An image of each character class in MultiVersus.

The Strengths of Each Character Class in MultiVersus

Have you mastered a Fighter from each character class in MultiVersus?

An interesting aspect of the newest platform fighting game MultiVersus is how important character classes are. Each Fighter’s repertoire of skills and passive abilities usually depends on what type of Fighter they are. This aspect also determines matchups and teams.

Most competitive players will opt to have a Bruiser and Assassin play together, but many others also play around with this dynamic. Some may try out a Tank and Assassin combo or even a Bruiser and Tank duo for a powerful defensive comp. Regardless of your playstyle, you should understand the basics of how each type works and how to play against them.

If you want to improve your performance at the game, check out our quick guide on the strengths of each character class in MultiVersus.

Each Character Class in MultiVersus

Here are all the five current Fighter classes in MultiVersus and how to play using or against each one.


An image of Tanks, a character class in MultiVersus.

Tanks are the best defensive Fighters in the game for several reasons. This position is very common across platform-fighting games. In MultiVersus, Tanks have lower mobility than other classes. However, they deal quite a bit more damage than everyone else at point blank range. When they hit their full combos, the match might as well be over for the opponents.

The main role of a Tank is to draw all the attention and attacks of their opponent. While they are tanking all the attacks, their teammates can pull off special attacks and combos from better angles.

There are only three Tanks in MultiVersus so far. Wonder Woman was the first and originally only available Tank in the game. She is also the default unlocked character for everyone, so you should already have a basic Tank for every comp. The Iron Giant is the biggest character in the game, making it very easy to hit with any attack. However, it will take an army’s worth of damage to kill to make up for its massive hitbox.

Superman is the best Tank and arguably the best overall character in MultiVersus. With a perfect combination of offense and defense, you can use him for almost any type of comp. After all, he is called the Man of Steel for a reason.


An image of Bruisers, a character class in MultiVersus.

The other frontline character class in MultiVersus are Bruisers. These characters are the most balanced in terms of offense and defense, but they are usually limited to melee and close range combat. However, some of them have projectile skills that can reach long distances.

There are currently seven available Bruisers in the game, each with their own unique set of skills. To develop the optimal playstyle for Bruisers, you just have to learn standard gameplay for platform fighting games. They are basically the most straightforward characters you can use, so beginners should definitely try them out.

Bruisers do not typically have any wild, game changing skills but they are perfect for teamplay. Pulling off basic combos is very easy for comps that have Bruisers because of their simple abilities. Batman is one of the strongest Fighters in the game while also being relatively easy to use, so you should start with him.

LeBron James, Jake, Shaggy, Taz, Morty, and Garnet are the other Bruisers in the game. If you want a very aggressive playstyle, the Tasmanian Devil is certainly a good choice. You can constantly spam his Taz-Nado ability to distract and zone out opponents. He can also impair his opponents with his Tasty passive ability and eventually cook them.


An image of Supports, a character class in MultiVersus.

Support Fighters are relatively weaker than the other classes in 1v1 mode, but they can be game changers in 2v2. Expectedly, Supports deal much lower damage than anyone else. Instead of being individual Fighters, they specialize in helping their teammates by giving them buffs or impairing opponents.

Some Support abilities include saving teammates from potentially fatal falls, healing them, giving out shields, and slowing down enemies. While they are not the flashiest or most powerful characters, mastering the Support role will make you the favorite teammate for most players.

There are currently three Support characters in MultiVersus. Steven Universe has projectiles, charges, and combo abilities that you can play around with. By attaching Rose’s Gaze to enemies, he can eventually disable them. His passive ability is Unbreakable Bonds, which gives his entire team some armor.

Velma is one of the most picked characters because of her powerful abilities. This popular character from the Scooby-Doo cartoon series is arguably the best Support Fighter in MultiVersus. She can speed up allies, give them armor, disable enemies for a very long time, and even freeze them. Her passive ability, Snoopin’, is also one of the most popular abilities in the game.


An image of Assassins.

Assassins might be the most popular character class in MultiVersus. As the flashiest characters, they are also the best damage dealers in the game. They are often referred to as “glass cannons” because they can deal a lot of damage but are also quite vulnerable to attacks.

Finn and Arya Stark are quite popular characters, but Harley Quinn is easily the best Assassin and maybe even Fighter in MultiVersus. These Fighters specialize in dealing damage and then getting out very quickly, opting to move around the stage until they find kill opportunities.

This character class in MultiVersus is quite difficult to master but will definitely pay off in higher level competition.


An image of Mages.

The final and arguably most difficult to learn character class in MultiVersus is the Mage. It will take you more time to master a Mage’s full repertoire than several Tanks or Bruisers. Luckily, there are only two of these Fighters in the game so far.

Bugs Bunny is one of the best tricksters in the game. He can throw projectiles, charge at opponents, break armor through his combo, or even spawn items with his passive ability. With his Pie Barrage! attack, Bugs can even heal his allies.

Tom & Jerry are a duo character that mostly do charging and projectile attacks. Depending on your playstyle, you can focus on either. Their passive ability can Strengthen and Hasten allies by having them pick up Jerry.

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