Best Sorceries in Elden Ring

Looking for the best sorceries to use in Elden Ring?

Magic has always been a great strategy in any FromSoftware game, and Elden Ring is no different. Whether you want to take down the strongest bosses with spells from a distance or take advantage of the benefits of sorcery-focused weapons, investing in your Intelligence is more advantageous than ever. 

If you are building a mage character, it is important to have a well-rounded arsenal of spells that can take on any situation. 

However, the amount and diversity of spells within Elden Ring are overwhelming compared to past Soulsborne games. In fact, it can even make the game intimidating at first as you figure out which sorceries to grind and use. 

To help you out, we’ve listed some of the best sorceries you can use in Elden Ring. 

Let’s get started!

Explosive Ghostflame

Explosive Ghostflame is an AoE sorcery that has a wide range and high damage output. This makes this sorcery extremely useful for sticky situations where you find yourself surrounded by enemies. 

best sorceries in Elden Ring

However, the Explosive Ghostflame is quite confusing since it needs both intelligence and faith to cast. The recovery from this spell is also slow. 

Should something go wrong, you can find yourself hit by a combination of attacks while waiting to recover after casting the sorcery. 

Nonetheless, this is still good sorcery, and with a couple of buffs, it could be OP. 

Terra Magica

Terra Magica is a must for any magic-focused build in Elden Ring. If you want to bombard enemies with magic, there’s not a single good reason to stay away from the Terra Magica sorcery. 

best sorceries in Elden Ring

This ability places a sigil at the caster’s feet that gives a massive buff to your character’s magic damage. 

The only downside of this sorcery is that once you are outside the sigil, the buff is also removed. 

Considering that you’ll be moving around for every boss fight, it can be difficult to stay within the sigil. However, if you can figure out a good placement of Terra Magica, it can be extremely valuable. 

Glintstone Icerag

When facing a difficult boss in Elden Ring, having any form of advantage is welcomed. The Glintstone Icerag is useful for both sorceries and incantations. It also offers an advantage that you should not turn down. 

Glintstone Icerag

This sorcery inflicts Frostbite, a status effect that makes the target take increased damage from any source. 

If you can inflict Frostbite on a tough opponent, you’ll be able to deal a short burst of massive damage to cheap away its intimidating health bar. 

Loretta’s Greatbow

If you love being an archer in the game, adding a magical bow to your arsenal isn’t a bad idea. Loretta’s Greatbow is a sorcery with a straightforward effect. This ability generates a magical bow and arrow that fires like a regular one. 

Loretta's Greatbow

The only difference is that Loretta’s Greatbow deals massive damage and can shoot long range with great accuracy. 

A recent Elden Ring patch also reduced the FP cost of this sorcery, making it an even more viable spell to use throughout longer battles. 

Ranni’s Dark Moon

One of the main features of Ranni’s Dark Moon is its stunning visuals. This sorcery is arguably the flashiest looking in all of Elden Ring. 

However, this sorcery isn’t just about looks. 

best sorceries in Elden Ring

Ranni’s Dark Moon also deals good damage and is named after the snow witch from one of the game’s endings. 

While the moon this sorcery shoots is slow-moving, getting the timing right and landing it on an enemy will massive damage. However, it deals less damage than Rennala’s Full Moon, which is a similar sorcery. 

Briars of Sin

Anyone who has played a FromSoftware title in the past knows that the worst situation you can be in is one where you are outnumbered. When you are surrounded by enemies, the chance of you dying is very high. 

However, the Briars of Sin sorcery provides a rare chance for its user to survive such a difficult situation. 

best sorceries in Elden Ring

Briars of Sin is an AoE spell that requires Faith than the Intelligence stat. Due to this, many Intelligence-focused builds stay away from this sorcery. 

If you can meet the Faith requirement of Briars of Sin, then it is a must to have it in your arsenal. 

Glintblade Phalanx

At first look, one might think that the Carian Phalanx is the best sorcery among its class. However, the Glintblade Phalanx summons fewer defensive swords around your character, but it makes up for it by dealing more posture damage. 

best sorceries in Elden Ring

This makes this sorcery the superior option among its type and definitely the best defensive sorcery in the game. 

Stars of Ruin

If you are going up against an enemy that is difficult to hit due to high movement speed or confusing movement patterns, then you’ll need Stars of Ruin. This is a homing spell in the game, which is perfect for any boss that moves a lot. 

best sorceries in Elden Ring

This sorcery is also considered the most broken in the game since it has low recovery and cost, allowing users to spam it.

That ends our list of the best sorceries to use in Elden Ring. If you have clarifications or other concerns, please voice them out in the comment section, and we’ll do our best to answer them. 

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