defeating the Ender Dragon as fast as you can, there are no limits to how you can approach the game. The game is meant to unleash your creativity to its full potential.

Players that feel like they have done all they want in standard Survival Mode still have loads more they can try out in Minecraft. Console commands and cheats are some ways you can speed up whatever you want to do in the game. This is perfect for players who want to focus on building and crafting without worrying about the world’s dangers and needing sustenance to survive.

If you want to set yourself up well, check out our detailed guide on the best console commands and cheats in Minecraft.

Console Commands and Cheats

In Minecraft, console commands and cheats are typically entered using the main chat window. However, there is a separate console for multiplayer servers. Either way, you are able to input commands and cheats to help improve your Minecraft experience.

Here is a list of some of the best console commands and cheats that may be useful to you.


An image of how to teleport, one of the best console commands and cheats in Minecraft.

Command: /tp [TargetPlayer] x y z

As we previously mentioned, Minecraft has an almost infinite world. That means it may take you hours to locate and run over to certain locations. The ability to teleport will save you hours of effort, which is great for almost any situation.

Even in Creative Mode, where you can fly around and build wherever you want, you will still be too slow to get to extremely far places. The only way to get where you want efficiently is through teleportation.

All you need to do is input your own or another player’s name together with the location to which you want them to be transported. Hit enter, and they should instantly be transported there.

Give Items

An image of how to give items, one of the best console commands and cheats in Minecraft.

Command: /give <Player> <Item> [Amount]

Another very useful console command is giving or spawning items for players. This speeds up the process of finding and gathering materials you need. The command works for both single and stackable items as well.

Just input the command, and type in the player name, item name, and amount that you want to spawn. Hit enter, and you should now have the items you need.

Change the Weather

An image of how to change the weather, one of the best console commands and cheats in Minecraft.

Command: /weather WeatherType

The weather in Minecraft will affect your whole mood while playing. Each player will have their own preferred weather, so it can get quite annoying when you do not get the weather you want.

Using this console command, you can change the weather to Rain, Thunder, or Snow. Just input the command and type in the weather type of your choice. Hit enter, and the weather in your current biome should change instantly.

Changing the Game Mode

An image of how to change the game mode, one of the best console commands and cheats in Minecraft.

Command: /gamemode creative or /gamemode survival

Whether you want to focus on building for a while or want to go back to progressing in Survival Mode, you want to be able to change your game mode at a moment’s notice. This console command will allow you to do exactly that.

Just type in /gamemode and the mode of your choice. Hit enter and you should be moved into a new game mode.

Save Your Seed Code

An image of how to save your seed code.

Command: /seed

Another simple console command you will want to remember is getting your seed. This is very important because seeds are typically random when starting new games, except when you enter your own code.

When you find an optimal seed for whatever you want to do in the game, you should save it in case you want to start a new game later. To do this, just type in /seed, and you will see the current seed code. Write it down and save it somewhere for later use.

Stopping Time

An image of how to stop time in Minecraft.

Command: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false

Just like, wanting to control the weather, many players also want control over the time of day. Whether you are in Survival Mode trying to gather materials or building in Creative Mode, the time of day can affect your game experience. If you want to keep your current time of day permanently, this console command is the right one for you.

Just type in the command, and time should stop moving for your game. If you wish to reverse this, just enter th command /gamerule doDaylightCycle true.

Changing the Game Difficulty

An image of how to change the difficulty.

Command: /difficulty [peaceful, easy, normal, or hard]

Beginner players can sometimes feel like the game has become too difficult. It can get overwhelming quite quickly if you do not have enough experience in Minecraft. Thankfully, you can use this console command to change the difficulty to something more manageable.

Just type in the command and the difficulty level of your choice and hit enter.

Tips on Using Console Commands and Cheats

Console commands and cheats will definitely make your Minecraft experience easier and more efficient. However, there are situations and contexts in which you should not use these.

For example, taking advantage of cheats during competitions is typically not allowed. You should also refrain from using console commands when doing speed runs unless specifically allowed by the category. When playing with friends, make sure you all agree to allow console commands and cheats before using them.

You Might Ask (FAQs)

What are console commands and cheats?

Console commands and cheats in Minecraft are commands you can enter to give you advantages and items that you need for whatever purpose. This includes changing the environment, giving you items, or even instantly teleporting you anywhere in the world.

What are the best console commands to remember?

Regardless of your purpose, you should know how to teleport (/tp), give items (/give), and save your seed (/seed). Among the many console commands in the game, these are some of the most frequently used by players.

When can I use console commands and cheats?

You can freely use console commands and cheats during single player games. When playing multiplayer mode, make sure all players have agreed to allow these before using them. In most competitions, console commands and cheats are deemed illegal to use.

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