Best Safelane Heroes in Dota 2

Safelane heroes in Dota 2 are also referred to as Core carry Position 1 heroes. They are the team’s core and carry it on their backs during the game’s later stages. These heroes are usually weaker during the early stages of the game and have to be carried by the supports and offlaners. This article will list down the best Safelane heroes in Dota 2 to help you win games for your team. 

Safelane Carry Heroes

Best Safelane Heroes in Dota 2

Safelane heroes carry the potential to scale better than most heroes in the game, which means that the more XP and Gold they earn, the more powerful they become. This is because XP allows them to upgrade their abilities, making them unstoppable while also giving them access to better talent points in the talent tree. 

On the other hand, Gold lets these heroes buy offensive and defensive Items. Defensive items help heroes overcome weaknesses, making it harder for enemy heroes to fight or try to kill. While offensive items either let them counter a specific hero, deal more damage, upgrade their attack speed or simply gain buffs.



Luna is a great safelane hero due to the majority of her abilities that rely on upward scaling throughout the game. Her dependency on certain items makes her gold-hungry during the game’s early stages. However, with the right combination of talent upgrades and jungle farming, she can quickly enable herself to win the game.

Upgrading Moon Glaives is important during the early stages as this allows Luna to switch to Jungle farming quickly. With Morbid Mask, she can farm effectively from quite an early stage. Ancient creeps will be the only jungle camp she can’t farm until level 10 or more. 

Building items such as Manta Style and Dragon Lance is important as they enhance her attack speed while also providing her additional range on her right-click attacks. Manta lets Luna spawn illusions to farm out both the lane creeps and jungle creeps at the same time. 

During the game’s later stages, Black King Bar and Butterfly is a must on this hero. Without Black King Bar, Luna can be stunned and killed immediately. Thus, building this item protects her against magic damage while Butterfly helps her dodge physical attacks.

Drow Ranger

Best Safelane Heroes in Dota 2

Drow Ranger is a ranged agility hero who works well as a safelane carry. Her  low attack speed and damage during the early stages of the game makes her dependant on the lane support. However, with the right itemization and eventual skill upgrade, she can become one of the strongest nukers in the game. 

Multishot is Drow’s preferential skill for farming quickly. This allows her to kill entire waves of creep lanes and jungle creeps to earn Gold and XP at an accelerated rate. Stacking jungle creeps works best for this ability as it targets a specific area and shoots frost arrows. 

Dragon Lance is an important item for Drow as it gives her additional range to kite melee enemy heroes. It also lets her use Marksmanship dealing additional damage to enemies. The extra gold she earns can be invested into Mjollnir for damage and attack speed. Black King Bar helps protect her against Magic Damage while Butterfly gives her bonus agility and protects her against physical damage. 

Daedalus and Monkey King Bar can help Drow easily kill heroes with her right-click attacks in the late game. The added damage also let her melt buildings and towers quite quickly. In the late game, this gives your team an added advantage to pushing, and eventually, winning the match. 

Anti Mage

Best Safelane Heroes in Dota 2

Anti Mage is a hard carry hero who requires a lot of XP and Gold. This hero is completely dependent on his support and team to get him through the early and mid-phase of the game. Only if he is farming right during these parts of the game will he be active during the late game. 

Mana Break allows Anti Mage to burn off mana from enemy units and deal additional damage based on the mana burned. This allows him to farm faster, while Blink gives him the mobility to move from one camp to another quickly. 

Battlefury is a must-build item on this hero as it helps him farm faster. The cleave damage lets Anti Mage clear our creeps waves and Jungle creeps faster. Only then is Anti Mage able to collect Gold for other items. 

Abyssal Blade holds down enemy heroes, allowing Anti Mage to burn off their mana and deal continuous damage against them. Leaving them vulnerable and helpless while all he has to do is use his Mana Void to finish them off. 



Spectre is a melee hero who specializes in fighting isolated heroes. This hero can take a lot of punishment from enemy heroes while reflecting the damage back against them. Being a hard carry hero, Spectre depends on her allies until she can accumulate enough Gold and XP.

Spectral Dagger when placed right can lower the HP of several creeps at once. Allowing Spectre to farm them more efficiently. Dispersion also allows Spectre to reflect the damage dealt by Creeps. This lowers their own HP and makes it easy to kill them.

It’s best to build a radiance on Spectre as it makes it easy for her to deal damage to all enemy units in the vicinity around her. This makes it easy for her to farm jungle and lane creeps killing multiple units at once. Manta Style is another great item for this purpose, allowing her to spawn illusions to aid her farm. 

During the late game, items like Heart of Tarrasque and Assault Cuirass make Spectre impossible to kill. The more damage enemy heroes deal against her, the more damage they receive. This enables Spectre to fight multiple heroes simultaneously, baiting enemy heroes while her team finishes them off.

Phantom Assassin

Best Safelane Heroes in Dota 2

Phantom Assassin is definitely one to be included in the list of Best Safelane Heroes in Dota 2 due to her potential as a carry. This hero specializes in dealing critical damage to enemy heroes. The huge burst of physical damage can easily kill Supports and most Intelligence heroes. 

Phantom Strike allows Phantom Assassin increased attack speed when targeting an enemy unit. Additionally, her ultimate ability Group de Grace can also kill creeps in one hit after its maximum upgrade.  However, it’s recommended to build Battlefury on Phantom Assassin as this allows her to clear away creep camps and waves in a matter of seconds.

With items like Desolator, she can reduce her target’s armor with Stifling Dagger and then jump in with Phantom Strike to deal critical damage. Abyssal Blade holds down her enemies, making it easy to kill them as they can no longer cast spells or move. 



Juggernaut is a carry hero who can quickly enable himself without much dependency on allies. Most of his moves and abilities help him scale during the game, making it easy to secure kills and farm effectively.

Blade Fury is an ability that can quickly clear away stacked camps and creep waves. However, since Juggernaut has a fairly small mana pool, it’s best to use this sparingly and rely on Blade Dance. 

Juggernaut can switch between farming and hero killing whenever Omnislash is on cooldown during the early phases of the game. Later on, when he is no longer dependent on his abilities, he can kill enemy heroes with his right-click attacks alone. 

With items like Abyssal Blade and Manta Style, he can stun isolated enemy heroes and use illusions to kill them. This allows Juggernaut to save his Omnislash cooldown to only be used on multiple heroes during team fights. 

Monkey King Bar, Desolator, and Mjollnir help upgrade his attack speed, damage, and armor reduction. This can make Omnislash even more threatening as it scales up with the increase in damage that Juggernaut can deal against enemy heroes. 

Monkey King

Best Safelane Heroes in Dota 2

Monkey King is a very fun carry hero to play. Even though he has multiple moves to aid his farming, his low mana pool during the early stages makes him dependent on supports and allies. Even his ultimate ability is best used in synchronization with other abilities as the short radius makes it easy for enemies to escape from it.

Boundless strike lets Monkey King kill or severely damage entire creeps waves, making it easy for him to kill them. Primal Spring also helps him deal AoE damage to Jungle Creeps, allowing him to farm efficiently.

Echo Saber is a must-have item for Monkey King. It allows him to farm faster and helps him gain two hits from any enemy hero that can activate Jingu Mastery. This helps him fight better, giving him additional damage and life steal off of every hit.

Blight Stone or Orb of Venom greatly help out during the early game as they help Monkey King with his Jingu Mastery. Butterfly and Black King Bar can help him defend against Magic and Physical Damage. While Desolator allows him to quickly chip away at an enemy’s armor, making it easy to kill them. 

This list comprises the best Safelane heroes in Dota 2. Having these heroes in your Hero Pool is a must if you’re used to playing Carry or Position 1 role in your team. Hopefully, these heroes will help you win your games and get more MMR.

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