How to Find the Broken Radio Antennas in GTA Online

Need to find the Broken Radio Antennas in GTA Online?

The Cayo Perico Heist DLC brought a lot of new content to GTA Online. Aside from the perico heist, there are also other missions that you can do if you’re still not ready to infiltrate El Rubio’s compound. 

One of the missions included in the Cayo Perico Heist DLC is the Still Slipping Quest. 

For this task, you’ll need to find the Still Slipping radio station antennas in Los Santos and fix them. The mission will start once you pick up the call from Joy Orbison, who is asking for help to get her back in the air. 

Once you fix the antennas, you’ll be rewarded with a decent chunk of RP and cash. The Still Slipping radio station will also be available on your car radio. 

Today, we’ll show you how to track down the broken radio antennas in GTA Online. 

Let’s get right into it!

Still Slipping Los Santos Radio Antennas 

broken radio antennas in GTA Online

To start this quest, you need to head to Mirror Park first. We’ve marked it on the map above so you won’t have to find it yourself. 

From there, you’ll see a vehicle that can pick up radio stations. You’ll then receive a notification asking you to fix broken radio antennas. This is to assist the initial setup and launch of the Still Slipping Los Santos radio station. 

Broken Antenna Locations

While the broken radio antennas are accessible on land, you can speed up your progress by grabbing a helicopter and flying between locations. 

Fortunately, the broken radio antennas can be repaired in any order. 

Here are their locations:

  • Cypress Flats – the first broken radio antenna in GTA online is located on the roof in the middle of the CMC Factory. 
Cypress Flats Antenna
  • San Andreas (GOMA ST) –  another radio antenna can be located on the roof of the Vespucci Rooms building opposite of the Vespucci beach workout area. 
San Andreas Antenna
  • Pacific Bluffs – you can also find another broken antenna next to a much larger antenna on the northeast roof of Kortz Center. 
Pacific Bluffs Antenna
  • Burton – the antenna on Burton can be found between two satellite dishes on the northeast section of Rockford Plaza’s roof. 
Burton Antenna
  • Vinewood Hills – for this broken radio antenna, head to the building on the east side of the antenna compound above the Vinewood sign.
broken radio antennas in GTA Online
  • Grand Senora Desert – another antenna can be found on the hill northwest of the Rebel Radio buildings. 
broken radio antennas in GTA Online
  • Sandy Shores – go to Trevor’s crib in Sandy Shores and you’ll find the seventh broken radio antenna outside the trailer. 
broken radio antennas in GTA Online
  • Grapeseed – another broken radio antenna can be found inside a fenced area under a tall pole with triangular top in a Grapeseed farm field. 
broken radio antennas in GTA Online
  • Mount Chiliad – for this broken radio antenna, you’ll have to climb Mount Chiliad. You’ll find the broken antenna in the corner of the top station platform. 
broken radio antennas in GTA Online
  • Paleto Bay – on the roof of Fire Station 1 Blaine County. 
broken radio antennas in GTA Online

For every broken radio antenna, you repair, you’ll receive RP and an increasing amount of cash. Fixing all ten Still Slipping Los Santos antennas totals $250,000.

That ends our guide on finding the broken radio antennas in GTA Online. We hope that this helped you complete this task in the game. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll be here to help. 

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