Best Castle Ideas to Build in Minecraft

Do you want to see the best Castle ideas to build in Minecraft and impress your friends?

Minecraft allows players to bring anything they imagine into existence. They can build skyscrapers, mansions, wizard towers, and even castles. While Minecraft provides the resources to build these structures, not everyone has the creativity to build them. For this reason, this article tells the best castle ideas to build in Minecraft.


Best Castle Ideas to Build in Minecraft

Castles are huge buildings that were most famous in the medieval ages, mainly because of their high defense and fortification. Like their real-life counterparts, castles in Minecraft are also large structures that are the pinnacle of defense and architecture. Furthermore, they contain everything a player might need to survive in Minecraft.

Castles are the epitome of ultimate defense, as these thick structures have multi-layered walls that take a long time to breach. In addition, there are multiple traps around the structure so no enemy can infiltrate the building. Moreover, it provides protection from outside forces, and the player has the freedom to build these any way he prefers.

Players can build castles in Minecraft in three ways, each with a different difficulty level. Firstly, they can build these structures in their Survival world by manually collecting each resource. For example, even a small castle requires plenty of resources like Stone, Logs, and other blocks which require patience to collect.

The player can skip this level of difficulty and switch to Creative mode in order to gain access to all blocks. This allows the player to build out of their imagination without a shortage of resources. However, this way requires time and patience as well because the player has to build the entire structure manually.

Players can further lower the difficulty of this procedure and use third-party editors like MCEdit which builds structures in a few steps. Besides this, they can also use mods or maps with premade castles. Whatever way they choose, the player requires suggestions to build. For this reason, below are the best castle ideas to build in Minecraft. 

How to Build a Castle 


There are certain steps the player needs to be careful about when building a castle for the first time in Minecraft. Furthermore, missing a single step or making a mistake at earlier levels can ruin the aesthetic of the whole building. For this reason, the player first needs to carefully make a plan and follow that to avoid any slip-ups or mistakes.

These steps matter only if the player is building the castle firsthand and not using any third-party editors or mods. Firstly, if the player is in Survival mode, make a base plan and gather enough resources to build the structure. If the player runs out of resources in the middle of the build, that kills the momentum, and problems will occur.

The player needs to find suitable land for building the specific castle. For instance, if the castle is mountain-themed, the player needs to find a suitable mountain. On the other hand, if the theme is sandy, then the player needs to find a Desert biome. Basically, players need to find the correct biome according to their building type.

Players also need to clear out the area to build everything on the same level. If the area is not level, the building will be uneven and will give an unnatural and ugly look overall. For this reason, the player needs to clear out the area. After this step, the player can start building his castle by looking at the best castle ideas to build in Minecraft.

Small Minecraft Castle

Best Castle Ideas to Build in Minecraft
  • Blueprint: Grabcraft
  • Designer: Louisdepoui
  • Block Count: 1404

This small castle build is perfect for players who want a castle in their world without spending time and resources. The designer of this build specifically made it look and feel like a castle without the hassle of building one. Moreover, the block count is relatively low compared to other builds, which make this a good choice for Survival mode as well.

The castle is a small building that features two small towers and one large tower that catches the attention. Besides this, it has wooden roofs, doors, and plenty of windows. Players can even hoist their flag on any of the towers to proudly show who they are. Overall, this build is amazing for players who wish to add something cute to their world.

Large Sandstone Castle

Best Castle Ideas to Build in Minecraft
  • Blueprint: Grabcraft
  • Designer: iOBu
  • Block Count: 14836

This build takes Minecraft castles to another level just because of the sheer scale of the building. In particular, the block count it requires is massive and almost impossible for players to build in Survival mode. However, there’s a small chance that players with determination will be able to collect the resources to make this massive structure.

Players should naturally build this in Creative mode because of the blocks it requires. This build showcase a large body with four massive towers on each end of the castle. In the middle is the fifth tower, which proudly showcases the player’s flag. A large gate on the front allows players to enter this building. However, there may be traps nearby. 

There are plenty of windows for players to scout enemies from and rain down arrows if there’s an attack. Overall, this build is huge and perfect for any Minecraft enthusiast who has the time and patience to build this.

Large Medieval Castle

Best Castle Ideas to Build in Minecraft
  • Blueprint: Grabcraft
  • Designer: Jeracraft
  • Block Count: 6911

Many medieval castles are available online for players to build, but most of them follow the same general formula. All these builds showcase three to four towers with a large main body. Furthermore, there is a large gate along with multiple windows. Lastly, players can hoist the flags on the towers. 

Castles can range from simple to the most aesthetic buildings in Minecraft. It depends on how the player approaches the game and whether they want to spend a lot of time on building. Hopefully, this article on the best castle ideas to build in Minecraft will help you find the right type of building for your world.

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