How to Complete Charlie’s Challenges in Deathloop

Need to complete Charlie’s challenges in Deathloop?

Charlie Montague is a resident game designer on the island of Blackreef and one of the eight Visionaries in Deathloop. His skills in coding and engineering made him a very much welcomed addition to the AEON Program. 

Most technological advancements on Blackreef are made by Charlie. This includes turrets, sensors, and mini-games for the Eternalists to play. 

There are a handful of strange and crazy games in Blackreef, and if you’re looking to earn the ‘A Charlie Montague Game’ trophy, you’ll need to complete all five games made by him. Some games are straightforward, while others are somewhat difficult and confusing. 

However, completing all five is definitely worth it as you could earn some big rewards. 

Today, we will show you how to complete Charlie’s challenges in Deathloop to earn his precious trophy. 

Let’s get started!

1. Haul-A-Quinn in Karl’s Bay (Morning) 

The first game by Charlie is the Haul-A-Quinn. It is a weird mannequin device near the tunnels in Karl’s Bay. Your primary task is to find various parts to repair the Haul-A-Quinn. 

Charlies challenges in Deathloop

This challenge will take you the entire day to complete. 

Go to Karl’s Bay (Morning)

  1. First, execute Harriet to stop her from activating the poison in Hangar 2.
  2. After killing her, you need to use the two buttons on her cockpit and make sure that the poison is lowered. This will save one of the Eternalists named Amador
  3. Next, get a battery from one of the turrets and use it for the Haul-A-Quinn.
  4. Before leaving the area, go to a Delivery Booth and order a Crank-Wheel. Send it to Karl’s Bay for delivery. 

Go Back to Karl’s Bay (Afternoon) 

  1. In the afternoon, go to Amador’s Workshop, and you should find Haul-A-Quinn’s head. 
  2. Get the head and place it on the mannequin. You should see Amador’s Workshop in the opposite direction of the ‘Fathoms of Lament’ building. 
  3. While you’re in Karl’s Bay, collect the Crank-Wheel you ordered and make another purchase. This time order a Field Nullifier and send it to Karl’s Bay again. 
  4. Take the Crank Wheel to Haul-A-Quinn and plug it in before leaving the area. 

Travel to Karl’s Bay Again (Evening) 

For the last step, you need to go back to Karl’s Bay for the third time in the evening. Get the Field Nullifier you ordered from the Delivery Booth and place it in the Haul-A-Quinn to complete Charlie’s first challenge. 

2. The Moxie in Updaam (Afternoon)

The Moxie is an obstacle course open in Updaam during the afternoon. You’ll find it down the road from the Archival Office’s gate. It will be on the lower right side of the cliff’s edge. 

Charlies challenges in Deathloop

To complete this challenge, you’ll need to clear all three floors with lasers and pressure plates at a limited time. You can set this challenge to ‘easy mode’ and take advantage of your Shift Slab to maneuver to the lasers quickly.

In the morning, you can also hack the machinery in the tunnel’s doorway on the left side of the entrance at Updaam to make The Moxie challenge easier. However, you won’t get the Epic Trinket rewards for every floor if you do this. 

3. Wake UP Challenge in The Complex (Morning)

For this game, you’ll be given three minutes to find four hidden crates around The Complex. While the time limit seems short, knowing where to look for the crates will make this challenge a piece of cake. 

  • Crate 1: In the tunnel’s exit, under Egor’s Lab. It will be sticking out on a metal beam from the cliffs.
  • Crate 2: Stick to the right edge on the ice before reaching Wenjie’s Lab.
  • Crate 3: Approach Wenjie’s Lab and circle around the high wall. Go towards the dead-end under the higher wall. A turret is guarding the crate.
  • Crate 4: The final crate is located in the central control room with two locked doors in the bunker. 

Once you’ve collected the crates, go to Updaam in noon and travel across the bridge to Charlie’s Mansion. 

4. The Queen of Riddles in Karl’s Bay

The Yerhva machine would be located in Karl’s Bay, near the exit to the tunnels. Take the right door, and you’ll be able to reach a cliffside that leads to a building with “Queen of Riddles” marking on the side. 

Charlies challenges in Deathloop

The Yerhva automation machine will ask ten questions in random order. To complete it, you need to answer all the questions correctly. 

Although the questions would be asked randomly, the answers would be the same. You can refer to our guide for the answers to the Yervha quiz to complete the challenge faster.


5. Fathoms of Lament in Karl’s Bay (Evening)

The final game for Charlie’s challenges in Deathloop is the Fathoms of Lament. This is also the biggest mini-game in Deathloop. To give you an idea, the entire map of Karl’s Bay would be used for the scavenger hunt. 

Charlies challenges in Deathloop

Go inside the large center building in Karl’s Bay to get the map for the hunt. Follow the markers on the map and collect all the crates. There’s no time limit for this challenge, and the crates appear randomly. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Who is Charlie Montague? 

Charlie is one of the eight Visionaries in Deathloop. He once undertook surgery from Dr. Wenjie to remove parts of his brain associated with empathy. Charlie Montague is also a coding and engineering genius that is obsessed with developing games and gadgets. 

What is 2-B.I.T? 

2-B.I.T. is a self-aware machine made by Charlie Montague which contains a chunk of his brain. This machine servers as Charlie’s computational games master, running all systems in his castle and monitoring the players in the Containment Detachment. 

What is the AEON Program? 

The AEON Program is the primary organization in Deathloop that Colt Vahn is trying to eliminate. It is tasked with maintaining the island of Blackreef and its time loop. The eight Visionaries in the game handle the AEON Program.

That sums up our guide on how to complete Charlie’s challenges in Deathloop. If you have questions, please let us know in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them as soon as we can.

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