Best Tips to Avoid Getting Lost in Minecraft 

Do you often go off-course and want the best tips to avoid getting lost in Minecraft?

A huge part of Minecraft is traveling the vast land and scouting the unexplored wilderness. To do this, the player has to gather many resources and should have a plan on how to explore the world. However, many people lose their way while exploring the game. For this reason, this article tells the best tips to avoid getting lost in Minecraft.

Best Ways to Avoid Going Off-Course

Best Tips to Avoid Getting Lost in Minecraft

A player venturing out in Minecraft must be careful of many things to make sure they return safely. For instance, they need to mark down pathways, build markers, be aware of hostile mobs and track their food supply. All of these together can easily overwhelm the player. Fortunately, below are the best tips to avoid getting lost in Minecraft.

Building Markers 


The player’s first indication of recognizing a place is their own built structures and any particular markers they have left. This means that sight is the most important sense in figuring out where to go in Minecraft. For this reason, one of the best tips to avoid getting lost in Minecraft is to build huge markers around their base.

Players can customize these markers any way they want. For instance, they can simply build a long tower visible from multiple blocks away. On the other hand, they can also build wide platforms on the tower to cover more blocks. In addition, players can also place Torches on the tower so it’s visible at night.

The first step of building a tower is collecting blocks. In particular, gather blocks that are easy to break and don’t take a lot of time. For example, players can collect wood and make Planks or use Dirt blocks. However, lightning strikes during thunderstorms can burn the Planks so it’s better to use Dirt or Cobblestone blocks.

The collection is one part of this step, and the next is making a Bucket to collect water. This allows the player to jump down the tower without dying. In contrast, they can also build the tower directly on the water, so they don’t have to use a Water Bucket. Whatever way the player chooses, make sure to plan how to get down without dying.

Players can place these towers near their main bases or make them a part of their house. Besides this, the player should make these towers in all cardinal directions visible from every direction. While the tower can be as long as the player wants, make it at least fifty blocks tall.

Checking Coordinates

Best Tips to Avoid Getting Lost in Minecraft

Players who understand coordinates and know-how directions work can use coordinates in Minecraft to travel without getting lost. To do this, the player simply has to press F3 in the PC version to open the extra information. This is known as the Debug Screen, which shows the FPS counter, Chunk information, coordinates, and more.

There are three axes this screen shows. In particular, the first one is the X-axis which measures the east and west directions. The Y-axis measures how high or low the player is, while the Z-axis measures the north and south directions. This information is on the Debug Screen, where the player can figure out where they are.

The player can mark the coordinates of their house when they are leaving for an adventure and return to these after completing it. This is the best way to return without any hassles of building or crafting anything. However, the console version has a different way of looking at coordinates in Minecraft

Players on the console version must build a Map in the game to look at coordinates. Fortunately, the recipe is simple enough, and they only have to collect a few resources. In particular, they need eight pieces of Paper and one Compass. In order to make these, they need Sugarcane, Redstone Dust and Iron Ingots. 

The player needs to collect Sugarcane as three pieces of Sugarcane make three pieces of Paper. On the other hand, they need Redstone Dust which is simple enough to find when mining deep underground. In addition, they can also find Iron underground. After collecting everything, the player needs to make a Map and open it to see the coordinates.

Best Tips to Avoid Getting Lost in Minecraft

Navigation mods are in-game mobs that add different tools to help players explore the world in Minecraft. For instance, they add minimaps, waypoints, coordinates, and many more features that allow the player to save their locations. In addition, it also helps them look for new biomes, know where natural structures are, and even escape from mobs.

There are different navigation mobs available for Minecraft players to download and enjoy. Some of the most famous ones are Rei’s Minimap, Xaero’s World Map Mod, and VoxelMap Mod. These mods add minimaps and other features that help the player secure their positions. Overall, adding mods like these can be a massive help for players.

Crafting a Compass and Map

Best Tips to Avoid Getting Lost in Minecraft

Minecraft is known for the freedom and creativity that it offers players. In particular, how it allows the player to craft anything and make their lives easier is why Minecraft is famous. This also means that players can craft items that make navigation and travelling easier in the game. Two of these items are the Compass and Maps.

A Compass in Minecraft, unlike its real-life counterpart, only aims at the main spawn point. Specifically, the place where the player spawned at the start is where it will point. For this reason, the player has to build their base at the spawn or near, or the Compass is useless. However, players can change this direction by using a Lodestone.

The Lodestone is a new addition in Minecraft that the player can use to change the Compass pointer. To do this, just right-click the Compass on the Lodestone. However, making the Lodestone is hard as it needs a Netherite Ingot which is one of the hardest resources to make in Minecraft. 

Players can also craft a Map to navigate their worlds in a better way. To craft a Map requires a Compass, which needs one Redstone Dust and four pieces of Iron Ingots. Next, they need eight pieces of paper they can craft from Sugarcane. After collecting these resources, they need to place eight pieces of Paper surrounding a Compass.

The player crafts an Empty Map, which they can right-click on to use it. This draws the entire surrounding land on the Map and indicates the player by a small white arrow. Similarly, players can also make more Empty Maps and create a huge world map by making new Maps of the surrounding land.

Building a Trail

Best Tips to Avoid Getting Lost in Minecraft

Players can build a trail by using different blocks than the rest of the terrain. This will help them differentiate from the environment and follow their trail better. Besides this, they can also use Torches to mark the pathway that lights everything up. It also prevents mobs from spawning, so using Torches to make trails is a great way to avoid getting lost.

Minecraft is famous for its infinite world generation and the ability to travel it for days without getting bored. However, getting lost in the wilderness is real, and players must be careful to prevent this from happening. Hopefully, this guide on the best tips to avoid getting lost in Minecraft will help you find your base again.

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