An image of a cave in Medieval Dynasty.

All Cave Locations in Medieval Dynasty

Have you discovered the important cave locations in Medieval Dynasty?

Materials and valuables are critical to success in Medieval Dynasty. You cannot progress efficiently unless you have an abundance of resources to work with. This includes food, stones, wood, animal products, and precious metals. The catch is, Medieval Dynasty has a very large world, so finding your way to these resources is important.

Caves are the best areas to gather resources. Learning to mine in these spots will yield so much stuff you can use to progress or sell for some Gold. There are a couple of downsides to exploring caves, but the upside is definitely worth it. Once you master a system of mining and gathering, you will get rich very quickly.

If you are looking to build a fortune, check out our quick guide on all the cave locations in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty

An image of Medieval Dynasty.

Developed by Render Cube, Medieval Dynasty is a new survival adventure game. The game was published by Toplitz Productions for Microsoft Windows. First released in September 2021, the game has developed a cult following due to its immersion and realistic environment.

In Medieval Dynasty, you will play as a peasant who escapes from the war and tries to find his place in the world. You have to work to survive the harsh climate, social inequality, and everything poor citizens had to deal with in the Middle Ages. There are countless things you can do, which makes the game playable for dozens of hours without getting bored.

You can start by hunting for or gathering food in the wilderness. Pick up berries and mushrooms from the wild, or start cultivating your own garden. Once you get some tools, you can start fishing or hunting animals for food. Learning to cook some meat will make survival that much easier for players.

Another objective of Medieval Dynasty is to start your own family. Once you do that, you can expand your community until it becomes a whole village. You need to help your village thrive during the harsh winter and build as many new buildings as you can.

Cave Locations in Medieval Dynasty

There are currently five different caves you can explore in Medieval Dynasty. Each one comes with its own valuable resources but also risks. You can easily get lost in a cave if you do not know its pathways. Precious metals are quite heavy, so you will need several trips to gather as much as you need. That means knowing a cave’s layout will do you wonders.

Here are the five cave locations in Medieval Dynasty and our tips on how to explore them efficiently.

Northernmost Cave

An image of the northernmost cave, one of the cave locations in Medieval Dynasty.

This is the only cave you will find north of the main river. While it is quite far from other caves, the Northernmost Cave is near a couple of cities. If you come from the cities of Baranica or Branica, you will find this cave somewhere in the middle.

You will probably not want to build your settlement near the river because you cannot fish on it. However, having a cave near your location is an excellent payoff. You just need to ask yourself whether the lack of fish is compensated by the abundance of metals just within your reach.

If you decide to prioritize the Northernmost Cave, you can build your settlement right in between the two neighboring cities.

Westernmost Cave

An image of the westernmost cave, one of the cave locations in Medieval Dynasty.

The Westernmost Cave is one of the farthest caves in the game. It will take quite a journey to reach, but its valuables and resources may be worth that trip. You can find this cave several hundred meters south of the city of Lesnica.

An interesting thing about this cave is that you cannot immediately find it on the map. It is way too far west that the cursor does not immediately go there. You will first have to travel far enough to the west of the world, and your map should open on that part for you to see the cave.

If you find yourself in Lesnica, you can prioritize mining in this cave for some valuables. There are also some interesting things you can hunt in the nearby forest. Regardless of the distance, this is a cave you should visit at least once.

Jezerica Cave

An image of the Jezerica cave.

This is one of the most popular cave locations in Medieval Dynasty. Located between two lakes on the southwest part of the map, it takes quite a journey to find. You will need to traverse the edge of the mountain to find the Jezerica Cave. There is also no water in the area, which is tougher tor survive.

We do not recommend building a settlement around this cave due to the lack of water. However, you should pay it a visit at least once to see what it has in store for you. The advantage with this cave location is that it is quite close to the large city of Jezerica.

Mountaintop Cave

An image of the mountaintop cave.

The Mountaintop Cave is famous for being in the highest area in the game. You will find this cave right inside the highest mountain in Medieval Dynasty. Finding it will take a while because you need to climb the entire mountain first.

Once you reach the mountaintop, look down to see the cave entrance. There should be a trail leading to the mountaintop that passes right on the entrance.

Southeastern Cave

An image of the southeastern cave.

The Southeastern Cave is arguably the best cave to build your settlement around. It is quite close to a large body of water in which you can fish in. You will also be fairly near the town of Hornica. If you want to prioritize food and valuables, you should strongly consider starting your village somewhere near this area.

To find the Southeastern Cave, head over to the bottom right of your map. It may be the farthest of all the caves, so be patient in your journey. You will find this cave southeast of the large lake.

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