An image of the best Taunts in MultiVersus.

10 Best Taunts in MultiVersus

What are your go-to taunts in MultiVersus?

Taunt animations are now common in newer games ever since Fortnite popularized it. You can use them to interact with your teammates and opponents if your game does not have in-game chat or voice comms. Many players, however, opt to use animations and emotes to get in their opponents’ heads.

In MultiVersus, each Fighter has unique animations that are taken from their own universe. These can range from wholesome and playful to downright toxic, depending on the character of your choice. After you have mastered your favorite Fighters, you should check out what animations they have in store for you.

If you want to play some mind games with your opponents, check out our quick list of the 10 best Taunts in MultiVersus.

  1. Shaggy Shirt Rip
An image of the Shaggy Shirt Rip, one of the best Taunts in MultiVersus.

Shaggy is one of the most popular characters in cartoon show history because of his personality. In the Scooby-Doo Universe, he often competes with his best friend Scooby on who scares easier in the face of the supernatural. However, Shaggy seems to have developed a new level of bravery when he was recruited for MultiVersus. 

In MultiVersus, Shaggy has a taunt animation that rips off his shirt and yells at his opponents. This taunt can be unlocked for 500 Gleamium, which is a little pricey for a taunt animation. But if you are the type to play mind games, this taunt animation is worth its price if you can get in your opponents’ heads with it.

Another animation is Shaggy Kung Fu, which has Shaggy emulating the martial arts icon Bruce Lee. It even includes the iconic nose swipe before establishing his fighting pose again. You cannot pay Gleamium for this taunt, but it is unlocked at Tier 22 of the Season 1 Battle Pass (Premium).

  1. Reindog Tail Wag
An image of the Reindog Tail Wag, one of the best Taunts in MultiVersus.

Reindog is known for being MultiVersus’s resident original character. He does not belong in any iconic media universe, so he is understandably picked less than his more famous competitors. Nonetheless, this Fighter comes with a set of interesting taunt animations that you may want to try.

Compared to Shaggy, Reindog has some wholesome, cute animations that your teammates will probably appreciate more than your opponents. The one on our list is the Reindog Tail Wag. This animation has Reindog wagging his tail and sticking out his tongue. It is one of the more basic animations, but it is also one of the cutest.

  1. Wonder Woman Weight Lifting
An image of Wonder Woman Weight Lifting, one of the best Taunts in MultiVersus.

Wonder Woman is one of the most picked Fighters in the game for a reason. She is not only a very iconic comic book character but is also one of the most broken and overpowered characters in the game. In addition to that, Wonder Woman also has some of the best taunts in MultiVersus.

Her best animation is the weight lifting taunt. This has her pulling out a large 10-ton dumbbell and doing a couple bicep curls with it. She also acts nonchalantly and even yawns while doing them to show how easy it is. This can be a great taunt to show your opponents that you are winning effortlessly against them.

  1. LeBron James Salsa Dance
An image of the LeBron James Salsa Dance, one of the best Taunts in MultiVersus.

Taunts are very common in the world of basketball, so it is no surprise that NBA superstar LeBron James has some of his own in MultiVersus. Coming from the Space Jam: A New Legacy Universe, James can showcase his Salsa Dance animation. You can unlock this animation for 500 Gleamium.

The Salsa Dance has LeBron showing his footwork and hip flexibility in this dance animation. Seeing such a large human being exhibit graceful dance moves is certainly a sight to see.

  1. Batman Accidental Bomb
An image of Batman's Accidental Bomb, one of the best Taunts in MultiVersus.

The Dark Knight is known for being one of the best Bruisers and overall Fighters in the game. He already has some of the best abilities in the game, but add some great taunts to that and you will want to pick him every single match.

Batman’s Accidental Bomb is one of the best taunts in MultiVersus. He pretends to accidentally drop a smoke bomb and try to hide the explosion under his cape. For such a serious character, a comical animation like this is definitely a lot of fun to watch.

  1. Finn Baby Dance
An image of Finn's Baby Dance.

Coming from the Adventure Time Universe, Finn the Human is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in the game. This particular taunt was also taken directly from the third season of the show.

In the Baby Dance, Finn does the exact same dance that he used to do as a baby. You can unlock this dance emote for 350 Gleamium.

  1. Garnet Tiny Car
An image of Garnet's Tiny Car.

Just like Finn, this underrated Bruiser also has animations taken directly from her TV show. Garnet’s Tiny Car is an unlockable emote for 500 Gleamium. It was also unlockable in Tier 26 of the Closed Alpha Battle Pass, but that is inaccessible now.

Taken from Season 1 of Steven Universe, this animation has Garnet riding on Amethyst in the form of a small car. The comical aspect of this taunt is that the car is way too small for Garnet who can only fit her feet inside.

  1. Velma Reading
An image of Velma Reading.

Another simple yet effective taunt, Velma’s Reading is a great way to show opponents that they are not making things hard for you. This emote has Velma just reading an untitled book while ignoring everything that is happening around her.

This is an upcoming emote so we do not have information on how to unlock it yet.

  1. Iron Giant Tease
An image of the Iron Giant's Tease.

The Iron Giant is easily the largest Fighter in the game. That means any action he does is visible to everyone in the game. As a result, the Iron Giant is considered to have some of the best taunts in MultiVersus.

Tease is taken from the scene in the movie where the Iron Giant teases Hogarth by putting his hands beside his face and making an expression with his metal grimace. You can unlock this emote at Tier 16 of the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass.

  1. Tom and Jerry Hurt Toe
An image of Tom and Jerry's Hurt Toe.

As a duo Fighter, you get double animations with Tom and Jerry. This cat and mouse duo are known to despise each other and their emote showcases that rivalry.

In Hurt Toe, Jerry whacks Tom’s toe with a hammer. This action was taken from a 1946 episode called Trap Happy. You can unlock this animation for only 350 Gleamium.

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