New Broken Builds in Patch 7.32d in Dota 2

The meta is about to be turned on its head with the latest patch! The recent changes to items and heroes have brought some new broken builds in patch 7.32d.

It’s common for patches in Dota 2 to bring about changes to hero abilities, items, and overall balance. 

These changes can create new opportunities for previously underutilized heroes or build, or conversely, nerf popular strategies that have become too dominant. 

As a result, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest patch notes and be willing to adapt your playstyle and hero choices to take advantage of new opportunities or counter emerging threats. 

Some players may experiment with unconventional builds or strategies in the early days of a new patch, trying to discover the next broken builds that will give them an edge over their opponents. 

It’s essential to keep an open mind and be willing to try new things, but also to be prepared for the possibility that your new favorite build may be nerfed in future patches.

Below are some of the broken builds in patch 7.32d. Let’s jump right into it!

Razor Bloodstone

Broken Builds in Patch 7.32d: razor aghanim's shard

Playing Razor on Offlane was a common thing before that patch. With its usual build where you rush BKB into Refresher Orb. It allows the hero to dominate any Agi Carry heroes because of its Static Link.

Broken Builds in Patch 7.32d: storm surge

However, his Static Link has been nerfed on the current patch with reduced duration. But players discovered a new broken build for Razor with the changes from his Aghanim’s Shard.

Broken Builds in Patch 7.32d: bloodstone

The Bloodstone is the most built item for this hero for this patch. It gives razor an incredible Spell Lifesteal together with Aghanim’s Shard effect. It is considered one of the broken builds in Patch 7.32d since it can almost fight multiple heroes anytime. 

The Spell Lifesteal effect synergizes well with the hero since Razor has an incredible movement speed and low cooldown of the Plasma Field. Once this hero starts chasing you, it is almost impossible to fight him, especially when he already has his key items.

If you want to try this build, you want an excellent laning phase. To do that, you can follow these starting items and progression.

razor item progression

You should buy a set of Tangoes and a few Stat Items for starting items. If the enemy lane has burst/spam skills, you must rush the magic wand and sustain items like the Ring of Health or Infused Raindrops.

Then you can proceed to rush Arcane Boots and Vanguard. Once you have these two items, you will have much sustain to farm the lane and harass the enemy.

Once you have enough gold, you must disassemble the Vanguard and Arcane Boots. Take the Vitality Booster and Energy Booster from them and build them into Bloodstone.

Viper Aghanim’s Scepter


In the latest patch, Viper received incredible skill and talent buffs. These changes make the hero more durable. 

Viper’s level 10 and 15 Talents enhance his passive ability, Corrosive Skin, by adding additional damage and magic resistance to it. This makes him even more formidable in combat, especially when paired with items like Hood of Defiance and Aghanim’s Scepter.


Viper’s Aghanim’s Scepter ability, Nose Dive, received a significant buff in its cast range, increasing it from 300 to 375. 

This allows Viper to spam the skill more frequently during team fights, disarming enemies within the ability’s area of effect (AoE) and making them more vulnerable to his attacks. 

This is particularly useful for Viper, as he tends to have lower armor than other heroes. The increased range of Nose Dive allows him to disrupt enemy teams more efficiently and assist his allies in securing kills.

Broodmother Pipe

pipe of insight

The Pipe of Insight received a buff to its magical damage block, increasing it from 400 to 450. This makes it an excellent item to consider when playing as Broodmother, as it can help protect her spiders from being killed by strong nuke spells such as Avalanche and Whirling Death.

Keeping her spiders alive allows Broodmother to be more aggressive in fights, as she doesn’t have to worry as much about them being taken out. 

viper item progression

The Pipe of Insight can also be paired with items like Drum of Endurance and Assault Cuirass later in the game, which can further boost the durability of her spiders and allow Broodmother to burst down enemy support heroes with increased attack speed.

Beastmaster Helm of the Overlord

wraith pact nerf

In the recent patch, the Wraith Pact was considered one of the most overpowered items in Dota 2. However, in patch 7.32d, it received significant nerfs that made it much less viable. 

This means that Vladimir players should return to prioritizing the Helm of the Overlord as their main item. This is especially beneficial for Beastmaster players, as the Helm’s aura helps boost the durability of his pets.

helm of the overlord

Moreover, it’s important to be aggressive early on with Vladimir and try to push towers with the help of your team. 

Continuously farm for the Helm of the Overlord, as it will be crucial for securing objectives like map control, Roshan, and tower pushes. 

It’s also worth noting that opponents may be less inclined to invest heavily in the Wraith Pact due to its high gold cost, giving you a potential advantage in the late game.

Treant Protector Aether Lens

Broken Builds in Patch 7.32d: treant protector

Treant Protector’s second ability, Leech Seed, received a significant buff in the form of an increased cast range, going from 400 to 550 at max level. 

This makes the ability much more versatile and allows Treant Protector to use it more frequently in fights.

nature's grasp

By pairing Leech Seed with items like Aether Lens and positioning yourself in the trees, you can cast the ability from a safe distance and remain invisible, making it one of the broken builds in this patch. 

This allows you to spam Leech Seed in team fights, dealing damage and healing your allies simultaneously. 

To further enhance the ability’s effectiveness, consider building items like Guardian Greaves and Holy Locket, which can increase the healing it provides.

In conclusion, patch 7.32d of Dota 2 may bring about new broken builds or strategies that become overpowered in the eyes of some players. However, your favorite builds may be nerfed in future patches if it becomes too dominant. It’s good to try new things and discover a powerful new build, but also be prepared to adapt to new challenges.

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