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Best Weapons in Red Dead Online

What are your go-to weapons in Red Dead Online?

Combat is one of the most important features of Red Dead Redemption 2 and its online component, Red Dead Online. From holdouts, and shootouts, to robberies and chases, you always need to have your best weapons with you when playing the game. Most players have their go-to guns, which they have customized to maximize their potential.

Although less popular, some situations require you to use your melee weapons to eliminate people. There are several different melee weapons you can find in Red Dead Online, so choosing the right one for your style is also important. For some players, the animation of assassinating another character using a machete, tomahawk, or cleaver is very entertaining to watch.

If you are looking to build your arsenal to defeat other players, check out our guide on the best weapons in Red Dead Online.

Pump Action Shotgun

If you don’t want to see collateral damage and accidentally kill civilians and horses, we advise staying away from this shotgun. The Pump Action Shotgun doesn’t have the strongest damage compared to other shotguns in the game, but its reload time and capacity are what other shotguns in the game lack. 

This shotgun in the game is available from the start, but fans will need to save $266 first. As your primary weapon, shotguns aren’t the best option in Red Dead Online. However, if you love charging carelessly toward enemies, a shotgun is exactly what you need. 

Like other shotguns in the game, the Pump Action Shotgun is most effective in close to mid-range. 

Double Barreled Shotgun

One of the main complaints about Red Dead Online is unbalanced gameplay. This is true for the Double-Barreled Shotgun. Firing one shotgun shell toward an enemy is enough to obliterate them. Two barrels are essentially a massacre if fired at short range. 

At Rank 30, you can purchase the Double Barreled Shotgun for $185. If you prefer fighting close, this shotgun is your best bet. 

However, it is certainly not the best primary weapon. While it offers impressive firepower, it has a slow reload time and a very short range. 

Volcanic Pistol

This pistol’s name will give you a hint of what it could do. With the firepower that can almost take down a tree, the Volcanic Pistol is a force to reckon with. However, this pistol has slower reload times than a regular pistol. 

For players who know how to make the most of every shot, the Volcanic Pistol will surely suit their taste. 

This weapon can be unlocked at Rank 21 and is priced at $257. Yes, the Volcanic Pistol is quite expensive for a secondary weapon, but it’s something nice to have after you’ve finalized your primary weapon. 

Evans Repeater

Having an impressive 26-round capacity, the Evans Repeater can handle huge groups of enemies in a single reload. While this also means slower reloading times, finding cover to reload should not be an issue in Red Dead Online. 

If that’s not enough to please you, the Evans Repeater also boasts excellent accuracy and power, helping you put down enemies in a few shots. 

This weapon is available from any Gunsmith or the Handheld Catalog for $300. The Evans Repeater is also available from the start, but it is quite expensive to own if you’re new to the game. 

Sawed-Off Shotgun

We see a lot of shotguns on our list since many Red Dead Online players like to take the battle up close. The Sawed-Off Shotgun is a dual-wield shotgun and is one of the best weapons available in Red Dead Online. 

With the proper selection of primary weapons, the Sawed-Off Shotgun can definitely provide you additional firepower to finish off anyone who attempts to start trouble. 

Keep in mind that the Sawed-Off Shotgun has the shortest range among other weapons in the game. However, it can deliver devastating blows at close range, and it only costs $111. 

Stone Hatchet

The Stone Hatchet in Red Dead Online requires fans to play GTA Online and complete a mission for Maude. After that, they will be directed to the Stone Hatchet. This should also place a hatchet in Red Dead Online’s Burial Ground. 

One of the main reasons the Stone Hatchet is one of the best weapons in Red Dead Online is that it can be used as a melee weapon or thrown into enemies. 

Varmint Rifle

Some fans might laugh when they see the Varmint Rifle on this list. However, it is a decent option for Rank 50 players with no cash in their pockets. 

This quick-firing rifle is designed for hunting small animals and birds, using low-caliber type ammunition with reduced damage. However, the Varmint Rifle also features a large ammo capacity and a fast fire rate, making it an effective weapon against groups of enemies. 

The Varmint Rifle has an ammo capacity of 14 rounds and can only use .22 caliber ammo. 

Semi Automatic Pistol

The Semi Automatic Pistol can be unlocked at Rank 22, and it costs $537. Fans who saved up money are in for a treat if they get this pistol. The new Peeters & Janssens pistol deals less damage than standard revolvers but makes up for it by removing the need for weapon cocking. 

It also features more ammo capacity and quicker magazine reloads. The Semi Automatic Pistol has eight rounds and is compatible with Regular, Split Point, High Velocity, Explosive, and Express pistol ammo. 

While this pistol has the lowest damage output among all firearms in Red Dead Online, it has a slightly higher magazine count and the fastest fire rate. 

Litchfield Repeater

With a wide variety of weapon options out there, many players pass up on the Litchfield Repeater. However, we consider it one of the best weapons to use in Red Dead Online and story mode. 

What many fans forget is how hard it is to deal damage when the target is moving. Other repeaters in the game need a headshot to take down an enemy, but the Litchfield Repeater only needs two shots to the torso. 

The Litchfield Repeater is available at Rank 18 for $348. 

The Navy Revolver doesn’t offer fancy accessories like the Lemat, but it is one of the best weapons to have in your holster. This revolver is a standard 6-Shot revolver, but it hits harder than normal revolvers. 

Besides overwhelming firepower, the Navy Revolver also has impressive accuracy due to its minimal reticle bloom. 

The only complaint we have for the Navy Revolver is that it has slow reload times. This weapon is available from any gunsmith or the Handheld Catalogue for $275. It is also unlocked right from the start. 

Semi Automatic Shotgun

There’s no doubt that almost every shotgun in Red Dead Online is powerful. However, the Semi Automatic Shotgun is a different story due to its very fast firing rate. It also deals devastating blows up close with rapid-fire blasts. 

Using slugs with the semi automatic shotgun will give it more range. Other ammo types, like incendiary shells, will give the Semi Automatic Shotgun several different uses. 

However, start saving now since the shotgun is priced at $900 and can be unlocked at Rank 42.

Build Your Arsenal

If you want to enjoy your Red Dead Online experience, you need to get the best weapons you can. This does not only mean buying the most expensive or powerful guns in the game. You also have to determine which weapons are most suited for your aim, skills, and other preferences.

Find the guns you are most comfortable with and customize them to your heart’s desire.

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