How to Complete Nepheli Loux’s Questline in Elden Ring

Do you want to complete the Nepheli Loux’s questline in Elden Ring?

The Nepheli Loux questline in Elden Ring isn’t the most complicated you’ll encounter. However, it still requires several steps that might cause some trouble, especially if you’ve updated to version 1.03. 

This patch on Elden Ring changed the outcome of this questline, adding more to the story. The Nepheli Loux quest sends you to retrieve a set of ashes, but it’s not as simple as you might think. 

Nonetheless, this quest is rewarding to complete as it gives you the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, which allows you to level up weapons to +25. 

Keep in mind that this questline will require you to kill the Margott boss in the Capital within Altus Plateau, so it’s best to do this questline later in the game when you’re a lot stronger. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Nepheli Loux’s questline in Elden Ring. 

Let’s get right into it!

Find Nepheli

complete Nepheli Louxs Questline in Elden Ring

The first thing you need to do for this quest is to find Nepheli in Stormveil Castle. Go to the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace and start heading east, up the steps bast the bird NPCs, and into the small room off the right. 

It is past the large spiky wooden barricades. Nepheli will be standing in front of some barrels. 

Speak to Nepheli

The second time you encounter Nepheli, warp to the Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick the Grafted and speak with Gideon in the main room. He is the masked NPC with a hunched back on the right side. 

You might have spoken with Gideon earlier so if you don’t see him there, don’t worry. 

After that, rest at the Roundtable Site of Grace and take the left path before the Twin Maiden Husks. 

From here, you will see Nepheli standing beside a table with a lit candle. Talk to her and she will give you the Arsenal Charm. 

Find Nepheli Again

complete Nepheli Louxs Questline in Elden Ring

From the Roundtable Hold, warp again but this time to the Village of Albinaurics. This is the area on the south side of Liurna, southwest of the Cathedral of manus Celes. This is a haunted area that contains a handful of cliffs so be careful not to fall. 

From the Village of Albinaurics Site of Grace, go east and you’ll find Nepheli sitting next to a stone wall. Talk to her again. 

Kill the Omenkiller

complete Nepheli Louxs Questline in Elden Ring

After speaking with Nepheli, head up the large hill next to the village Site of Grace and take a left across the huge bridge. This area will lead you directly to the Omenkiller boss fight. Unfortunately, you’ll have to kill the Omenkiller to advance this quest. 

If you’re having a hard time dealing with the Omenkiller, we suggest using Torrent during combat to increase your mobility. 

Once you’ve defeated the Omenkiller, you’ll obtain the Crucible Knot Talisman. 

Go Back to Nepheli

Nepheli in Village of Albinaurics

Although you’ve just seen Nepheli in the Village of Albinaurics, she’ll not be there once the boss fight is over. After defeating the Omenkiller, warp back to the Roundtable Hold and take a right once you get past the blacksmith. 

Head downstairs and you’ll find Nepheli against a wall. Talk to her but she won’t have much to say this time. 

Keep in mind that if you have the potion from Seluvis’ questline, you should not give it to her as it will end the entire quest.

Talk to Gideon

Once you’ve talked to Nepheli, rest at any Site of Grace and talk to Gideon in the library. You’ll see him sitting at the table. Choose the “Nepheli’s Despair” option while talking to him to advance the quest. 

If the library is closed, try speaking to the Finger Reader Enia in the backroom first. 

Go back to Nepheli afterward and choose the “heard from Gideon” option. Continue with the rest of her dialogue. 

Find the Stormhawk King

complete Nepheli Louxs Questline in Elden Ring

At this point, you’ll want to head to the Four Belfries area on the west side of Liurnia. From there, head to the tower right next to the Site of Grace, which has a chest with a Swordstone Key. 

Grab it and head to the easternmost Tower down the hill and use the Swordstone Key to unlock the portal.

Take the portal to an island off the coast of Limgrave and follow the path ahead. 

Now, you’ll have to defeat the boss there and continue heading towards the building. Cross the bridge and take the steps on the left that should lead you to an entrance to the Chapel of Anticipation. 

However, don’t go in using the main entrance of the building. Instead, take a right and you’ll see a path that leads up to the second floor outside. 

Here, you’ll find the Stormhawk King sitting on the right, across from another entrance to the building. 

Return to the Roundtable Hold afterward to bring the Stormhawk King to Nepheli. If you can’t give her the item, make sure that you’ve already progressed your Roderika’s questline and have the option to upgrade your Ashes. 

Face Morgott, the Omen King

complete Nepheli Louxs Questline in Elden Ring

After giving the Stormhawk King to Nepheli, you’ll have to defeat Morgott in the Capital within Altus Plateau. Keep in mind that this would be a tricky boss fight as the boss’ attacks had a massive upgrade. 

Nonetheless, you should be able to take down this boss if you have the Mimic Ashes, the Starscourge Greatsword, and tons of vigor to stay alive. 

If not, try to level up first and gather powerful items that can make the fight easier. 

After killing Morgott, you’ll have to visit the Godrick the Grafted Site of Grace in Stormveil Castle, and head north to the large circular room. You’ll find Nepheli sitting by a throne. Talk to her and she’ll reward you with the Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone. 

That ends our guide on how to complete the Nepheli Loux’s questline in Elden Ring. If you have questions, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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