An image of the Blast Furnace in Valheim.

How to Unlock, Build, and Use Blast Furnace in Valheim

What have you created with the Blast Furnace in Valheim?

One of the most important structures in the game, the Blast Furnace is almost a necessity if you want to be successful in Valheim. As the higher level upgrade to the Smelter, it is very important to get to the Blast Furnace as early as you can. That way, you can craft stronger and more durable armor and weapons for your adventures.

The products of smelting in the Blast Furnace can eventually be used to craft all things metal, including weapons, armor, tools, and building materials. There are several requirements and materials to gather just to build this structure. Once you get all of that, you should be able to drastically improve your power and durability against monsters. You may even build a massive stronghold while you are at it.

If you want to begin crafting using meta, check out our detailed guide on how to unlock, build, and use the Blast Furnace in Valheim.

Smelting in Valheim

An image of smelting.

Smelting is one of the best aspects of Valheim. You can transform all types of ores into metals or crafting material. Like most aspects of Valheim, there is some form of progression in smelting as well. You begin with the Smelter, which is used to smelt the more common and basic types of ores. Once you upgrade to the Blast Furnace, you can work on even more sophisticated ores.

The Smelter is quite easy to build, so you should have it by your first few days in the game. It only takes 20 Stone and 5 Surtling Cores as well. All you really need to build the Smelter is a nearby Workbench and those resources. This structure is resistant to Blunt, Chop, Pierce, and Slash attributes. It is also immune to Fire, Frost, Spirit, and Poison, while being neutral to Pickaxe and Lightning.

The Blast Furnace also processes ores into Metal with Coal as fuel, but it works with rarer ores as well. You can smelt Black Metal Scrap into Black Metal for crafting later. Flametal Ore can also be turned into Flametal using the Blast Furnace. To build this structure, you will need 20 Stone, 5 Surtling Core, 20 Fine Wood, and 10 Iron. Apart from that, you also need to have a nearby Artisan Table to build the Blast Furnace in Valheim.

The Smelter uses one piece of Coal every 15 seconds of smelting ores. To produce a single Metal Bar, you will have to smelt ores for 31 seconds. This is consistent across the board from Tin, Copper, Iron, and Silver ores. You will need 2 to 3 pieces of Coal to finish smelting one piece of Metal. For the Blast Furnace, the same rate applies, except it can hold up to 20 pieces of Coal and 10 ores at a time.

Building the Blast Furnace in Valheim

An image of building the Blast Furnace in Valheim.

Once you have built and worked with the Smelter, the next logical step is to work on unlocking the Blast Furnace. To do this, you need the Artisan Table first. Unfortunately, you cannot just make the Artisan Table out of regular Wood like the Workbench. You will need the standard 10 pieces of Wood together with 2 Dragon Tears, which is quite a rare resource.

You have to defeat the fourth boss, Moder, to obtain Dragon Tears. That means that to unlock the Artisan Table, and the Blast Furnace, you should first defeat Moder, the mother of dragons. This is done by collecting Dragon Eggs in the Mountains and placing them on Moder’s Summoning Altar.

Once you have defeated the fourth boss, you can see if you have all the necessary resources. You may have to go hunt a few Surtlings to collect 5 of their Cores needed to build the Blast Furnace. Iron, Fine Wood, and Stone are basic resources that you should already have an abundance of at this point in the game. Once you have everything, build your Artisan Table and place it at a convenient location.

Next, you should be able to build your Blast Furnace directly on the ground or on top of stone structures as long as there is a nearby Artisan Table. Unfortunately, you cannot prop it on top of wooden structures since it does work with Coal and fire. Place it strategically, as both refueling ports of the Blast Furnace are on the left side of the bar chute.

How to Use the Blast Furnace in Valheim

An image of the Blast Furnace in Valheim.

Once you have built your Blast Furnace, you can begin smelting other types of metals that the Smelter could not. Start by adding up to 20 pieces of Coal onto the Blast Furnace’s refueling port on the left. Once you have filled it up, you can add whichever ore you wish to smelt onto the ore port on the left side as well.

Remember that it takes about 31 seconds to produce a piece of Metal, so be careful about which ores you place in it. If you mess up and put many of the wrong ores in, you may have to wait a few minutes before you can smelt the right ones. Not to mention wasting all that Coal for unnecessary metals.

With a maximum capacity of 20 Coal and 10 ores, the Blast Furnace can keep smelting for up to 5 minutes without interruption. That means you can fill it up and leave it working for 5 minutes before you have to come back and refuel it. You can get a lot of things within this timeframe, so make sure to work efficiently.

If you have both the Smelter and the Blast Furnace, you will want to use both of them as efficiently as possible. Use your Blast Furnace for the rarer ores that only it can smelt into precious Metal. The Smelter can then be used for everything else like mass-producing some Iron, Copper, Silver, or Tin. It would be best to place them near each other so you do not have to make multiple trips to refuel and collect all your smelted Metals.

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