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Best Valheim Mods

Which of the Valheim mods have you enjoyed most so far?

As a sandbox adventure game, Valheim has countless possibilities and activities to do in-game. You can do everything from hunting creatures, forging weapons and armor, cooking wonderful recipes, and building the largest strongholds. For others, however, even this wide range of opportunities can run out.

This is where mods come in. Mods, or video game modifications, are basically alterations to famous games that are created by unofficial developers or just fans in general. Some of the biggest mods are made for the most popular games in the world like Grand Theft Auto V, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Minecraft. Valheim is not quite as big yet but has drawn in great mods of its own thanks to loyal fans.

If you are looking to spice up your gameplay, check out our detailed guide on the best Valheim mods today.

Best Valheim Mods

Like many popular great games, there are now plenty of well-made Valheim mods that you can explore for an enhanced experience. Each mod typically focuses on certain aspects of the game that they aim to improve on. They may provide updates on cooking, hunting, or even introduce a bunch of new weapons and building materials.

Here are some of the best Valheim mods that have been released for the public to date.

Valheim Plus

An image of Valheim Plus, one of the best Valheim mods.

In many ways, Valheim Plus is the quintessential mod. It lets you customize a lot of aspects of the game while retaining the classic Valheim experience. You can change things like the weight values of items, durability of structures, and even the production rates of important objects like furnaces and kilns.

Created by a team of software engineers together with popular hosting company Zap Hosting, Valheim Plus markets itself as the best Valheim mod out there. Some of its upgraded features include advanced building and editing, a shared map, more server player slots, and auto depositing items. You can now also craft and build straight from your chests without having to carry materials in your inventory.

Unrestricted Portals

An image of Unrestricted Portals, one of the best Valheim mods.

Unrestricted Portals is a very specific mod meant to fix one of the most annoying aspects of Valheim. The biggest complaint from players is the inability to take teleporters if you are carrying metal ores. Instead of instantly transporting yourself home, you will instead have to take long journeys while carrying your heavy metals.

This mod removes that restriction, so you can now transport metal ores through portals as much as you want. For that reason alone, Unrestricted Portals gets a spot as one of the best Valheim mods available today.

Epic Loot

An image of Epic Loot, one of the best Valheim mods.

Epic Loot spices up the weapons and armor aspect of Valheim. Instead of having to forge your own weapons and armor all the time, this mod now allows some weapons as drops. When you defeat creatures, bosses, or find chests, there is now a chance that they drop weapons or armor.

Of course, rarity is a major factor on what weapons and armors are dropped as loot. If you are farming some regular creatures, you will only get the most basic items as well. When you defeat bosses, especially the most powerful ones like Moder, you can get rarer and stronger weapons.

Some weapons also have magical properties in Epic Loot. These bonuses are randomized and are even rarer to get than their non-magical counterparts. You will easily see magical loot because Epic Loot has programmed them to emit a strong beam of light as it drops.

Fight Club

An image of Fight Club.

If you have seen the cult-classic film, then you should already have an idea of what this mod does. Fight Club promotes dueling with your friends without the tough repercussions in the original game. In classic Valheim, killing another player causes them to lose items and a bunch of skill points. They will then have to travel all the way back to the spot where they died to retrieve their items.

In Fight Club, these repercussions have been removed. You can now challenge another player to a duel and you can begin fighting each other. Neither of you will die, so you can go ahead and fight recklessly. This mod is perfect for training and mastering any new weapons you have in preparation for fighting the five bosses.

Without repercussions for fighting PvP, you can now channel your inner Tyler Durden in the world of Valheim.

Mount Up

An image of Mount Up.

Mount Up is one of the most innovative and exciting Valheim mods right now. This mod introduces a whole new feature that the game’s developers did not consider in the first place.

You can now ride some tamed animals by crafting some saddles for them. In the original game, you could only ride a Lox. With Mount Up, you can now craft Wolf and Bear saddles as well. You can even jump on an animal that another player is already riding. Simply jump onto the back of that creature and enjoy the ride without having to take the reins.

Plant Everything

An image of Plant Everything.

Plant Everything is great for players that want more sustainability in their homes. In classic Valheim, farming is very limited. There are only a few plants that you can cultivate for now. With the help of Plant Everything, you can plant a whole lot more that you may need for cooking the best recipes in the game.

This mod lets your Cultivator plant some bushes, mushrooms, Thistle, Dandelions, and even some trees for farming some good old wood. If you use this mod, you should be able to sustain your entire squad’s food needs without issues. You will no longer have to travel around the map and across different biomes to look for some food.

Plant Everything adds 22 new recipes, displays the growth time for plants, and even removes unnecessary debris around your farm area.

Using Mods in Valheim

If you feel like you have exhausted all there is to explore in Valheim, you should consider trying out any of these mods. They can enhance your game experience and reignite your passion for the game by introducing some new features.

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