Best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

Don’t know which are the best Spirit Ashes to use in Elden Ring?

FromSoftware has taken the entire gaming community by storm after releasing Elden Ring. This new title from the famous developer combines elements from previous Soulsborne games, including Dark Souls and Bloodborne. 

However, one of the biggest changes in Elden Ring is that it gives players the freedom to decide what to do in the open world and build any character they want. 

This means that if you encounter a difficult boss, you can simply move on to a different area in The Lands Between and deal with that boss once you’ve gained enough strength and power. 

Luckily, Elden Ring is filled with powerful weapons that can be of great help during the hardest battles. One such item is Spirit Ash Summons. These are non-hostile NPCs in the game that can help you fight monsters and even major bosses. 

However, there are 64 Spirit Ashes available in Elden Ring, and deciding which one to use can be a difficult task. 

With this in mind, we’ve listed down some of the best Spirit Ashes to use in Elden Ring. 

Let’s begin!

1. Skeletal Militiaman

Players often encounter Skeletal Militiamen while farming for Deathroots for Gurranq Beast Clergyman since the NPCs guarding the item are usually Necromancers. 

Skeletal Militiaman

Although this Spirit Ash is far from being powerful, its ability to resurrect after being slain is what makes it a worthy summon to use in The Lands Between. Players can use the Skeletal Militiaman Spirit Ash to keep enemies’ focus away from them. 

However, enemies or bosses that use slam attacks will render them useless since slam attacks will prevent them from resurrecting. 

You can obtain this Spirit Ash by slaying Tibia Mariner Field Boss in Summonwater Village. 

2. Perfumer Tricia

Most players utilize Spirit Ashes to distract enemies or provide additional damage. However, Perfumer Tricia brings a different set of skills in a fight since she provides you with a buff. 

Perfumer Tricia

Due to this, Perfumer Tricia is considered to be one of the best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring since she casts a shied over your character that negates 90% damage of the next incoming attack from your enemy. 

The best thing about this is that she can cast a shield several times during the fight. 

To obtain this Spirit Ash, you’ll have to travel to Mt. Gelmir and fight Perfumer Tricia herself and her Misbegotten Warrior. 

3. Bloodhound Knight Floh

Players who prefer an aggressive playstyle in Elden Ring often feel that Spirit Ashes can’t keep up with them. However, the Bloodhound Knight Floh changes that since it’s considered the most aggressive summon in the game. 

Bloodhound Knight Floh

On top of that, Bloodhound Knight Floh can stagger enemies and cause Blood Loss to bosses who are vulnerable to it. 

Due to this summon’s aggressive nature, players will need to act fast since it doesn’t last too long in a fight. Players who want to use this Spirit Ash can obtain it after defeating Red Wolf of the Champion in Gelmir Hero’s Grave. 

4. Raya Lucaria Soldier

The Raya Lucaria Soldier earns a spot on this list due to their perfect mix of ranged and melee attacks. Moreover, they are incredibly aggressive, which can give you a few seconds to unleash a flurry of attacks before the boss’ shifts its focus to you. 

best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

Players can obtain this Spirit Ash inside a chest at the end of Road’s End Catacombs. However, they should venture into these catacombs with precaution since it’s filled with Fanged Imps, waiting to ambush unprepared players. 

5. Oracle Envoy

There’s no doubt that FromSoftware is known in the gaming community for creating some of the strangest enemies, and the Oracle Envoy is no different. This marshmallow-looking Spirit Summon packs high aggro stats and decent ranged bubble attack. 

best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

However, the main issue with the Oracle Envoy’s is that their ranged attacks are slow, which means players shouldn’t depend on their damage in a fight. 

You can find this Spirit Ash near Haligtree Town Site of Grace, part of Miquella’s Haligtree.

6. Radahn Soldier

The Radahn Soldier Spirit Ash is quite useful against bosses since they have high defense stats. Their weapons are also imbued with Fire. Sadly, Radahn Soldiers have a mind of their own and often walk away searching for more enemies. 

best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

You can locate this Spirit Ash in War-Dead Catacombs, but players should come prepared as they’ll have to face Imps, Cleanrot Knight Spirits, Radahn Soldier Spirits, and the world boss.


7. Lhutel the Headless

Lhutel the Headless packs high-defense stats, powerful melee and ranged attacks, and can teleport around the arena. Players that invest in her will notice that she can play the role of a super tank and a damage dealer. 

best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

This makes her the ideal Spirit Ash Summon of choice. 

However, Lhutel isn’t that reliable in aggroing bosses and other enemies. Players who use summons to shift the boss’ attention away, will find that Lhutel isn’t the best fit for the job. 

Nonetheless, you can obtain this summon by defeating the Cemetery Shade in the Tombsward Catacombs. 

8. Mimic Tear

For us, the Mimic Tear is the best Spirit Ash you can use in Elden Ring since it makes an exact copy of your character. It also does the following: 

  • Use your character’s armor, talismans, weapons, incantations. 
  • Has unlimited supply of bows and arrows. 
  • Its stats increase as your character levels up. 
best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

These perks will make any boss fight way easier since the summon is basically another player fighting alongside your character. 

However, summoning this Spirit Ash comes at a price since it consumes 660 HP. The Mimic Tear can’t swap weapons as well, which means that whatever weapon you are currently wielding will be the one it uses. 

That sums up our list of the best Spirit Ashes to use in Elden Ring. If you have questions, please drop a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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