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Where to Find Cabbage Seeds in Medieval Dynasty

Do you have enough Cabbage Seeds in Medieval Dynasty for your farm?

Farming is one of the best ways to provide for your family in Medieval Dynasty. Whether you choose to sell your produce or store it for your village, having a sustainable farm is almost always necessary to succeed in the game. As you develop your village further, you can even start assigning villagers to work your farm and basically automate the process.

One of our favorite crops to grow are Cabbages. This vegetable is quite versatile in terms of how you can eat it. You can eat it raw, mix it with Potage, or as an ingredient in Vegetable Soup. Regardless of how you plan to use them, you can never go wrong with growing some Cabbages.

If you are planning to become a vegetable farmer, check out our guide on where to find Cabbage Seeds in Medieval Dynasty.

Farming in Medieval Dynasty

An image of Farming.

Farming is one of the six major Skills that you can develop in Medieval Dynasty. As you do more and more farming-related activities, you will earn some Farming tech points that you can use to upgrade more minor skills.

Divided into four different tiers, Farming comes with a bunch of different minor skills that affect your gameplay. Tier 1 includes Skilled Farmer, Careful Farmer, and Farming Knowledge, which let you earn more tech points as well as have a higher yield from crops and have tools break down slower.

In tier 2, you have Farming Master and Village Whistleblower. Farming Master lets you waste less stamina whenever you use your farming tools. Village Whistleblower lets you call over your horse just by whistling. You no longer have to run back to where you left it. Tier 3 has three minor skills: Farmer’s Trance, Skilled Rider, and Skilled Orchardman.

Farmer’s Trance gives you a farming speed boost for a short duration. Skilled Rider, on the other hand, reduces the rate at which your horse loses stamina when running. Skilled Orchardman increases the yield of your orchards by 10 to 30%. Finally, tier 4 has Night Rider and Carrot and Stick, which both help your mount as well. Night Rider improves your horse’s speed, while Carrot and Stick lets it carry a lot more weight.

Getting Cabbage Seeds in Medieval Dynasty

Before you get started on farming, you will need to get your hands on some seeds first. For Cabbage Seeds, there are a couple of ways to do this. Depending on where you currently are in the game, we have several options that we have deemed the easiest ways to obtain Cabbage Seeds in Medieval Dynasty.

Buying Seeds

An image of buying Cabbage Seeds in Medieval Dynasty.

The easiest way to get your hands on some Cabbage Seeds is simply by purchasing them. Even with just a little bit of money, you will be able to buy a lot. Just head over to the cities of Rolnica, Denica, Branica, or Gostovia. You can easily find them on the map, so location should not be a problem.

After you get to any of these cities, look for the vendors in town. Check out all the goods they sell and you will eventually find Cabbage Seeds and several other crops and seeds as well. Norbert of Branica and Dagobert of Denica are just two of the many vendors that you can buy Cabbage Seeds from.

Cabbage Seeds will cost you anywhere from 9.6 to 12 Coins each, depending on your Skill levels. They also only weigh 0.01 each, which is essentially nothing in the context of Medieval Dynasty. You can carry as much as you want without it weighing you down.

Harvesting Cabbages

An image of grown Cabbage from Cabbage Seeds in Medieval Dynasty.

This should already be intuitive, but you will get some seeds whenever you harvest Cabbages from your farm. This means that after your first harvest, your Cabbage farm can now sustain itself, barring any unfortunate circumstances.

You only really need to buy Cabbage Seeds from vendors the first time you are going to plant them. After that, the amount of seeds you get by harvesting Cabbage should be enough to replant and fill your entire farm. Each square of Cabbage can drop around 1 to 4 seeds.

Planting Your Cabbages

An image of planting Cabbage Seeds in Medieval Dynasty.

Now that you have Cabbage Seeds, you can go ahead and prepare your field for planting them. The first step is tilling your field. To do this, make sure you have a Hoe and use it on every square of your field. Make sure not to miss a square so you can proceed to the next steps.

Next, you need to fertilize your field to make it healthy enough to grow crops on. To do this, bring your Bag or Simple Bag and look for your Fertilizer there. Use 1 Fertilizer on each square in the field. Make sure you have many beforehand or go and make some more. After fertilizing your field, you will need your Hoe again. Take it out and plow your entire field again to get it ready for sowing.

Finally, you can now start planting your crops. Using your Bag or Simple Bag again, select your Cabbage Seeds. Sow one seed for each square in your field until you have exhausted your seeds.

Just remember that Cabbages only grow until Autumn, which means you should only plant them during Spring or Summer. They will take a full season to grow, so planting them in Autumn means they will die in Winter without growing enough for harvest.

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