How to Breed Villagers in Minecraft

Do you want to breed villagers in Minecraft? 

Villagers in Minecraft are passive mobs that live in villages in your world. Each villager has a unique look that matches their occupation and the biome they inhabit. They also play a vital role in farming, trading, and more. 

Players can trade with villagers for valuable items using emeralds as the currency. You can also ask blacksmiths to forge things for you, which can be extremely helpful in the first few days of your game.

Given the value they offer, there might come a time when you need to have more villagers in your world. In this case, you need to breed them (very weird) to multiply their number. 

This process is pretty straightforward, so let’s just get started right away. 

Here’s how you can breed villagers in Minecraft: 

Preparing the Party House: 

Before villagers can breed, you need to set up their own private space to get them in the mood to mate. In this case, you need to create a small hut and place three beds, two for the adult villagers and one for the incoming baby villager. 

Any hut will do as long as it has three beds and some food. Follow the steps below to prepare the house for your villagers: 

  1. First, gather the resources needed for the hut. You can use either use Wood or Stone as the material for the house. 
  2. Now, craft a Wooden Door in your Crafting Table using 6 Oak Wood Planks and lay it down as shown below: 
Craft Wooden Door
  1. Get the door and start making the house anywhere in the village. 
  2. Afterwards, gather the following materials to craft the Bed
  • 9x Wool (Any Color)
  • 9x Wood Planks
  1. Go back to the Crafting Table and place 3 Wool in the first row and 3 Wood Planks under it. Collect the Bed and repeat the process until you have 3 Beds for the villagers. 
breed villagers in Minecraft
  1. Once done, place the Beds inside the house. 

Now that the party house is ready, you also need to place some food inside. The idea behind this is still not clear for us, but we assume it’s for the villagers to eat after breeding. 😀

Any of the following would do the trick:

  • 3x Loves of Bread
  • 12x Carrots
  • 12x Beetroots
  • 12x Potatoes

Getting the Party Started: 

After preparing the breeding house, you can now lure the villagers. Open the door of the house and let the villagers come in. Once done, simply close the door and leave the place. The villagers will automatically know what you want them to do. 

Go about your usual routine in Minecraft and wait for 20 minutes. If you go back to the village, you will see a baby villager, and it will take him/her another 20 minutes to become a full-grown villager. 

You can do this process as many times as you want. You can also create multiple breeding huts in the village to produce more villagers in one go. 

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You Might Ask (FAQs)

What do villagers need to breed?

Villagers need food such as beetroots, potatoes, carrots, or bread to be willing to breed. They also need a breeding hut with three beds to do this process. Any villager with excess food throws food to other villagers, which allows them to obtain enough food to be willing to mate. 

How do you make villagers have babies?

You can make baby villagers in Minecraft by allowing two adult villagers to breed in a small hut with three beds. The adult villagers will use the first two beds, and the remaining bed will be for the incoming baby villager. 

How do you manually breed villagers?

To manually breed villagers, you need to set up a breeding hut first. This hut needs three beds and enough food to get the villagers in the mood to mate. You need to lure them into the house afterwards and wait for 20 minutes. Once you go back, you will see a newborn villager in the house. 

Can you breed trading villagers?

Yes, you can breed any villager in Minecraft. Trading also makes other villagers happy, which gets them in the mood to mate.

We hope that this guide helped you figure out how to breed villagers in Minecraft. If you liked it, please share them with your friends to help our page grow. For your questions and other concerns, please let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you whenever we can. 

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