An image of Tarik, one of the best Valorant Twitch streamers.

Best Valorant Twitch Streamers

Who are your favorite Valorant Twitch streamers to watch?

Did you know? The recent VCT LOCK//IN 2023 was the second most-watched Valorant event so far, with 430,000 average viewers across the main channels and co-streamers and 1.43 million viewers at its peak. The event also saw Fnatic winning its first major event, defeating world champions LOUD in their home turf of Sao Paulo.

As one of the biggest first-person shooter games today, Valorant also has a vibrant streaming community. A healthy combination of former professional players from other first-person shooters, new and younger players, and variety of streamers make the Valorant streaming community a welcome place for all fans.

If you want to try watching some entertaining streams for upcoming Valorant events, check out our list of the best Valorant Twitch streamers today.


Best Valorant Twitch streamers: 

  1. Shroud
  2. QuarterJade
  3. Tarik
  4. Slime

Valorant Streamers

Like any other popular game today, Valorant is streamed by thousands of gamers daily on sites like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Daily streamers will often stream their ranked games as they grind towards Radiant, while variety of streamers typically collaborate to form squads and play together.

An image of Sykkuno, one of the best Valorant Twitch streamers.

Riot Games organizes several major Valorant tournaments each year. During these events, accredited streamers can co-stream the matches on their own channels. In the more recent tournaments, Riot has even invited some co-streamers to do it inside the actual competition venues to provide fans with a closer look at these events.

An image of a Tarik watch party.

Many professional Valorant players also stream in their free time. Big names like SEN TenZ, NRG s0m, C9 Zellsis, and SEN Zekken often stream their ranked games and even compete against each other to take the top spot in the NA leaderboards. Streaming as a side gig also gives these players an extra source of income.

An image of TenZ, one of the best Valorant Twitch streamers.

Streamer organizations like OfflineTV often stream their full-squad Valorant matches. They have even run their own Valorant tournaments made up of fellow streamer friends and casted by the top Valorant talents and analysts.

An image of the OfflineTV Valorant tournament.

Best Valorant Twitch Streamers

Like we previously mentioned, thousands of Valorant Twitch streamers go live every day. It can get quite overwhelming trying to choose which ones to watch, especially if you do not already know any of them.

To make it easier for you, we made a list of who we think are the best Valorant Twitch streamers that you should check out.


You simply cannot make a list of first-person shooter streamers without including the best aimer on Twitch. Shroudy Rowdy started off as a professional CS:GO player but has become a full-time streamer since his retirement in 2017. 

An image of Shroud, one of the best Valorant Twitch streamers.

Shroud quickly became one of the biggest streamers in the world, specializing in shooter games like PUBG, Fortnite, Escape from Tarkov, and Valorant.

A gif of Shroud playing PUBG.

Shroud is perhaps best known for being one of two streamers that signed massive deals with the then-new streaming site Mixer. With Ninja, the largest streamer at the time, Shroud signed a multi-million dollar contract that was reportedly paid out in full even after Mixer closed down after a few months.

An image of C9 Shroud.

Despite being retired from professional play, Shroud’s aim has remained crisp over the years. This, combined with his large fanbase, led to him being signed by Sentinels for VCT 2022 North American Last Chance Qualifiers, although he has not competed since.

An image of SEN Shroud.


Jodi “QuarterJade” Lee is one of the most entertaining Valorant Twitch streamers you can watch. She is best known for her Reyna gameplay and often playing with her streamer friends and fellow OfflineTV members.

An image of QuarterJade, one of the best Valorant Twitch streamers.

Jodi is also ranked Immortal, which means you can watch one of the most entertaining personalities and high-level gameplay simultaneously. QuarterJade and her boyfriend Masayoshi, who is also Immortal himself, make arguably the best Valorant streamer couple on Twitch.

An image of QuarterJade and Masayoshi.

Women in gaming has been a welcome trend lately, and QuarterJade is certainly one of the leaders in that push. She even played in Valorant Game Changers NA for the team Disguised in a squad made up of fellow streamers Kyedae, TrulyTenzin, Sydeon, and professional player tupperware.

An image of the DSG Game Changers team.


For Valorant fans, Tarik needs no introduction. He is the biggest Valorant streamer in the world, both for his watch parties and own gameplay streams. In fact, Tarik has averaged more views than the main Valorant channel for the last few VCT events. His viewers spike even higher when he collaborates with other big streamers for his watch parties.

An image of Tarik, one of the best Valorant Twitch streamers.

Best known for winning North America’s only CS:GO major in history while playing for Cloud9, this former professional player has kept his sharp aim and skills. Tarik won the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 as the team’s in-game leader and even won the MVP award by HLTV.

An image of the Cloud9 ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 championship team.

Even before he transitioned to full-time streaming Valorant, Tarik was already being called “content king” by his fans due to his entertaining personality and tendency to make great clips through his gameplay.

An image of a Tarik watch party.


This last streamer is quite a deep-cut choice. Anthony “Slime” Bruno is known for several things, such as commentating for Super Smash Bros. Melee events, being a former producer at Beyond The Summit, and a member of the podcast The Yard.

An image of Slime, one of the best Valorant Twitch streamers.

Unlike the other creators on our list, Slime does not stream consistently, but has nonetheless cultivated a loyal community of viewers made up of The Yard listeners, Smash community members, and fans of his friend Ludwig.

An image of Slime and Ludwig.

Slime’s Valorant streams do not feature high-level gameplay, nor does he do watch parties for VCT events. However, Slime represents a specific demographic of the Valorant player base that many can certainly relate to.

An image of a Slime stream.

Slime streams shirtless, opting to put his shirt on his head, and spends hours just grinding Valorant while occasionally lashing out at his chat for whatever comments he deems offensive. In many ways, Slime is the quintessential Silver streamer, making his rare streams some of the most fascinating to watch.

An image of Slime streaming his Valorant gameplay.

Now that you have learned who the best Valorant Twitch streamers are, you can enjoy VCT watch parties with input from some of the best gamers in the world or just learn from their gameplay in everyday streams.


Tarik is easily the biggest Valorant Twitch streamer today. You can also check out creators like Shroud, QuarterJade, or pros like TenZ and s0m for some entertaining Valorant gameplay.
If you want to enjoy watching any of the major Valorant tournaments and leagues with a whole community, you can join watch parties from streamers accredited by Riot Games. If you prefer watching everyday gameplay, Tarik, Shroud, and others usually play ranked games on stream in their usual schedules.
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