An image of the Blackmetal Knife in Valheim.

How to Unlock and Craft the Blackmetal Knife in Valheim

Have you wielded the Blackmetal Knife in Valheim yet?

As you progress through the storyline in Valheim, you will encounter bigger, faster, and stronger enemies. Because of this, you will also have to upgrade your armor, weapons, and food to survive in the world of Valheim. You simply cannot survive on your Stagbreaker two-handed club the entire way.

Knives are one of the quickest short range weapons in the game. These small, lethal blades are great for stealthily taking out enemies from behind. The Blackmetal Knife in particular is one of the best knives you can forge in Valheim. Whether you prefer the primary or secondary attack, you should be able to take out even stronger creatures.

If you are looking to play with a lot of stealth, check out our quick guide on how to unlock and craft the Blackmetal Knife in Valheim.

Valheim Weapons

An image of weapons.

There are many different weapons in Valheim, each with their own pros and cons. Some heavier weapons like axes, maces, and two-handed clubs deal a lot of damage but are very slow. Swords are more balanced, while knives are generally very light, fast, and have short ranges.

Choose your weapon depending on your preferred playstyle and current armor. If you have some powerful armor and would like to do hand to hand combat, you can opt for shorter range melee weapons like swords, knives, and axes. For players that prefer fighting from a distance, a great bow and some powerful arrows can make you a great support archer. You will take no damage and can just replenish your arrows after a fight.

Blackmetal Knife in Valheim

An image of the Blackmetal Knife in Valheim.

The Blackmetal Knife in Valheim is the fifth knife that you can craft. This powerful weapon deals a lot of damage very quickly but only from close range. You can do 34 Pierce and 34 Slash with its primary attack. This also does 6x damage with Backstab and 68 Staggering and 10 Knockback in combination. The attack speed of the primary attack combo takes a total of 1.74 seconds and costs only 12 Stamina.

The three hit combo primary attack has a range of 1.8 meters and does double damage and an additional 20% Knockback if you chain it with the last hit. The secondary attack, on the other hand, is a leaping attack that deals triple damage and even more against unalerted enemies and monsters.

Your secondary attack deals 102 Pierce and 102 Slash damage, with 6x that for Backstab hits. Its Staggering effect is amplified to 204 while Knockback is 40. This attack is even faster, with an attack speed of 1.52 seconds but costs 36 Stamina.

Blocking with the Blackmetal Knife in Valheim has a Block Armor of 2-3, 10 Block Force, Parry Block Armor of 8-12, and 4x Parry Bonus. You can upgrade the Blackmetal Knife up to Quality 4 using Blackmetal and Linen Thread as you improve your Forge.

How to Craft the Blackmetal Knife

An image of the Blackmetal Knife in Valheim.

To be able to craft the Blackmetal Knife, you will need 10 Blackmetal, 4 Fine Wood, and 5 Linen Thread. As you upgrade the weapon, you will need progressively more Blackmetal and Linen Thread. To collect all these resources and craft the Blackmetal Knife, you will need to explore the terrain a little bit and maybe even fight off some monsters.

First, you will have to build a Forge using 4 Stone, 4 Coal, 10 Wood, and 6 Copper, with the help of your Workbench. Next, you will want to build a Blast Furnace using the Artisan Table. This structure needs 20 Stone, 5 Surtling Core, 10 Iron, and 20 Fine Wood. Once you get the Blast Furnace, you can begin looking for Blackmetal Scraps that you can later smelt in it.

Next, Black Metal Scrap is quite a rare resource that you can find in the Plains biome. You can find it in chests or try to kill some Fulings as they will drop some. Each Black Metal Scrap weighs 10 pounds, so you cannot carry too many of them at the same time. You only need 10 pieces to craft the Blackmetal Knife anyway. Linen Thread is woven from Flax at the Spinning Wheel, which should be an easy task.

Finally, you just have to gather some good old Fine Wood. You can obtain this resource by cutting down Oak and Birch trees in the Plains or Meadows biome. After that, go ahead and smelt your Black Metal Scraps on the Blast Furnace by adding 10 Coal and 10 Scraps on it. Once you have all the resources you need, you can now forge your Blackmetal Knife.

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