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How to Get More Capitale in Red Dead Online

How do you make a bunch of Capitale in Red Dead Online?

First introduced during the Blood Money update, Capitale is Red Dead Online’s newest form of currency. Unlike money and Gold Bars, it is only used for criminal world transactions. You earn a bunch of it while completing crime contracts and may also need to spend some to get items and missions unlocked.

After you meet the criminal underboss Guido Martelli, you will be able to start accepting crime contracts. Capitale are private bonds owned by the big boss Angelo Bronte, which they use to transact with other criminals and avoid taxes. You will be asked to retrieve all the Capitale that low-level outlaws have acquired over time.

If you want to learn where to find these bonds, check out our detailed guide on how to get more Capitale in Red Dead Online below.

Blood Money Update

An image of the blood money update.

First released in July 2021, the Blood Money update added some new features, a bunch of characters, and a new form of currency for outlaws. In this update, Red Dead Online gives players a chance to delve deeper into the world of crime and find career opportunities there.

A familiar character from Red Dead Redemption 2 will play his most prominent role in the game so far. Criminal mastermind Angelo Bronte is represented by his underboss Guido Martelli for most of this storyline. You will be asked to retrieve Capitale that lowly criminals have taken for themselves.

You will be dealing with four different characters to get crime contracts. Namely, Foreman Brothers’ leader Anthony Foreman, the legendary bounty hunter James Langton, Micah Bell’s associate Joe, and the last is a very familiar character for Red Dead Redemption 2 players—Sean MacGuire. You’ll meet Sean from when he’s separated from Van der Linde.

There are three major crime contracts that you can play out. The Jeb Phelps Contract, Bluewater Contract, and the Railroad Contract. Each of these storylines are made of several events that you can play through and earn Capitale from.  And you can also go on homestead and camp robberies if you want quicker missions.


An image of capitale in Red Dead Online.

Capitale is a set of private bonds created by Angelo Bronte and his organization so they can transact without the government knowing. Criminals use this currency for illegal activities and to avoid paying taxes for their contracts and businesses.

Completing crime contracts will not instantly reward you with Capitale, but you will receive information regarding where to obtain them.

Once you have saved up some Capitale, you can exchange them for Opportunities with Martelli. These are storyline missions with high stakes and even higher rewards. They include the How to Steal the Covington Emerald mission and stealing the Ember of the East.

How to Get More Capitale

The primary and most efficient way to get Capitale is by carrying out Blood Money crime contracts. You will need to talk to Guido Martelli in Saint Denis before unlocking everything else. Martelli will send you a letter inviting you to a meeting. Look for him at the pagoda in the heart of Saint Denis and begin talking to him.

He will ask you to find his missing Capitale, and you will unlock crime contracts. Once you get on a contract, make sure you loot every place and body thoroughly to gather as much Capitale as you can. Open up every chest, stash, or drawer that you come across just in case.

Buy Capitale from a Fence

An image of buying Capitale from a fence.

If you are not fond of any of the crime contracts available, there is another way to get some quick Capitale. You can buy Capitale from a Fence, but it comes at a hefty  price. The only currency they accept in exchange for Capitale are Gold Bars, which are also very hard to come by.

You can trade 3 Gold Bars for 10 Capitale. If you purchase the Hired Gun Kit from a Fence, you will receive an additional ten Capitale for free. The Quick Draw Club Pass also gives you a decent amount of Capitale at Rank 6 and Rank 23, so you can choose to grind that path as well.

If you are okay with grinding any of the Frontier Pursuits or spending real-world money, that is also another great way to get a lot of Capitale.

Completing Crime Contracts

An image of crime contracts from Anthony Foreman.

Once you are done talking to Guido Martelli, you should now be able to see the Blood Money crime contract providers on your map. Look for the teardrop icon with the dollar sign on your map. Anthony Foreman, James Langton, Joe, and Sean MacGuire should all be visible on your map. Approach them anytime you want to accept a crime contract.

These crime contracts are short-term missions that you can complete quickly for a decent amount of money and Gold Bars. You will not directly earn Capitale as a reward, but going through should help you gather information on where to retrieve them.

Looting During Crime Contracts

An image of looting corpses.

When you are on a crime mission, make sure to loot anything and everything you can. This includes the corpses of outlaws, hidden stashes, home chests, drawers, and cupboards. Lockboxes are also popular hiding spots for Capitale, so look out for those. Take your time to loot everything as Capitale could literally be anywhere.

There is also an interesting feature that rewards you for being thorough in crime contracts. The longer you take to complete a mission, the more Gold Bars or cash you earn from it.

Use Your Capitale Wisely

Capitale in Red Dead Online is a rare and essential currency, so you should not waste it. You will have to spend Capitale to sign crime contracts, so they run out really fast. Therefore, you have to make sure you know what crime contract you want to take on next before you mess up and spend your precious Capitale on the wrong one.

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