Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

Do you want to know the best Sword enchantments in Minecraft?

The world of Minecraft is full of hostile mobs, so the player on sight. For this reason, the player needs weapons to defend them against these mobs. One such weapon is a weapon the player can craft from unique resources. They can enchant these to make them more powerful, and so this article tells the best Sword enchantments in Minecraft.


Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

The Sword was the first weapon in Minecraft that the players could craft and use against mobs. They are important to survive, and players should make them to increase their survival chances on the first day. Swords have multiple uses like killing hostile mobs and animals or even breaking Cobweb. Overall, these are necessary to progress in Minecraft.

Players can craft Swords from different resources, which have distinct attack damage and durability. Furthermore, crafting better Swords requires rarer resources which require the player to mine for longer time frames. However, this time is worth it because there is a significant difference between lower and high-end Swords in Minecraft.

The player can craft six types of Swords in Minecraft. Namely, these are Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Netherite Swords, listed in order of increasing damage dealing and durability. Usually, the player crafts these in the order they are written above because it’s hard to find these resources.

Sword Attack Damage and Durability

Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

Java Version:

Sword Attack Damage:

  • Hand: 1 Damage – Half a Heart
  • Wood Sword: 4 – Two Hearts
  • Stone Sword: 5 – Two and a Half Hearts
  • Iron Sword: 6 – Three Hearts
  • Gold Sword: 4 – Two Hearts
  • Diamond Sword: 7 – Three and a Half Hearts
  • Netherite Sword: 8 – Four Hearts

Sword Durability:

  • Hand: Infinite
  • Wood Sword: 59
  • Stone Sword: 131
  • Iron Sword: 250
  • Gold Sword: 32
  • Diamond Sword: 1561
  • Netherite Sword: 2031

Bedrock Version:

Sword Attack Damage:

  • Hand: 1 Damage – Half a Heart
  • Wood Sword: 5 – Two and a Half Hearts
  • Stone Sword: 6 – Three Hearts
  • Iron Sword: 7 – Three and a Half Hearts
  • Gold Sword: 5 – Two and a Half Hearts
  • Diamond Sword: 8 – Four Hearts
  • Netherite Sword: 9 – Four and a Half Hearts

Sword Durability:

  • Hand: Infinite
  • Wood Sword: 60
  • Stone Sword: 132
  • Iron Sword: 251
  • Gold Sword: 33
  • Diamond Sword: 1562
  • Netherite Sword: 2032

The Java and Bedrock Version have some differences between Sword damage and durability but generally follow the same trend. Specifically, Wood is the weakest Sword while Netherite is the strongest Sword. Overall, every Sword has different stats, and players craft them according to available resources.

Types of Sword Enchantments


Swords are important tools that can help the player survive dangerous situations like exploring a Nether Fortress. While players can craft Swords with better resources for superior stats, they can enchant them to enhance their effectiveness further. In particular, enchanting can help increase damage output, durability, and other enhancements.

Players require an Enchanting Table or Anvil and Enchanted Books to enchant their Swords. Once they have the resources, they can start enchanting their Swords. There are a lot of enchantments available, and listed below are the best Sword enchantments in Minecraft.


Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

Sharpness is one of the best Sword enchantments in Minecraft because of the damage boost it provides. Specifically, Sharpness enhances the melee damage a Sword deals to all types of mobs. This allows players to take down entities faster and with fewer swings of their Sword. 

There are five levels of this enchantment which increase the damage according to their enchantment levels. Sharpness works differently and provides different boosts in the Java and Bedrock Edition on Minecraft. 

Java Edition:

  • Sharpness I: 1 Damage – Half a Heart
  • Sharpness II: 1.5 – One Heart
  • Sharpness III: 2 – One and a Half Heart
  • Sharpness IV: 2.5 – Two Hearts
  • Sharpness V: 3 – Two and a Half Heart

In the Bedrock Edition, each level of Sharpness provides 1.25 damage rather than half a point at each level. Players can enchant their Swords with different Sharpness levels from the Enchanting Table. Besides this, they can find Enchanted Books and enchant their Swords according to that. 

Players can even combine two Swords and their enchantments to make a Sword with a higher level of Enchantment. For example, the player can combine two Sharpness II Swords in an Anvil to create a Sharpness III Sword. They can repeat this to upgrade it further. This is one way of getting a Sharpness V enchantment on a Sword.

Sharpness V is a rare enchantment, and players cannot get it from an Enchanting Table. While Gold Swords can get this from the Enchanting Table, it’s almost useless to enchant them. Players can get either enchant their swords with Enchanted Books for Sharpness V or find them in End City or Bastion.

Sweeping Edge

Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

The Sweeping Edge enchantment is only available in the Java edition of Minecraft. This enchantment increases the damage of the sweep attack. A sweep attack is a cleave attack that allows players to hit multiple enemies at once. However, this only works after the Sword charges fully, which requires time according to the Sword’s quality.

There are three levels of Sweeping edge, which give a boost in cleave damage according to the enchantment levels. The Bedrock version doesn’t have this enchantment because of no cooldown times for attacks in the Sword. 

  • Sweeping Edge I: Fifty % increase
  • Sweeping Edge II: Sixty-seven % increase
  • Sweeping Edge III: Seventy-five % increase

This enchantment is extremely useful when the player faces hordes of mods. For instance, in the Nether, where there are a lot of Piglins, Blaze, or even Wither Skeletons, this enchantment will kill them easily. Overall, Sweeping Edge is an amazing enchantment for Swords in Minecraft.



Knockback, as the name suggests, is an enchantment that allows players to push away enemies they hit. This is useful against Creepers or Baby Zombies. There are two levels of Knockback which provide this boost as per the enchantment levels.

  • Knockback I: Hundred and five % increase
  • Knockback II: Hundred and ninety % increase

This enchantment even combines with the slight knockback the player gives when he hits the mob while sprinting. Consequently, the mob gets thrown far away. Overall, this is an interesting enchantment and depends on the player whether they like heads on fights or fighting carefully.

Fire Aspect

Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

Fire Aspect is an enchantment that allows players to light enemies on fire on contact with their Swords. Furthermore, this fire burns the enemy mobs over time and damages them as long as they burn. There are two levels of Fire Aspect. Level one gives two and a half hearts of damage, while level two gives three and a half hearts.

This enchantment is useful for getting food on the go without cooking it. For example, if a Cow or any food-dropping animal dies while on fire, they drop the cooked version of the resource. So Cows will drop Steak, Pigs drop Cooked Porkchops while Sheep drop Cooked Mutton.


Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

Looting is one of the best enchantments in Minecraft because it causes mobs to drop more resources when players kill them. For example, Skeletons will drop more Bones, Creepers drop more Gun Powder, and other mobs follow the same rule. However, this does not affect the experience drop rate. 

There are three levels of Looting, and each increases the drop rate of unique resources according to the enchantment level. Looting increases the maximum number of common item drops by one per enchantment level. In addition, it boosts the chances of rare drops by making a second attempt to drop if the primary attempt fails. 

This enchantment is extremely useful when gathering resources like Wither Skulls, Blaze Rods, or any other unique resource. Overall, this is an important resource to have on a Sword.

Minecraft is full of different mechanics and gameplay options that allow the player to upgrade their gear in unique ways. Enchanting weapons is one of these mechanics that enhance weapons and gear effectiveness. Hopefully, this article on the best Sword enchantments in Minecraft helps you in getting the best enchantments for your weapon.

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