How to Find the Camp Cuddle in Fortnite

Want to know how you can find Camp Cuddle in Fortnite?

A new chapter in Fortnite is out, and this inaugural first Season has one of the best Battle Passes yet, in terms of rewards. There are tons of great skins to collect for every type of player, and the tasks to level up are relatively easy than in previous seasons. 

Although the game’s mechanics and gameplay stay the same, it’s presented in a different format compared to past installments. 

All quests for Chapter 3, Season 1, will appear in-game as the season progresses. This is different from past iterations, where players are required to visit certain NPCs to activate or start the quest. 

While you’ll still find character quests, they just simply show up from the Quest screen. 

Today, we’ll show you a new location and where to find it on Fortnite Island. 

Let’s get started!

Where is Camp Cuddle in Fortnite? 

Camp Cuddle is on the far west side of Fortnite Island. It is a lakeside summer camp with many cabins, leisure facilities, and bunk beds. You’ll find four NPCs with a chance of spawning at Camp Cuddle, Cuddle Team Leader, Metal Team Leader, Cuddlepool, and Quackling

camp cuddle in Fortnite

You can get the Marksman Six Shooter Exotic Pistol from the Cuddle Team Leader, while the other three sell random gear. 

All four NPCs appear terrifying in a cute and cuddly manner. 

Other Things to Find

In Loot Lake, there’s also a Bounty Board, a Weapon-Matic, and tons of other loot and chests, making it a great area to drop at the start of the match. 

camp cuddle in Fortnite

There are also lots of food boxes lying around in Cam Cuddle, which comes in handy if you’re on a daily quest to eat vegetables and fruits. Lastly, you may also be tasked to go to Camp Cuddle to retrieve two of the gem fragments needed to finish the Shanta Quest. 

Overall, Camp Cuddle is a decent drop spot. However, it’s quite remote so if you drop here, you’ll need a lot of running to get away from the storm. If you’re lucky, you may come across a vehicle in this area, which should help you get around the map. 

camp cuddle in Fortnite

The Crackshot’s Cabin and Llama Homestead aren’t far from Camp Cuddle as well as a gas station if you head further to the west. 

That’s everything you need to know about Camp Cuddle in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1. If you have other questions or concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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