Best Vagabond Build in Elden Ring

Are you looking for the best Vagabond build in Elden Ring?

The Vagabond class is one of the best starting options for new players in Elden Ring. However, it also happens to be the best pick for a tank build due to its high stats. Those who pick the Vagabond class in Elden Ring will have a character with more Vigor, Strength, and Dexterity stats than other starting classes. 

However, the Vagabond class also comes with downsides. If you go for this class, you’ll have lower Faith, Intelligence, and Arcane stats than other characters. 

Vagabond class also starts at level 9 with a Heater Shield, which rejects 100% physical damage. 

The Vagabond class is also perfect for any veteran Soulsborne player who has no plan to use spells in the game. Much like the best Hero build in Elden Ring, Vagabond builds focus primarily on increasing Vigor, Endurance, and Strength. 

While your character’s Dexterity should not be disregarded, the Vagabond class doesn’t rely on it that much. 

Today, we will show you the best Vagabond build you can use in Elden Ring. 

Let’s jump right in!

Vagabond Character Build

Among the nicest features of the Vagabond class is it gives players the freedom to choose weapons and shields, more so than other classes. Many of the Greatswords and Colossal armaments in Elden Ring require a large amount of STR, which is what the Vagabond class is set up for. 

best Vagabond build in Elden Ring

Some Colossal weapons even require players to have 30+ STR stat alone. 

Like other Warrior builds in Elden Ring, players will want to look for the highest damage resisting armor. Unlike other classes, the Vagabond build solely promotes a tanky playstyle. 


  • Strength (Primary): 40+ 
  • Vigor (Secondary): 20+
  • Endurance (Secondary): 20+
  • Dexterity (Optional)
  • Armor: Bull-Goat, Cleanrot Set, Crucible Axe
  • Weapons: Colossal Weapons, Greatswords
  • Shields: any Greatshield
  • Ashes of War: Endure, Wild Strikes, Barricade Shield
  • Talisman: Green Turtle, Starscourge Heirloom, Erdtree’s Favor

The Vagabond class really enables players to show off a variety of Ashes of War gear in Elden Ring. Those who prefer to use higher defense can go for Endure and Barricade Shield. On the other hand, offensive Vagabond players that are willing to take hits can make the most out of Wild Strikes, Cragblade, and War Cry. 

best Vagabond build in Elden Ring

Talismans are easily one of the more straightforward components of this build as players seek to increase their Vagabond stamina, health, strength, and recovery. 

That ends our guide for the best Vagabond build in Elden Ring. If you have questions, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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