Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2

Sand King can be played as an initiator since he has a lot of AoE moves that deal damage in a radius. This affects multiple enemies, making him a great Nuker and a disabler. This is particularly threatening in team fights as if you are not careful enough, he can take down entire teams by himself. This is why it’s important to know the Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2.

Having a variety of AoE stuns allows Sand King to control the lane by pushing out the creeps whenever feasible. His built-in initiation also provides him with an escape should he find a battle turning against his favor. Even his passive abilities allow him to function as an Offlaner to sustain the lane during the early game.

Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2

However, even with the powerful abilities, the hero can still be countered. He has several weaknesses to speak of, such as the low Health Pool can make him susceptible to nukes. Additionally, his ultimate ability has poor scaling in the late game, and his low Mana pool makes it hard for him to use his abilities multiple times in the early game.

Regardless, this article will tell you how to capitalize on Sand King’s weaknesses and use them to your advantage. By learning about the Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2, you will have a better fighting chance to win your games. 

Sand King

Crixalis, also known as the Sand King, is a melee strength Hero with some of the best AoE abilities. All four abilities of Sand King can damage multiple enemies at the same time. The hero is truly versatile and can fit various playstyle approaches such as Push, Initiate, Gank and Carry.

Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2

His first ability, Burrowstrike, lets Sand King burrow into the ground while digging forward, damaging all enemy units in his path and stunning them. The cast range goes up to a 650 radius while damaging enemy units by 280. The stun can last for up to 2 seconds, and when positioned right, Sand King can stun multiple heroes simultaneously. 

Sand Storm is another great ability as it allows Sand King to conjure up a sandstorm that damages enemies inside it while hiding Sand King from visibility. The Sand Storm damages all units in a 650 radius around it while dealing 95 damage per second for the time spent inside the storm. This allows Sand Storm great lane control and to take down entire creep waves in a matter of seconds.

Caustic Finale is a passive ability that injects venom, causing enemy units to have reduced attack speed and take base damage. Additionally, after they die, they explode, dealing damage to all those around them. This can be used during the early game stage against creeps. Since they will be grouped, they will always take a lot of damage. 

Lastly, Epicenter is Sand King’s ultimate ability. It causes him to send out pulses that deal damage while reducing movement and attack speed. This ability can deal more than 1000+ damage to multiple heroes in the vicinity if cast properly. Making Epicenter one of the most powerful AoE moves in the game.


Due to the number of AoE abilities Sand King possesses, he can be quite hard to battle. His Burrowstrike can escape enemy heroes when the battle is unfavorable. This is why it’s important to draft the right counters against him. Below is the list of the Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2.



Zeus is a ranged Intelligence hero who specializes in dealing burst magical damage to his enemies. Due to his low armor and HP, he is often positioned in the back of enemy lines. This makes it hard for Sand King to initiate on him, whereas Zeus can use his ranged attacks to deal damage against Sand King. 

Sand King uses his Blink Dagger to surprise enemies by jumping on them and stunning them. However, Zeus counters this perfectly as most of his abilities, including the Global Thundergod’s Wrath, reset the Blink Dagger cooldown. This reduces Sand King’s initiation capabilities rendering him useless in team fights without the element of surprise. 

Lightning Bolt deals damage against Sand King and make him visible inside. Additionally, Thundergod’s Wrath is a global ability Zeus can cast whichever lane he is in, allowing his allies to see Sand King. This turns Sand Storm useless and lets Zeus’s allies kill Sand King.


Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2

Tidehunter is a tanky hero specializing against high damage heroes like Sand King. He is a formidable opponent due to his hide that blocks a large portion of any incoming attack damage. Increasing his overall survivability and threat against Sand King.

Sand King needs to be careful with his positioning against Tidehunter. If he casts Ravage, he can stun Sand King and stop Epicenter. Thus, Tidehunter is another strong initiator who can counter Sand King’s team fighting abilities. 


Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2

Pheonix is a support hero and often lanes against Sand King, the Offlaner. Most of his DPS attacks disable Blink Dagger, forcing its cooldown. This causes Sand King to miss his time window for a proper initiation. 

Additionally, there is no way for Sand King to deal with Pheonix’s abilities. He cannot disable them or protect his allies against them. If Pheonix decides to cast Supernova, Sand King’s low attack speed will do nothing to stop it and instead take heavy damage in a team fight. Turning the tide of battle against his enemies.

Earth Spirit

Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2

Earth Spirit is a hero that possesses a wide array of disables. Being a melee Strength hero, he can tank many hits from Sand King in a face-off protecting his teammates against most of his abilities. 

Using Boulder Smash, Earth Spirit can dislocate Sand King from his position. This can stop him while he’s channeling epicenter or Sand Storm. Rendering the combo useless while forcing a cooldown on Sand King’s abilities. 

Rolling Boulder and Geomagnetic Grip allow Earth Spirit to disable and stun Sand King. Giving his allies the chance to get the jump on him and interrupt Sand King if he is casting his ultimate ability, Epicenter. 


Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2

Silencer is another ranged Intelligence hero who is one of the Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2. That is because his abilities are geared towards harming those with spammable spells. That means the more they cast their spells, the more damage they receive. Both Arcane Curse and Last Word ensure this.

Sand King already has a low enough Mana pool as is. Silencer specializes in stealing intelligence from his targets. Using Intelligence Steal, he can cripple Sand King and render him powerless in team fights. 

Initiation and team fight are big parts of what makes Sand King a powerful enemy. However, using Global Silence, Silencer can disable Sand King and make his initiation useless. When timed right, it can allow his allies a chance to turn the tide of battle, baiting Sand King out and killing him.

Despite how powerful an opponent Sand King might seem, several heroes can use his strengths against him while focusing on his weaknesses to take him down. Those heroes have been mentioned above. Hopefully, this article on the Best Sand King Counters in Dota 2 helps you win your battles against him, ensuring victory and gain in MMR.

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