Best Slaking Moveset in Pokémon GO

Are you looking for the best Slaking moveset in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is probably one of the best Pokemon games ever released in the market. It changed the way we play the game and allowed us to experience what it’s like to be a Pokemon trainer that explores the world. 

Currently, there’s a good mix of old and new generation Pokemons in the game. 

From this, you can form your Pokemon team and gauge its strength by battling other trainers, gyms, and, of course, Team Rocket. 

As we all know, Pokemon has various abilities and a unique set of stats that make them effective or weak against others. In Pokemon GO, every Pokemon can use two moves during battle. 

First is the fast move, which continuously inflicts damage to your opponent throughout the match. The second one is a charge move that deals more damage and needs a short time before you can use it again.

Today, we will show you the best Slaking moveset to use in Pokemon GO. 

Let’s dive right in!

Slaking Overview

best Slaking moveset in Pokemon GO

Slaking is a Normal-type Pokemon that hails from the Hoenn region. It grows from Vigoroth after being fed 100 candies and is the final evolution of Slakoth. It spends all day lying down and lolling about. 

Slaking eats grass that grows within its reach and moves to another spot once it consumes all the grass it can reach. Talk about being lazy, right? It was added to Pokemon GO together with the initial release of the Hoenn region way back in 2017. 

A shiny version of Slaking was also released in the game last June 8, 2019. 

Slaking can also reach 5010 CP with perfect IVs at level 50, making it the only Pokemon to pass the 5000 CP mark, excluding Mega Evolutions

Slaking Possible Moves

Fast Moves

  • Yawn

Charged Attacks

  • Earthquake
  • Hyper Beam
  • Play Rough
  • Body Slam

Best Slaking Moveset in Pokemon GO

Deciding the best moveset for Slaking is totally dependent on your playstyle and how you want to utilize Slaking for your team. No specific moveset would edge out any other movesets in the game, but it is crucial to understand how each move performs during battle. 

Before moving on to the actual moves, let’s understand a few metrics first: 

  • Damage Per Second (DPS) – the damage a Pokemon can inflict on its enemies continuously every second while it constantly attacks. 
  • Total Damage Overall (TDO) – the maximum damage a Pokemon can deal before it faints.
  • Time to First Activation (TTFA) – determines the time needed before a Pokemon can activate its charged move for the first time. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the critical metrics above, you’ll now have a basis for how each move would affect your gameplay during battles. 

Since Slaking only has Yawn for its fast move, the only thing that you can choose from is its charged attacks. 

Yawn + Play Rough

This move combination for Slaking will give you a total of 11.67 Damage Per Second, 625.74 Total Damage Overall, and 6.8 seconds before you can activate Play Rough for the first time. 

Yawn + Body Slam

Using Yawn and Body Slam combination for Slaking will give you 11.55 Damage Per Second, 619.32 TDO, and take 5.1 seconds before you can use Body Slam. 

Yawn + Hyper Beam 

Using this moveset for Slaking will give you 9.56 Damage Per Second and 513.03 Total Damage Overall. Hyper Beam would also need 11.9 seconds before you can use it for the first time during battle. 

Yawn + Earthquake

Matching Yawn with Earthquake gives Slaking 444.33 Total Damage Overall and 8.28 Damage Per Second. Earthquake, on the other hand, would need 11.9 seconds to activate for the first time. 

Depending on how you want to utilize Slaking, you can choose between the four movesets above or try them all out to see which fits your playstyle. However, if you’re going to base on the numbers, Yawn + Play Rough gives the highest DPS and TDO. 

Play Rough also has the shortest time to first activation, which gives you a slight edge over your opponent since you can deal more damage right away. 

You Might Ask (FAQs)

Why is slaking so bad?

Slaking isn’t really that bad. However, its truant ability and lack of hidden moves are compromised despite having decent offensive and defensive stats. 

Can slaking learn a new fast attack?

Slaking is a Normal-type Pokemon making it only weak to Fighting-type attacks. However, Slaking doesn’t have a viable Fast Attack and cannot learn a new one, limiting its usefulness to gym battles. 

Is yawn good for slaking?

Although Slaking’s fast attack does 0 damage, it can build energy for a charged attack. For us, Yawn is not bad for Slaking, but it is also not suitable for PvP battles. If you really want to utilize your Slaking, we recommend using it on gym battles only. 

This ends our guide for the best Slaking moveset in Pokemon GO. If you have questions or clarifications, please let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll be glad to help you out. 

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