Best Skins in Minecraft

Do you want to look different in Minecraft?

Minecraft is famous because it allows players to channel their creativity through different means. They can create structures, builds, and machines that can look different from others. This article tells about the best skins in Minecraft.



skins are cosmetic items that customize the player’s in-game character visually. These are completely for aesthetic purposes and don’t affect the gameplay or mechanics in Minecraft. Players can personalize skins according to their preferences. For example, they can turn into a superhero, anime character, or even make a completely custom skin.

Minecraft has two default skins that the player starts with when they open the game for the first time. If someone is from the gaming community, they will know who Steve is. He is one of the most famous in-game characters and also one of the two skins the player starts with. He is the iconic male skin with the teal-green shirt and blue jeans. 

Alex is the other skin that players can start within Minecraft. It’s a female skin with orange hair, a light green shirt along with brown pants. While these skins are great, sometimes players require a change and want to look like their favorite characters. Fortunately, players can switch them, and listed below are all the ways to change skins in Minecraft.

How to Change Skins – Java Edition

Best Skins in Minecraft

Minecraft has two versions, and both have different ways of changing skins. In order to change skins in the Java Edition, the player simply needs to open the launcher. Next, select Minecraft Java Edition from the list and select the Skins option from the top toolbar. After doing that, the player can change the skin by clicking Add Skin.

Players first need to add the skin in order to choose it. For this purpose, first, download the PNG file of the preferable skin and upload it through the Add Skin option. Interestingly, players can even name their skins to differentiate them from one another. Click the Save button and enjoy the game with the new custom skin.

The player can also change the skin by visiting the official Minecraft website and logging in. Next, click on the Main menu, then go on Profile and Skins. Now, simply select the Model type that whether the skin should be Classic or Slim. After this step, upload the desirable skin from the PC and save this change to use this skin in Minecraft.

How to Change Skins – Bedrock Edition

Best Skins in Minecraft

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition is different from the Java Edition in many ways, including the method of changing skins. First, players can simply upload PNG files from their PCs online like the Java Edition. Besides this, they can also upload it by opening the launcher and uploading the skin. 

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is available on every device, and each device has a different way of changing skins. Players on Minecraft Pocket Edition can change skins through third-party websites. Simply download the image of the skin that the player prefers. Next, open Minecraft PE, click the Coat Hanger icon, and upload the new skin.

Players can even change skins on consoles, but it works differently than on other platforms. Unfortunately, players cannot download custom skins on consoles and upload them like on PCs. To update skins on consoles, the player has to choose from a range of free and paid skins. However, they are limited in numbers.

To change the skin, first, open Minecraft on any console and head to the Main menu. Next, select Help and Options and click on Change Skin. This will show the skins available, which the player can choose from. Simply click on the skin and apply it to the character. Now that changing skins is clear, below are the best skins in Minecraft for players.

One Punch Man – Saitama

Best Skins in Minecraft

This skin is Saitama from the One Punch Man anime and is perfect for anime fanatics. It perfectly depicts the yellow jumpsuit with the belt, just like in the anime. In addition, this skin rocks the red gloves and boots along with the white cape. Lastly, this skin isn’t complete without the shiny bald head which this skin showcases flawlessly.

Players can have fun with this skin by adding different mods. For example, add a one-punch mod that allows players to kill everything with a single punch. They can even create a personal minigame with friends or make cinematic fights with this skin. Overall, this One Punch Man skin is certainly one of the best skins in Minecraft.

Dragon Ball Z – Goku

Best Skins in Minecraft

This skin is a treat for all anime fans out there because it’s Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Goku is the favorite anime protagonist of all anime fans or at least the most famous among all fans. The skin perfectly shows the rugged blue gi of Goku with the torn orange trousers depicting he’s just been in a fight. 

This is the base form of Goku because it has black hair. Interestingly, there are many skins of Goku available that show all his Super Saiyan forms. Players can choose those skins or stick with the classic and enjoy their Minecraft adventure playing as everyone’s favorite Saiyan. Overall, this is a simple skin but sure to become a favorite of many players.



Batman is a superhero originating from DC comics. He is now one of the most famous superheroes and considered the best according to many people. This skin is the Batman Beyond version, which is the future version of the masked vigilante. It has a completely black suit with hints of armor with the famous red batman logo on his chest.

Batman is a famous superhero, so there are many variants of him available for players. You can choose from the classic gray suit, the leather suit with the blue cape, and many more. Overall, being Batman in Minecraft is an amazing feeling for the fan of the superhero, and mods can make this experience better.



The Joker is Batman’s most famous villain for all the right reasons. He’s a vile villain who stops at nothing to do what he wants and laughs while doing the deed. This skin perfectly shows the slimy green hair with the famous purple leather coat. Inside is the green vest with the lilac shirt and purple pants. 

The visual aspect which sets this skin apart is the Joker makeup on his face. With the red paint streak across the mouth and dark black eyes, this skin is best for Joker fans. Players can even enact fights with their fans by choosing different superhero and villain skins like Batman and Joker. 

Purple Crew Member – Among Us

Best Skins in Minecraft

This skin is from another famous game, Among Us. The skin is a purple crew member who mainly performs tasks before the imposter catches him. There are other variants of the same skin available. For example, red, blue, or green crew members. While the skin is simple, players can reenact a whole Among Us game with the right mods.

Minecraft is an amazing game because it offers players new ways to customize the game according to their liking. For instance, mods, Shaders, and skins are only a few examples of how players can change the look of the game. Hopefully, this article on the best skins in Minecraft helps you find the right skin for you.

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