How to Make a Boat Swing in Valheim

Have you experimented with building a boat swing in Valheim yet?

Fans of amusement park rides will now have a chance to replicate their experience in the world of Valheim. Building in Valheim is one of the most entertaining aspects of the game due to its almost limitless potential. Anyone can unleash their creativity by making the largest and craziest structures you can think of.

One of the most popular creative builds these days is boat swings. Inspired by the famous carnival ride, this structure may seem intimidating to make because of its size. Do not worry, as building a boat swing in Valheim is much easier than it looks. You just need to follow several simple steps.

If you are looking to make your first carnival ride in the Viking universe, check out our quick guide on how to make a boat swing in Valheim.

Valheim Boats

An image of a ship sailing.

As of now, there are currently three different seafaring vessels available in Valheim. These range from very easy and cheap to build to requiring many valuable materials that may take you days to gather. This is worth it, however, as the next vessel on the list is much faster, stronger, and has more seating and storage than the previous one.

If you want to start sailing fairly early in the game, you will have to settle for the simple Raft. This basic structure can only travel about 2.2 to 3.1 meters per second, even with full sails. It also has no storage available while being quite difficult to maneuver. If you are sailing on a Raft, do not expect to be able to make sharp turns in record time.

The Karve is the next vessel on our list. This is a significant upgrade to the Raft for several reasons. First, they allow for some storage for your items. They are also a little easier to maneuver. Next, the Karve is much faster than the Raft. This boat can travel at 3.9 to 7 meters per second with full sails and 2.8 to 4.8 meters per second with half sails. Finally, it seats two players with an extra seat for the pilot.

Finally, the Longship is currently the biggest vessel you can build in Valheim. This Viking ship lets you store a whole lot of items while also seating at least 5 crew members, including the pilot. Unfortunately, its maneuverability is quite poor compared to the Karve due to its size. On the upside, the Longship is very fast. It can sail at 3.6 to 9.4 meters per second with full sails and 3.6 to 6.7 meters per second with half sails.

Building a Boat Swing in Valheim

An image of how to make a boat swing in Valheim.

If you have already made a Karve or Longship, you can now begin making your famous amusement park ride. The Raft will also work, but it looks nothing like a Viking ship, so it pretty much defeats the purpose. For this particular structure, we suggest you stick with the Karve or Longship.

First, head to the shore and make sure you have enough space for the entire structure. Once you get there, place a horizontal Wood Beam 2m just about where the water meets land. After that, connect a horizontal Wood Beam 1m to it. Next, connect two vertical Log Pole 4m on each side of it. Once you get those done, place down two more horizontal Wood Beam 2m moving straight and parallel to the Log Poles.

Next, place a Log Pole 1m to aim down from the Wood Beams on both sides. Add a Wood Beam 1m on both those Poles horizontally before adding another Log Pole 1m going up again. It should now look like hooks, as seen below. Once you have done that, all you need to do is repeat the process on the other side to mirror your structure.

An image of how to make a boat swing in Valheim.

Once your structure is built, you may have to work the ground a little bit. You can level the ground or dig down a little just so you can get some water under your structure. This is an important step since boats can only be placed on water and not on land. Fortunately, a small puddle or pool is enough to place a boat in, regardless of its size compared to the vessel.

Swinging Your Boat

Now that you have your carnival ride fully built and placed, you can now enjoy the ride. Make sure you position the boat exactly in the middle of the swing, with its sails falling into the area where there are holes on top. This gives you the leverage you need to swing your boat.

If you are confident that you built it right and positioned your boat perfectly, go ahead and have your friends get on that ship. Now, push the boat, and it should begin swinging just like your favorite amusement park Viking ship.

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