Best Utilities for New Players in Grounded

Wondering what the best utilities for new players in Grounded are?

Utilities can help many players build better bases and equipment in the amazing bug-infested world of Grounded.  There are many storage and utilities to unlock in the game, which includes meal prep, traps, production, and all kinds of functions as players explore the yard and gain brain power. 

There’s no question that it will take time for players to progress and learn the ropes of the game, know what every utility does, and how to make them in order to survive. 

Given the number of utilities available, knowing which one to make can be a pain for new players. 

To help out, we’ve decided to make a list of the best utilities for new players in Grounded. This list will focus on storage and utilities with Tier 1 and 2 functionality to help with progression instead of higher-tier items and scenarios. 

Let’s begin!

Roasting Spit

The Roasting Spit is among the many first items that new players should craft. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not useful for advanced players. Fans can light up a Roasting pit and leave it to cook up to three lumps of raw bug meat while out exploring. 

best utilities for new players in grounded

The Roasting Spit also acts as a light source for fans who haven’t crafted any lamps for their base. 

To make a Roasting Spit, you will need 4 Sprigs, 3 Dry Grass  Chunks, and 4 Pebblets. All the materials mentioned are located within a short distance from the first Resource Analyzer in the game. 

Storage Chests & Baskets

Storage Chests and Baskets are an ongoing necessity as you gather more items and recipes in the game. Each chest in Grounded has 40 slots, which is 10 slots larger than your backpack. Baskets, on the other hand, give 20 slots for players. 

Storage Chests

To craft a basket, you will need 4 Strands of Crude Rope and 4 Clover Leaves. When you travel to the Oak Lab or Beacon, they can pick up 4 Sap Pieces, 4 Acorn Shells, and 2 Clover Leaves to make a chest. 

Storage in the game is also customizable with icons for better organization. 

Plank Pallets

Pallets are important for good organization, and fans can make grass and stem pallets with just a few supplies. To save space, plank pallets are best stored outside or under your base. You can only stack a limited supply, but you can make as many as you like. 

Plank Pallets

Crafting this amazing utility is simple. For grass pallets, you will need 3 Dry Grass, 5 Pebblets, and 5 Strands of Crude Rope. Stem Pallets require 4 Crud Ropes, 2 Pebblets, 4 Sprigs, and 3 Chunks of Dry Grass. 

Dry Grass in Grounded can be found in most areas, but it is easiest to find in the dry grass areas, where you can stock up on thistle needles. 

Smoothie Station

Players can utilize the Smoothie Station to whip up different concoctions for stats benefits or health restoration using various bases, like Green Machine and Boost Juice. To make a Smoothie Station, you will need an Acorn Top, 4 Sprigs, and 5 Grub Sludge. 

best utilities for new players in grounded

To gather some grub sludge, you will need to make an acorn shovel to dig up and kill grubs. Players can find them burrowing underground all over the yard, but they are more common in ant tunnels, around the Oak Tree, and in caves. 

Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheels are not too difficult to get, and they are used to make various strings like silk rope and crude rope. It is also crucial to prioritize since analyzing silk ropes unlocks the Dew Collector Recipe. 

The wheel also turns during operation and can make up to five silk ropes at a time, with each taking about an hour in-game time to complete. 

To make it, you will need to hunt red ants for 4 Red Ant parts and uncover clay near ponds for 4 Chunks. This, mixed with 3 Sap, 2 Acorn Tops, and 4 Strands of Crude Rope, makes a Spinning Wheel. 

Dew Collector

The Dew Collector is a handy utility that allows you to collect around 4 droplets of water at a time. With this in your base, you won’t have to worry about finding fresh water after long adventures and exploration. 

best utilities for new players in grounded

While it takes time to collect the drops, it is usually almost full again within a day’s game time. 

To make a Dew Collector, you will need 5 Strands of Silk Rope, 6 Weed Stems, 8 Pebblets, and 5 Crude Rope. 

Jerky Rack

While making a Jerky Rack needs fighting and killing tough Bombadier Beetles, it is worth making, so you can open up recipes to better utilities and food resources. The Jerky Rack dries out insect meat, insects, and grass. 

best utilities for new players in grounded

It needs 5 Bombadier Parts and 6 Strands of Crude Rope to make. 

Although you can consume bugs directly, the drying process reduces your hydration levels. On the other hand, you can purchase more recipes with Raw Science from any Field Station once you have visited the Oak Tree Lab and spoken to BURG.L. 

That ends our list of the best utilities for new players in Grounded. If you have other concerns, please leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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