Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2

Would you like to know what the best skins to buy are?

Skins, more commonly known as cosmetics, are essentially graphic downloads that alter the appearance of in-game characters. These items can add special effects to or alter how heroes or their spells look. Making the game more interesting to play, it is worth knowing the Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2.

Gaming communities now look at skins like essentials and work hard to grind for them. Due to this, developers also focus on developing the best and most visually appealing skins that excite players. This increase in demand has also led to an influx in skins and massive rises in their prices.

Players need to know that, unlike other games, skins in Dota 2 provide no advantage in-game. Furthermore, Dota 2 divides skins into multiple categories and rarities. In addition to this, each hero has an incredible number of skins which is quite confusing for new players. Thus it is essential to know the Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2.

Types of Skins

Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2

Along with hero skins, Dota 2 also has multiple other aspects that alter with cosmetics. The first being, Couriers which are messengers that have the job of delivering your items from the base. Cosmetics allow one to change the courier altogether while also adding elements like trails and advanced animations.

The second customizable aspect of one’s game is the HUD or Heads-Up Display. Applying different skins to your HUD changes how your minimap, health bar, and inventory look like. Moreover, HUD skins represent teams or tournaments that let players support their team while in-game.

Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2

Apart from these, avid players also choose to buy custom wards to provide vision for their team in style. For each ward skin, there are separate versions for both Observer and Sentry Wards, giving one even more options. Adding on to this, one can change or customize these skins in the loadout menu.

Last, the most important skins category is the wide variety of hero skins. Hero skins are often sold in bundles that contain an item representing all sub-categories of hero items. These sub-categories include weapons, head accessories, armors, and miscellaneous, among other types specific to certain heroes.

Besides this, specific items drop and are not part of pre-made sets or bundles. Most rare items fall into this category and drop independently. It is crucial to once again take note of the fact that these items are purely aesthetic. Likewise, it is vital to know that these items do not provide any advantage in gameplay.

Rarity of Cosmetics

There are various ways to acquire skins and these go hand in hand with skin rarity. First up are common, and uncommon items, these items are usually extremely cheap, and even drop while playing games. However, because they are so easy to find, they also provide minimal changes and are usually quite boring.

Moving on to rare and mythical items, these items are much harder to find and often drop from opening treasures. One should note that he can find these items from treasures, these treasures are usually not associated with any events. This rarity of items occasionally grants heroes with interesting game interactions and animations.

The rarest objects that never drop in regular gameplay are items with immortal rarity. These cosmetics release in accordance with Dota 2 events and are available for a limited time. An example is from the immortal treasures available in the yearly battle passes. After, it is over, trading or buying these items from other players is the only possible option.

Immortal items routinely transform hero abilities completely, giving them entirely new animations and different styles. This makes it extremely attractive to players who seek interesting and frequent changes for their heroes in-game. Cosmetics with this rarity are often the most expensive items in Dota 2, behind only one other rarity.

The last category and one with high demand that goes hand in hand with extreme rarity is the Arcana rarity. While being extremely expensive and starting at a minimum of $20, Arcanas release only after a vote takes place in the battle pass. This is why only 20 heroes have an exclusive Arcana as of now.

What Skins Shine as the Best

As the article states above, each hero in Dota 2 has skins and each is unique and collectible. However, some skins shine above the rest, which players seem to prefer. These skins are also ones that frequently reach high prices in the Dota 2 marketplace. Apart from this, these cosmetics are also found in the inventory of every professional player.

Reaper’s Wreath

Drow Ranger

This Drow Ranger skin while being unique when one compares it to her other skins is also relatively old. It is a part of the Immortal Treasure 1 of 2019 and completely changes her ultimate ability and attack effect. An incredible animation with a vibrant color scheme makes this the perfect statement for any Drow player.

Profane Union

Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2

The skin with the highest number of purchases per month in recent times is Lifestealer’s Profane Union. Quite an old skin, Profane Union, still holds up because of its distinctive color and terrifying appearance. This cosmetic does a marvelous job of making Lifestealer look even more daunting, which players appreciate.

Edge of the Lost Order

Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2

Juggernaut’s Edge of the Lost Order is an attachment for his weapon slot and changes his Blade Fury. Making Blade Fury look even mesmerizing while being quite cheap compared to other immortals, this item is a steal. Apart from being a popular immortal to buy as a carry, it also has a different aesthetic and effect.

Unbroken Fealty

Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2

Being another popular immortal for players to buy, Wraith King’s Unbroken Fealty makes him look like a true king. Nailing the creepy aesthetic around Wraith King makes his critical hits look even more fearful. It is also a pretty old immortal, as it was the part of Immortal Treasure 2 in 2018.

God’s Mercy


God’s Mercy is Mars’ second released immortal and is flying off the market as it is a very fresh and new release. With an extremely high price tag, this item is worth it because of its unmistakable appearance and its long-lasting animation. Being this special also goes hand in hand with an aesthetic like no other in the entire game.

Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm

Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2

As a special mention as an Arcana item, Terrorblade’s Arcana is one of the best ones on the market. Its ability to vary with different colored gems and an extremely threatening aura makes it so exceptional. It also improves every one of his spells with a different look, making this very old arcana outstanding.

Though these are just the popular skins out of hundreds available, it falls on the player’s perspective and his likes. There is a skin in Dota 2 for any player’s aesthetic which is a factor that makes this game addicting. Taking time to look through all the different items and cosmetics for your favorite player is quite important.

Being a concise list, this article mentions a few of the skins that are incredibly popular today. Along with being on the wishlist for many players, it highlights for recent times, the Best Skins You Should Buy in Dota 2.

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