Best Storm Spirit Counters in Dota 2

Do you want to know how to counter Storm Spirit in your game?

One of the four spirit brothers, Storm Spirit, is arguably the most mobile hero in Dota 2. This mobility and an incredible power spike in the mid-game make him a menacing Ganker. Moreover, his potential to bring down enemies easily makes him popular at every level of Dota 2. Thus, it is critical to know the Best Storm Spirit Counters in Dota 2.

With farming capabilities to rival any other mid hero, Storm Spirit can also snowball with how fast he farms. In addition to this, low cooldowns on all his spells make him able to be a constant pain to enemies. He also outputs massive amounts of magic damage in relatively short durations, allowing him to initiate fights by bursting supports.

Although Storm Spirit is one of the most played mid-lane heroes at any rank, he does have some critical weaknesses. One of these weaknesses is his reliance on getting items to have an impact, making him quite weak in the lane. This weakness also goes in hand with him being very prone to Ganks early on when he has minimal levels.

Besides his weak early game, Storm Spirit is prone to overextension and running out of mana, leading to a skill cap beside his weak early game. This Skill Cap is also enhanced because he is not beginner-friendly and needs the practice to be efficient. Furthermore, he lacks the potential to carry the game independently, as he possesses limited physical damage and push.

Storm Spirit

Best Storm Spirit Counters in Dota 2

His first Ability is Static Remnant. This allows Storm Spirit to create a reflection of himself that explodes whenever an enemy unit approaches him. Dealing a max of three hundred damage, it is useful in zoning enemies in the lane and securing last hits.

Electric Vortex is his second spell and grants him the ability to pull enemies toward him. While he pulls enemy units to himself, he disables them, and they cannot perform any actions. Storm, on the other hand, can use any of his abilities while executing Electric Vortex. Furthermore, it acts great as a stun and damage combo with Static Remnant.

Storm Spirit’s passive ability is Overload, of which he gains a charge every time he performs an ability. This charge then makes his next physical attack deal AoE damage and slow the enemy unit he targets. Consequently, this spell is great for farming effectively and bursts down heroes if one couples it with his other abilities.

Perhaps the best spell for mobility in Dota 2, Ball Lightning, is what makes Storm Spirit truly threatening. Using this spell, he becomes thunder itself and can zip across the map in its entirety. This does, however cost 10 mana in addition to 0.65% of his max mana per 100 units. Moreover, it also charges Overload, no matter how short the distance traveled.


Storm Spirit is a daunting hero that combines all his abilities to become an unstoppable menace in-game. Using his spells, he cuts waves when his tower’s enemies start pushing and can eliminate supports even before the fight starts. This is why he is so sought-after and why everyone should know the Best Storm Spirit Counters in Dota 2.



Storm Spirit relies on his spell-casting. Therefore anything that counters his spell casting is his weakness. Doom possesses exactly this with his ultimate ability; Doom, which silences and mutes any enemy hero for sixteen seconds. Once affected by Doom, Storm becomes a walking creep and just stands there, waiting for enemies to eliminate him.

Besides using Doom, an incredible counter, Doom uses Infernal Blade to stun Storm Spirit while also damaging him. Infernal Blade is an effective melee bash that Doom uses to initiate chain stuns and disable Storm Spirit. Apart from this, using a Blink Dagger to cast this spell on him provides minimal time for him to escape.


Best Storm Spirit Counters in Dota 2

Renowned as the best answer to stopping Storm Spirit in his tracks, Anti-Mage has all the tools to counter him. Starting with the main reason he counters Storm, Mana Break burns mana every time Anti-Mage attacks a target with mana. This allows him to deplete all of Storm Spirit’s mana, rendering him useless and an easy target to kill.

Besides, Anti-Mage also has Blink that teleports him to small distances, making it perfect for catching Storm Spirit. This also fares well considering that Storm usually burns a lot of his mana in fights and cannot escape. In case he decides to initiate on to Anti-Mage, Blink is a great option to retreat and re-engage fights.

With only magic damage or disables in his arsenal, Storm Spirit cannot do much to Anti-Mage, who has Counterspell. This is because, with Counterspell, Anti-Mage has passive magic resistance while also having the chance to reflect disables. If one time it correctly, this spell can also reflect Electric Vortex’s disable upon Storm Spirit himself.

Lastly, Anti-Mage utilizes his ultimate ability, Mana Void, to quickly burst down Storm Spirit and any targets near him. This is because Mana Void damages enemies based on the amount of mana they are missing. As Storm Spirit goes through a majority of his mana due to initiations, Mana Void is perfect for effortlessly bursting enemies down.


Best Storm Spirit Counters in Dota 2

Apart from instantaneous stuns, Storm Spirit is heavily affected by long-duration silences before getting a BKB. Though after a BKB, Storm can dispel a silence, one should wait for his BKB to finish before using spells. Silencer fits perfectly into this category as he possesses multiple long-duration silences and massive pure damage.

Firstly, even before using his silences, Silencer can steal a lot of Storm Spirit’s Mana with Glaives of Wisdom. These Glaives allow him to steal intelligence while fighting him and permanent intelligence upon getting a kill on him. They are also sources of pure damage, so there is no means to resist them.

His first silence, Last Word, is a timed spell that silences either after four seconds or when one casts spells. Therefore, timing this spell to whenever Storm Spirit is about to cast an ability can lead to an immediate silence. Moreover, it functions great as a tool to hunt heroes who escape on low health because of its magic damage.

Silencer’s ultimate ability, Global Silence, can act just like Last Words by silencing Storm Spirit for a long duration. This ability also has a global cast range, meaning that Silencer can aid his teammates even when not in fights.

Night Stalker

Best Storm Spirit Counters in Dota 2

Using his Crippling Fear ability to surround Storm Spirit with an AoE silence for 8 seconds makes him utterly useless. In addition, Dark Ascension gives Night Stalker much-needed movement speed and unobstructed pathing, allowing him to chase Storm Spirit. Furthermore, Abyssal Blade, an item Night Stalker builds, stuns, and bashes enemies.

Storm Spirit is a versatile hero who can dominate with a large number of builds and playstyles. He is great at initiating fights and baiting out spells while also killing low enemy heroes in no time. This is why he can be so intimidating to face and defeat. It is why all players need to know the Best Storm Spirit Counters in Dota 2, which this article covers.

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