Best Tactical Operators in Rainbow Six Siege

Would you like to know the most significant tactical operators in Rainbow Six Siege?

There are over sixty-plus operators in Rainbow Six Siege, all of whom have different strengths and weaknesses. Each operator has its own abilities and load-outs, meaning there are many combinations to play with. Because of this, players can get confused as to who really are the best tactical operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

In Rainbow Six Siege, operators divide into two categories, defenders and attackers. Though no strict divisions distinguish between operators’ abilities, they still have different roles in the game. Some of these agents focus more on getting Pickoffs by using their tactical abilities and versatile traits.

Who you choose can make or break a match because operator choices decide most rounds. One must consider many factors like what they’re playing as and the map they have to fight in. Below we discuss the best tactical operators of all time in Rainbow Six Siege and why they are so special.  


Best Tactical Operators in Rainbow Six Siege

One of the first operators in the game, Twitch is a versatile attacking agent who can scout and damage units. Twitch is a permanent solution to gadgets and destroys them instead of just disabling them. It gives players a permanent option to eliminate gadgets, unlike an EMP which can only do so much. She can also deal with more gadgets than other agents.

The sheer volume of gadgets she can destroy is much more than three EMPs can destroy at once. Her Shock Drone is also an exact tool and can counter Mira as she can shoot out her canisters. Moreover, her loadout is quite strong for an anti-electronics operator, especially in comparison to Thatcher’s lackluster weaponry.

Starting with three lasers from each drone per round, she can easily both damage enemies and destroy gadgets. An unlimited range also aids her in this regard, as she can shoot out or be annoying from far away. It can destroy gadgets ranging from CCTV Cameras, Nitro Cells, Signal Disruptors, and even Goyo’s Volcan Shields.

She also has a very good Assault Rifle, the F2, which is one of the best guns in the entire game. If one can appropriately control its recoil, few guns have the killing potential of the F2. Furthermore, she has additional utility in the form of Smokes as well. These smokes can make way for initiations and provide cover for her Shock Drones.



In the current meta, operators like Thatcher are almost permanently out of play, and thus, players need a replacement. This replacement can be Maverick, due to his advantageous ability to open up reinforced surfaces. Though he needs a lot of practice to understand, his gadget can hold a candle to any other.

His versatile torch can burn holes through any wall, making it impossible to guess where he might attack from. Eliminating the need for hard breachers by creating safe paths for aggressive plays, Maverick can wreck games singlehandedly. Moreover, his torch can also destroy multiple bulletproof tools like Barbed Wire, Deployable Shields, and Banshees.

Besides destroying general tools, he can work well with operators who can kill enemies through small gaps. Allies fulfilling this role include Glaz and Blackbeard, who can benefit the most from working with Maverick. He can also work well with Lion’s Drone, reducing enemy movement and making holes easier.

His entire toolkit shares this adaptability. Due to its semi-automatic nature, the AR-15.50 is not frequently preferred, although it excels at long lines of sight. His arsenal has another better option in the form of the M4. A rifle with impeccable recoil and an insane rate of fire, this gun is easy to destroy enemies with.

In addition to having excellent base stats, the M4 can also combine with an angled grip. This grip increases his ADS speeds, making corner peeks and getting pickoffs effortless for Maverick. Moreover, he can equip Frag Grenades, an excellent tool for getting kills. These attributes make Maverick one of the best tactical operators in Rainbow Six Siege.


Best Tactical Operators in Rainbow Six Siege

Iana is a new operator in Siege compared to the others on this list, but she is quite unexpectedly effective. This is due to the versatility of her gadget and the superior quality of her weapon. With a background in engineering, Iana encapsulates her experience brilliantly with her out-of-the-box ability that utilizes holograms.

This tool is great for scouting and monitoring anything in places where a human operator cannot go. Iana virtually creates a hologram of herself by the Gemini Replicator, which Iana may choose to control. This holographic clone of herself can mimic and replicate any movement she makes with the exception of shooting and rappelling.

Her clone is excellent for gathering intelligence and forcing utility without using a more valuable tool like a frag grenade. Furthermore, she can use it to confuse enemies into shooting it, compromising their location through the sound of their gunfire. Lastly, with her newfound info, she can easily guide her team into making the right advances.

As for her loadout, she has the ARX, perhaps the best assault rifle any operator can have. This is because of the gun’s excellent damage and fire rate, comparable to most other rifles. Additionally, she can equip Frag Grenades. Frag Grenades and valuable information can be the key to winning engagements.

Against new players, or even similarly ranked players, the surprise aspect of Iana’s Hologram is quite powerful. Not knowing if the hologram is real can spook and bamboozle many enemies, giving Iana and her team easy initiations. Lastly, the Gemini Replicator can also scout and ping enemy gadgets for her team to destroy.


Best Tactical Operators in Rainbow Six Siege

Since Siege is not a straightforward team firefight like other first-person shooting games, gathering intelligence is crucial to the gameplay. One of the most potent operators in this regard is Dokkaebi and her Logic Bomb. This Logic Bomb allows her to identify integral enemy positions, while also stopping them from getting potentially dangerous intel.

With her Logic Bomb, Dokkaebi can ring the phones of enemy operators, revealing their positions. This loud ringing noise is quite easy to identify and easily reveals the hiding spots of the defenders. Apart from this, the loud noise prevents enemies from hearing the advent of Dokkaebi and her teammates.

Another exciting aspect of her ability is that she can easily hack into a dead enemy’s cell phone. With a hacked cell phone, she can take over the hostile team’s cameras and special gadgets. Timing is essential with Dokkaebi, as using her Logic Bomb at the right time can make or break a fight. She is also suitable for taking advantage of fights.

Dokkaebi has great choices for her loadout, and a player can make up various combinations. One of the best ones, however, is to go with the Mk14 and the SMG-12. These guns help her achieve the perfect balance of aggression and damage. Excellent Damage from the Mk14 also aids her in getting Long-Range kills.

Rainbow Six Siege is a very complex game full of little details that can turn around a game completely. A team’s choice of operators is also a major factor in determining victory. This is why this article discusses the Best Tactical Operators in Rainbow Six Siege. These picks can surely help players win easy games and accel in ranked games.

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