How to Change Skins for Characters in Vampire Survivors

Did you know that you can change skins for characters in Vampire Survivors? This article will show how to change the skin from its default state.

Vampire Survivors 1.0 patch has recently been released, and various changes make the game more interesting. If you’ve been playing this game for a while, you may be aware of skin customization that you can do in-game.

You can change the appearance of many of the characters. Like everything else in Vampire Survivors, this feature requires players to unlock it first, but this guide will make that process easier.

Character Customization

Change skins for characters

You may believe that customizing your character will only add a small amount of aesthetic value to the character design, but that is different. Customizing your character can have some other effects on your game.

When you play Vampire Survivors, customizing your character may change the maximum weapon you can bring in a run. This concept will be advantageous since having limited weapons will give you little power.

On the other hand, which is the obvious one, Customizing your character will give you access to different skins that you can equip on various characters that you have. It may seem simple, but it adds to the game’s fun.

Unlocking Mindbender Relic

mindbender relic to Change skins for characters

You should remember that changing skins for characters in Vampire Survivors is not an option that you can access by default. You need to obtain a particular relic in the game that would allow you to do so.

mindbender relic to Change skins for characters

In Vampire Survivors, Mindbender is a Relic. Once obtained, it allows you to permanently modify certain characters’ appearances by clicking on them in the character selection menu to limit the number of weapons available before a run begins.

However, this relic is extremely difficult to obtain. Finding a coffin, raising a character to a certain level, or surviving a certain amount of time in a stage are not the only requirements.

complete the collection to Change skins for characters

After completing 100 entries in the game’s Collection, you will obtain the Mindbender as a reward. The game’s collection represents weapons, relics, arcanas, passive items, and pick-up items. All the items that you have unlocked are listed here.

If you are just getting started, you should first focus on obtaining the most accessible items since several game weapons are available immediately.

You can add these running-collected weapons to your collection. One way to gain entries for the Collection is to unlock new characters and use them in runs.

inlaid library

During a run, the only items available for pick up are those that have fallen to the ground after extinguishing a light source. In that case, candles in the Inlaid Library stage are good to start on.

luck icon

Also, remember that a higher Luck stat increases your chances of picking up better items. In Vampire Survivors, it is one of the stats. It affects random events and gives the player a better chance of good things happening.

Usually, you start with 100% Luck, which things like character bonuses or PowerUps can change. Also, the Luck in the stats panel is shown as a difference from the base Luck, and it’s important to remember that Luck changes add up.

How to use Mindbender

obtain mindbender to Change skins for characters

The character select screen will allow you to change skins for the characters once you have the Mindbender and have unlocked the option to do so.

Two small squares will appear under the images of characters with skins available for purchase. These tend to blend in with the character’s portrait, making them difficult to spot. 

lama ladonna

You can switch between your character’s white and black skin by clicking on their portrait at the bottom of the screen. This alteration will stay in place until the player reverts to their default skin.

Even though you can do this to most characters in the game, some characters don’t have alternative skins. These are the following characters:

  • Ambrojoe
  • Cavallo
  • Divano
  • Gallo
  • Mortaccio
  • O’Sole
  • Ramba

Additionally, Only one of the secret characters, Red Death, has an alternate form, and Krochi is the only playable character with two skins. 

You may think this is one of the drawbacks of using the Mindbender, but since Vampire Survivors is still not reaching its peak, game developers may consider innovations when a player wants to change skins for characters.

Another Way of Customization

mod skins

In terms of customization, you change the image file on your steam library. Doing this will not grant you any benefits in-game. It will change your character’s look based on your preferred look. 

First, you need to open your Steam Library, right-click on the Vampire Survivors game, and click “Browse Local Files”. 

Once opened, navigate to \resources\app.webpack\renderer\assets\img, copy the desired character’s png file, paste it on any image editor you want to change the skin, and save it with the same file name afterward.

Having customized skins on any game is indeed a fun thing to do since you will be able to see new characters’ designs. Hopefully, this article gave you all the information you need regarding this matter and successfully changed skins for characters in Vampire Survivors.

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