A screenshot of the Breeze map in Valorant loading screen.

Breeze Map Guide in Valorant

Have you tried the all-new Breeze map in Valorant?

The introduction of the new Breeze map in Valorant is a true game-changer. Its aesthetic was received very well by players as it is arguably Valorant’s most beautiful map so far. Its sheer size has completely altered the meta in terms of the best gun and agent choices.

If you haven’t played on Breeze yet and want to know everything about it, check out our detailed Breeze map guide in Valorant:

Breeze Map in Valorant

The Breeze Map in Valorant loading screen.

Inspired by the island of Trinidad, the Breeze map in Valorant is a tropical haven that is home to ancient ruins and a large cave. A large part of the map’s playable terrain is inside massive shipwrecks. It’s basically paradise if we just ignore the ten agents shooting at each other round after round.

Like every new map that is introduced, Breeze creates a whole new system of area names and strategies to learn. Just like how Icebox put agents like Brimstone and Omen to the top of the priority list, Breeze has allowed Skye, Jett, and Viper to unleash their potential.

Map Size

An image of the Breeze minimap.

Breeze is one of Valorant’s biggest maps, and this becomes apparent to every player the first time they get on it. The number of pathways, angles, and corners you need to check might be overwhelming during your first few games.

From Attacker Spawn

An image of the Breeze Map Attacker Spawn in Valorant.

You will spawn at the beach area right behind the wide-open Mid Bottom and Pillar area if you’re on the Attacker Side. From there, you can enter A Site through the Mid Wood Doors or B site through B Elbow and B Tunnel. You can also get to the Defender Spawn by jumping into Mid Nest.

Breeze is such a large map that you can take three separate pathways as Attacker to get into A Site. You can push into the Cave, Shop, or take the Rope into A Hall and open the Switch to get to A Site.

You can take either Attacker Side Snake, Mid Cannon into B Main, or Mid Top into Elbow or Tunnel to get to B Site. B Main and B Tunnel are the two entry points into B Site, but each one has several pathways that lead into them. Both of them are also connected through Elbow.

From Defender Spawn

An image of the Breeze Defender Spawn in Valorant.

If you’re on the Defender Side, you will spawn at the beach area behind the large ship that includes Mid Nest and A Bridge. You can cover the Mid area by holding the Mid Nest angle or getting into A Site and peeking through the Wood Doors.

To hold A Site, you can walk into the site under the A Bridge or open the A Switch at the Hall and walk down into the site. If you do not open the A Switch, Attackers will only be able to enter through the A Cave entrance or the Mid Wood Doors. The Spike planting area is only around the A Pyramids near the Cave entrance.

To hold B Site, you can walk through the Defender Side Arches or hold the Mid Nest. There are multiple pathways from the Attacker Side, but they all bottleneck into B Main and B Tunnel. The Spike planting area is right in the middle of B Site around the large pillar.

How to Play on the Breeze Map in Valorant

Attacker Side

An image of A Site in the Breeze Map in Valorant.

Many players believe that Attackers have the advantage in the Breeze map in Valorant, and they make valid points. The dozens of pathways to get around the map makes it easier for Attackers to find undefended entry points into critical areas.

Rush Site

You can choose to smoke the main entry points, and all rush into either site through a single entry point as both A Cave and B Main have very large entryways. This strategy is great for aggressive teams with confident duelists who can get kills quickly.

If you have a duelist like Reyna or Jett, you can rush a site with blinds or dashes to secure the planting area. Because the map is so large, Defenders coming from the other site will not be able to rotate before you plant.

Skye is an extremely effective agent for this style since her multiple flashes can keep the enemy distracted long enough for you to storm the site.

Divide and Conquer

Because there are so many pathways in Breeze, Defenders cannot hold them all with only five players. You can have your team split into different places, looking for which angles aren’t defended. Once you find one, call your whole team to pass there or have your teammates distract the enemy as you push on to flank.

If you are confident in your aim, this is a great strategy as it splits the enemy team across the map.

Defender Side

An image of B Site in the Breeze Map in Valorant.

Defenders are at a disadvantage due to the many pathways that Attackers can take to get into sites. Five Defenders aren’t enough to hold every single angle into both sites, so you will have to get creative.

Stack One Site

With large maps like Breeze and Icebox, stacking a single site is a viable strategy. You can have all five players covering all the entryways and flanks of a single site. This has a 50% chance of working perfectly in Breeze, but the round isn’t necessarily lost even if you guess wrong.

If the Attackers go to the unguarded site, you can still rotate as a team and employ offensive strategies to take back the site. Because it’s now the Attackers’ turn to defend the Spike, you will have the advantage.

Split Defense

There are indeed too many angles in the Breeze map, but confident players will be able to hold two or three at once. You can split your team into different positions to scout where the Attackers are going. Once you get the information, the rest of the team can collapse on them from all sides.

This strategy also allows Defenders to get an aggressive flanking position by pushing through the site that wasn’t taken.

Best Guns for the Breeze Map:

A screenshot of the gun store in Valorant.
  • Operator
  • Odin
  • Vandal
  • Phantom
  • Guardian
  • Marshal
  • Sheriff
  • Ghost

Best Agents for the Breeze Map:

valorant agents
  • Skye
  • Viper
  • Jett
  • Sova
  • Yoru
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