Best Tips for Playing the Knight in Dead by Daylight

How can you become a powerful Killer in Dead by Daylight? Follow these Best Tips for playing the Knight to dominate your games.

Dead by Daylight is a popular multiplayer game where players try to escape or hunt others. There are different characters to play as, each with unique abilities. 

The survivors try to repair generators and escape while the killer tries to hunt and kill the survivors. It’s a thrilling game with exciting gameplay and immersive storytelling.

Recently a new Killer character has been added to the game, The Knight. If you are trying to play this character, below are some of the Best Tips for Playing the Knight.

Breaking Walls

Best Tips for Playing the Knight: break the walls

The first on our list of Best tips for playing The Knight, it’s essential to utilize your starting guard, the Carnifex, to its full potential. 

One effective strategy is to use it to break through spawning walls, setting up easy chases for the survivors. 

Additionally, using the Carnifex at the beginning of the game can prime your assassin for taking down the first survivor you encounter.

Blocking Generators

Best Tips for Playing the Knight: block generators

Your Assassin and Jailer guard can be incredibly useful when disrupting generators. It takes them just 6 seconds to kick a generator, which means they can serve as temporary blocks while you make your way over to it. 

Remember that ordering your guard to kick a generator will also knock survivors down. Use this to your advantage if survivors are trying to repair a generator in front of you.

Predict Survivor’s Direction

Best Tips for Playing the Knight: chase survivors

One thing to remember when attacking a survivor whom a guard is hunting is that the Hunt will end immediately upon your attack. 

An excellent strategy in this situation is to use the Knight to take the first hit and then set your guard in the direction you anticipate the survivor will go. This will automatically activate the Hunt and increase the chances of killing the survivor.

One example is when you’re chasing a survivor on a two-story building, you can anticipate that the survivor will Fast Vault to get out of the Guard’s range and wait for them at the exit point to hit them.

Spam Your Ability

Best Tips for Playing the Knight: special ability

The next on our list of best tips for playing the knight, it’s important to harass survivors with your guards constantly. You can summon them whenever available, giving you more time to chase and attack survivors. 

It’s also practical to summon a guard to chase one survivor while focusing on another, as this will reveal any hiding survivors and allow your guard to locate them.

Hit Body Blockers

prevent body blocking

One important use for guards is their ability to serve as anti-body blockers. When a survivor gets hit, they may try to body block to protect themselves or their teammates. You can use your guards to hit specific players and get them out of the way, allowing you to attack the survivors.

Use Your Guards to Prevent a Save

knock down a survivor

Whenever you knock down a survivor, taking advantage of the opportunity to set yourself up for a successful hook is crucial. One effective strategy is to place a guard on top of the downed survivor before attempting to hook them. 

This will prevent other survivors from attempting to rescue their teammate through a Flashlight Save or Pallet Save, which involves sneaking up on the killer and interrupting the hook process. 

By placing a guard on top of the survivor, you can ensure that other survivors will only be able to approach if they are noticed and attacked. It’s a simple but effective way to increase your chances of successfully hooking a survivor.

Always Block Pathways

block pathways

You can use your guards to block off pathways and chokepoints on maps where survivors’ movements are predictable. 

For example, if a survivor is chased into a building with only one exit, you can wait at the exit and use your guards to block their escape, giving you an excellent opportunity to land a hit.

The Patrol path can be a helpful tool for cutting off chokepoints on the map. Many maps have narrow passageways that survivors must pass through to save their teammates or repair generators, and using a patrol pass to block these off can give you an advantage.

Protect The Flag


As the killer, it’s important to be aware of the various strategies that survivors may use to escape or disrupt your attacks. 

One tactic that survivors may employ is trying to touch the flag that appears when you summon a guard to make the guard disappear. 

Protecting this flag is essential, as allowing survivors to touch it will give them a temporary movement speed boost and endurance shield. To prevent this from happening, block the flag and attack survivors if they try to touch it. 

This will help you maintain control over the guards and keep the survivors at a disadvantage. 

Keep in mind that survivors may try to touch the flag while you are distracted, so it’s important to stay vigilant and protect it at all times.

Anti-Looping Strategy

pallet loop

When you have a survivor trapped in a loop, it’s crucial to spam your guards as quickly as possible. This will help you regain control of the Knight and leave the survivor with no choice but to stay in the loop, making it more likely that you will land a hit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the original Dead by Daylight killer?

Evan Macmillan, also known as The Trapper, was the first and original killer character in Dead by Daylight. He was infamous for using bear traps as his special ability. He would strategically place these traps around the map. Once triggered, the trap would clamp down on the survivor’s leg, preventing them from moving and leaving them vulnerable to The Trapper’s attacks.

What does luck do for you in Dead by Daylight?

Luck is a game mechanic in Dead by Daylight that affects a survivor’s self-unhooking but does not affect the rarity of items found in chests or the chances of escaping from bear traps. This added unpredictability to the game, reminding survivors that luck can change anytime.

What are the chances of unhooking yourself?

Survivors have a 4% chance to escape the hook with each try. Each failed try will shorten their time on the hook by 20 seconds, with a max of 3 tries. When a survivor escapes the hook, they enter an Injured State. Any healing progress they had accumulated while in the dying state is lost.

In conclusion, the Knight is a powerful killer in Dead by Daylight, with a unique set of abilities and strategies that you can use to pursue and attack survivors effectively. You will likely dominate your games after following our best tips for playing the Knight.

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