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How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

Have you started making Farmers through the Composter in Minecraft?

The Composter is one of the most efficient ways to use your extra food and other biodegradable items in Minecraft. Turn whatever excess items you have into some valuable Bone Meal. You can then use the Bone Meal as fertilizers for your farm or as part of some Dyes.

There are hundreds of items in Minecraft that can be turned into compost and Bone Meal. Perhaps more important than that, the Composter is also a job site block in Minecraft. This job site block turns Villagers into Farmers, which is one of the best jobs in the game.

If you want to start making this job site block, check out our detailed guide on how to make a Composter in Minecraft.


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Developed by Mojang Studios and published by Mojang, Xbox Game Studios, and Sony Interactive Entertainment, Minecraft is one of the biggest and most successful video games of all time. Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has taken over the video game industry.

In Minecraft, players are free to do whatever they want. However, there is also a survival mode where you must get the necessary resources to survive and eventually defeat the Ender Dragon. This mode has developed a thriving speedrun community where players compete to finish the game as quickly as they can under specific standards.

In creative mode, players have all resources and items they want. You can also fly around the world, building whatever you want without any cost. Creative mode allows players to build their dream worlds without having to grind through obtaining resources and tools. That way, you can figure out what you want to build in survival mode later.

Once you get far enough into Survival mode, start automating your production of essential resources. One way to do this is by giving jobs to Villagers. A handy job to give is farming. Your Farmers will tend to all your crops in their area and harvest if necessary.

Making a Composter in Minecraft

An image of how to make a Composter in Minecraft.

If you want to build a Composter, there are a few simple steps to follow and just one resource to gather.

All you really need are 7 pieces of any type of Wood Slab. To get these, just craft them using 3 Wood Planks. Each instance of this crafting produces 6 Wood Slabs. That means you only need to do it twice to make enough for one Composter.

Now that you have enough Wood Slabs. You can start making a Composter. Just open up your Crafting Table and place one Wood Slab on each of the outer tiles except the top middle one. This process will produce one Composter at a time, but you can stack them 64 times for each inventory slot, feel free to make as much as you can.

If you do not want to craft some yourself, you can always look for Composters in villages. They will randomly spawn from time to time. Just use an Axe to retrieve it. Technically, any tool will work for retrieving it, but an Axe works the fastest.

How to Use a Composter

Using a Composter in Minecraft is quite easy. There are really only two main things that this job site block does, both of which help you grow your crops and automate your farm.


An image of a Composter in Minecraft.

First, you can use a Composter for its most basic purpose. Create some compost by filling the Composter with some biodegradable items. Take note that not everything will immediately turn into compost. Each item has a different chance of turning into Compost and eventually producing Bone Meal.

For example, Leaves, Grass, Grass Blocks, Kelp, Pumpkin Seeds, and Melon Seeds only have a 30% chance of turning into compost. Cactus, Sugar Cane, and Vines have a better shot at 50%. Apples, Carrots, Wheat, and Potatoes have a 65% chance of turning into compost as well.

The most efficient items to feed to your composter are also a little harder to make. Bread, Baked Potato, Cookies, and Hay Bale all have an 85% chance of turning into compost. Fortunately, there are also some completely reliable items to use. Cake and Pumpkin Pie will turn into compost in the Composter 100% of the time.

Now that you know how to make compost, you should learn how to make Bone Meal out of it. Each time an item successfully turns in the Composter, it adds a new layer of compost. Once you get to the 7th layer, the whole bunch will start to change in appearance. You will now be able to retrieve Bone Meal from the Composter by using it one more time.

Job Site Block

An image of job site blocks.

The Composter is also a job site block. That means you can use it to recruit Villagers for the job of your choice. In this case, the Composter makes Farmers out of Villagers. Each block of Composter can only be used as a job site block once, so make sure you have enough for all the Villagers.

You also need to have unemployed Villagers to be able to turn them into Farmers. If a Villager already has a job, they will not become a Farmer. Farmers will tend to your crops and harvest them when needed.


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If you have Hoppers, you can use them to regularly collect Bone Meal from your Composters. You can also use two Hoppers for each Composter. The second Hopper can be used to drop compostable items into the Composter and keep the compost layers at a level at which they produce Bone Meal.

Fuel and Note Blocks

An image of a Note Block.

Finally, Composters have two less important but interesting purposes as well. They can be used as fuel in your Furnace. Each Composter will last long enough for you to smelt 1.5 items. If you have a bunch of excess Composters, you can use this as an efficient way to dispose of them while accomplishing smelting tasks.

You can also put a Composter right under a Note Block to have it produce a bass sound.

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