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How to Increase Comfort in Valheim

What do you usually do to increase Comfort in Valheim?

If you are trying to recuperate some Health and Stamina in Valheim, it is essential to know how to keep the Resting Effect going. To do this, you must make sure that your Comfort level is always high enough to sustain it. There are several ways to keep the Comfort rating high, and we will be going through each one.

Knowing how to sustain your Resting Effect by avoiding enemies, sitting near a fire, and other methods is important for recovery. Everything from creating a large enough stronghold, building a good fire, and making sure you are not wet or burning matters for this as well.

If you are looking to replenish your Health and Stamina through the Resting Effect, check out our quick guide on how to increase Comfort in Valheim.

Resting Effect

An image of increasing Comfort in Valheim.

The Rested Effect in Valheim is one of the most interesting things you can work with. Its main effect is increasing your character’s Health Regeneration by 200% and your Stamina Regeneration by 300%. It is very important for recovery, but may also be quite difficult to maintain in the wrong situation. If you cannot sustain it, you will need to try to achieve the Resting Effect for 20 seconds straight before you can get it back.

This process begins with the Resting Effect. After 20 seconds of the Resting Effect, you will earn the Rested Effect. This new effect is feeble and needs you to maintain the right environment to sustain it. Basically, the base duration of the Resting Effect is 8 minutes, and each Comfort level extends that by 1 minute. The maximum is 26 minutes with regular items and 28 minutes with some rare, seasonal items.

The Rested Effect also happens after you have slept on a bed. Its effects include a 50% bonus on Health Regeneration and a 100% bonus on Stamina Regeneration. You will also get a 50% bonus on all Experience gained during this time.

To keep the Resting Effect or Rested Effect going, make sure that an enemy or creature does not approach your character. Achieve this by building a decent perimeter fence around your base. You should also make sure your fire keeps burning and that its radius covers the area of your entire home.

Increasing Comfort in Valheim

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Comfort is the most important factor to sustaining your Resting Effect or Rested Effect. There are several ways to raise your Comfort level. First, you can start a fire to get a Comfort level of 1. Combined with staying inside a shelter, you can increase this to Comfort level 2. Fires, with the exception of the Hearth, do not stack, so you only need one at a time to keep your Comfort level.

Next, you can place some furniture and other structures around your home or immediate surroundings to increase the Comfort level. To increase Comfort level by 1, you can build and place either the Deer Rug, Wolf Rug, Lox Rug, Red Jute Carpet, or a simple Table nearby. You can also make any of the many Banners in Valheim to increase Comfort level by 1. Take note that the effect of the Banners does not stack, so you only need one.

Sitting down also increases your Comfort level from 1 to 3. The basic Bench, Sitting Log, and Stool increase it by 1. The Chair and Dark Wood Chair increase Comfort level by 1. The more premium Raven Throne and Stone Throne increase your Comfort level by a whooping 3 points. You will also get additional Comfort by lying on a bed. The basic Bed increases it by 1 while the rarer Dragon Bed provides 2 Comfort levels.

The Hot Tub is a great structure to build as it increases your Comfort level by 2 when heated. If you have extra materials, you can even build an Armor Stand. It gives an extra Comfort level even when you do not have anything hung on it. For the truly rare furniture, the Maypole and Yule Tree both give out an extra Comfort level if you place them in your house.

Maximizing Comfort Level

An image of increasing Comfort in Valheim.

It can be difficult to choose from the plethora of furniture in the game, so we have made the effort of figuring out the optimal setup for getting the maximum Comfort that you can in Valheim. In the best setup with regular items, you can achieve a Comfort level of 19, which adds up to 26 minutes of the Rested Effect. If you have the Maypole and Yule Tree, you can bump that up to Comfort level 19 and 28 minutes of Rested Effect.

Because all the items must be within 10 meters of your character to take effect, there is an optimal placement strategy as well. Knowing the center point of each object lets you position them in the right places. The Bed, Dragon Bed, and Hearth all have their center points at the bottom. The Bonfire and Campfire have their center points right in the center.

The Hanging Brazier has its center point right at the top. The Hot Tub, on the other hand, has its center point near its chimney. If you have the Yule Tree, look for its center point around the top as well. For everything else on our list, their center points are in the dead center of the item.

Knowing all these center points, make sure you position your items perfectly within a 10-meter radius of your character. You may even want to build your home with enough space to fit everything while keeping out creatures.

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